Matt Chan, Dani Speegle Crowned Champions of 'Titan Games' Season 2

Joseph Zucker@@JosephZuckerFeatured ColumnistAugust 11, 2020

Frank Franklin II/Associated Press

Matt Chan and Dani Speegle represented the Central region well, as they were crowned the champions in the second season of The Titan Games.

Monday's finale brought together the six Titans from the respective regions to determine who would claim bragging rights.

Will Sutton entered as the favorite on the men's side after having dethroned UFC star Tyron Woodley and earned three more wins on Mount Olympus. Sutton finally met his match in Chan.

The Titan Games added a new wall for the contestants to break down before entering and exiting the Cage Crawl. That's where Chan opened some valuable breathing room on Sutton.

Not even the Ball and Chain, which has felled numerous athletes this season, could slow Chan down en route to victory.

The women's final pitted Speegle against Margaux Alvarez. Speegle had a 2-0 record on Mount Olympus in the regional round, while Alvarez was 3-0.

Much like in the men's race, the Cage Crawl wall proved to be a decisive factor. Alvarez initially threw her shoulder behind an attempt to no avail. Speegle used her lower-body strength to power through, while Alvarez remained stuck.

Speegle didn't slow down despite her sizable lead and cruised to a win.

Thus brings an end to The Titan Games, perhaps only until the third season arrives.

Once the calendar changes over to 2021, it could be time to celebrate two new Titans.