Updated WWE SummerSlam 2020 Match Card and Predictions

The Doctor Chris Mueller@@BR_DoctorFeatured ColumnistAugust 18, 2020

Updated WWE SummerSlam 2020 Match Card and Predictions

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    Credit: WWE.com

    WWE will hold the 33rd edition of SummerSlam on Sunday from the Amway Center in Orlando, Florida, which the company has started referring to as "The Thunderdome."

    Unlike previous years, the pay-per-view will only have virtual fans in attendance. It's going to be another first for WWE as it continues to deal with the restrictions caused by the coronavirus pandemic.

    As of the end of Monday's Raw, the card has eight matches. Here is a complete rundown of everything as it stands:

    • Drew McIntyre vs. Randy Orton (WWE Championship)
    • Braun Strowman vs. Bray Wyatt (Universal Championship)
    • Bayley vs. Asuka (SmackDown Women's Championship)
    • Sasha Banks vs. Asuka (Raw Women's Championship)
    • Sonya Deville vs. Mandy Rose (Hair vs. Hair)
    • Dominik Mysterio vs. Seth Rollins (Street Fight)
    • The Street Profits vs. Andrade and Angel Garza (Raw Tag Team Championships)
    • Apollo Crews vs. MVP (United States Championship)

    Let's look at each feud and make some predictions based on WWE's storytelling patterns. 

Drew McIntyre vs. Randy Orton

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    Last week, Orton attacked Ric Flair in a brutal segment that highlighted just how far The Viper has traveled down his dark path, and this week he continued to take out legends when he punt-kicked Shawn Michaels in the head.

    While these segments make him look more dangerous than ever before, they have also lit a fire under McIntyre.

    As great as it would be to see Orton win another world title on his way to beating Flair's record of 16, it feels too early to take the belt off of the Scot.

    McIntyre is still building momentum as the champion, and a victory over Orton would cement him as the top star on Raw. The Viper can always rebound and earn a rematch for a future PPV.


    Prediction: McIntyre retains

Braun Strowman vs. Bray Wyatt

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    Braun Strowman shocked the world on SmackDown when he not only broke off his friendship with Alexa Bliss but also attacked her to get a reaction out of Bray Wyatt.

    It almost seems like WWE is planning a double turn with Wyatt becoming a semi-babyface character while The Monster Among Men becomes a heel.

    If this is the plan, the best way to do it is to have Strowman retain because Wyatt sacrifices himself to save Bliss from another attack.

    This would allow Strowman to keep the title while WWE goes in a new direction with The Fiend and The Goddess. Maybe she will become his new Sister Abigail?


    Prediction: Strowman retains

Asuka vs. Bayley and Asuka vs. Sasha Banks

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    Asuka is about to face the biggest challenge of her career when she takes on Bayley and Sasha Banks in separate matches for the SmackDown and Raw women's titles, respectively.

    Even though they have all the gold, The Golden Role Models have had lingering issues for months. They are always offering each other up for matches and have cost each other more than one victory.

    The Empress of Tomorrow is enjoying one of the biggest pushes since she came to the main roster in October 2017 and WWE needs to follow through with it. 

    Asuka may leave with just one title but the better outcome would be for her to become the new double champion while Bayley and Banks focus on defending the Women's Tag Team Championships moving forward.


    Prediction: Asuka wins both belts

Sonya Deville vs, Mandy Rose

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    The feud between Sonya Deville and Mandy Rose has been ongoing since WrestleMania 36 and somehow has yet to run out of steam. Now the two former best friends will battle in a Hair vs. Hair match at SummerSlam.

    Both women have come out on top in different segments and matches over the past few months. Nobody has a clear advantage, but there is one thing that gives us some idea of who will win.

    Rose recently cut her hair shorter after Deville used a trimmer to chop off some of her golden locks. It is unlikely she would have gotten a new look just to have her head shaved a few weeks later.

    Deville is going to be the one getting her head shaved on Sunday. It will give Rose and Otis a happy ending while giving the heel a unique new look.


    Prediction: Rose wins

The Street Profits vs. Andrade and Angel Garza

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    Monday's Raw revealed it was likely Zelina Vega who poisoned Montez Ford a couple of weeks ago, so The Street Profits are going into this match with more on their minds than just keeping the titles.

    This kind of anger would usually give the champions an advantage, but if Vega, Andrade and Garza can take advantage of the situation somehow, we will have new titleholders on Sunday.

    Andrade and Garza need to win the belts or break up. They have gone too long having communication issues without resolving their problems. Winning the titles will be what finally unites them as a cohesive unit.

    Bianca Belair will likely be at ringside to keep Vega from interfering too much, but her presence could also be what distracts her husband, Ford, long enough for one of his opponents to get the win.


    Prediction: Andrade and Garza win the titles

Apollo Crews vs. MVP

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    WWE has two options when it comes to Apollo Crews: It can either continue portraying him as a resilient champion by having him win or it can book a title change for the sake of giving The Hurt Business another belt.

    As great as MVP is, this has to be Crews' big moment. He has already proved he can beat MVP several times so there is no reason why he can't do it again. 

    Bobby Lashley and Shelton Benjamin may be at ringside but Crews has established a relationship with Mustafa Ali, Ricochet and Cedric Alexander that will protect him from too much interference.

    The champion has excelled since winning the United States title, and he needs to keep that momentum going with another victory.


    Prediction: Crews retains

Dominik Mysterio vs. Seth Rollins

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    Seth Rollins has been involved in some of the most violent incidents we have seen in years and it has all happened in the course of a couple of months.

    The first thing he did was go after Rey Mysterio's eye and succeeded in removing it at Extreme Rules. Last week, he went after Rey's son, Dominik, and beat him mercilessly with a kendo stick.

    The welts all over his opponent's body were a sign of how far Rollins is willing to go. The Monday Night Messiah has no limits, and a Street Fight gives him the ability to do whatever he wants to his rival.

    A common pattern in WWE is having the person who will lose a PPV match get the upper hand right before the match takes place. We saw Rey and Dom attack Rollins on Raw, so there is a good chance The Messiah leaves SummerSlam as the winner.


    Prediction: Rollins wins