When Will Kenny Omega and Hangman Page Finally Break Up for Epic AEW Feud?

Kevin Berge@TheBerge_Featured ColumnistJuly 28, 2020

When Will Kenny Omega and Hangman Page Finally Break Up for Epic AEW Feud?

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    Credit: All Elite Wrestling

    In its first year on TNT, All Elite Wrestling has shown a strong focus on long-form storytelling. And no story has been in the works longer than the eventual break-up of Kenny Omega and Adam Page.

    The AEW tag team champions are two of the best wrestlers in the world and have found impressive chemistry together. However, their divergent personalities lead to constant personal disputes. The two work well once the bell rings but rarely before or after.

    With each major defense, Hangman and The Cleaner tease a break but keep winning. They have defeated The Young Bucks, SoCal Uncensored, Best Friends and Private Party in major title defenses.

    The team stands on a needle, waiting to slip. If someone can defeat them, it won't take long for Page and Omega to turn against each other. The titles keep them together rather than any perceived friendship.

    This long-awaited turn has set the stage for one of the biggest feuds in AEW's history. How will it all go down? Will Page turn out of frustration? Will Omega attack Hangman due to his pride? When will it happen?

    There are no simple answers to these questions, but a few recent story threads have set the stage for the climax of this building story.

FTR Offer an Alternative to The Elite

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    The arrival of FTR in AEW felt like the beginning of something new in the company. The Elite stood as the one true stable in the company. The Inner Circle was formed to combat them, but no one was set up as an alternative, particularly for Page.

    Hangman is a volatile and emotional man, who has just wanted friends behind him. Omega, Matt Jackson and Nick Jackson have not done much to make him feel included. In fact, with Cody phased out of the group and Matt Hardy only brought in temporarily, The Elite seems content to exclude rather than include.

    Cash Wheeler and Dax Harwood immediately spit in the face of the idea that The Young Bucks are truly elite. While FTR might respect Matt and Nick's ability, the newcomers know the true key to great tag team wrestling.

    FTR are the first team since AEW aired to come to Page directly. Despite their issues with The Elite, they gladly protected Hangman from The Dark Order and drank beer together. Meanwhile, Omega has repeatedly shown his hatred of the duo and their drinking habits.

    It may not take long for Page to choose FTR over The Elite, leading to some backlash. Wheeler and Harwood want the tag team championships, but they are first and foremost focused on proving their superiority over Matt and Nick. They will gladly help out a fellow beer drinker who has been scorned by his friends.

    This could set up a brand-new trio in the company or a full stable to contest The Elite if more join the cause.

    Of course, there is one other stable in AEW that could have a major stake in what happens with the AEW Tag Team Championships.

The Dark Order Influence

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    Credit: All Elite Wrestling

    No one can deny the threat of The Dark Order. Since Brodie Lee arrived as The Exalted One, he has taken the stable to new heights while recruiting top talent. He brought in Colt Cabana as well as the team of Alex Reynolds and John Silver.

    He attempted to recruit Page, but Hangman resisted. Now, Lee has a clear goal. He wants to bring gold into The Dark Order. That begins with Evil Uno and Stu Grayson taking out the fracturing alliance of the AEW tag team champions.

    Undefeated in tag team action this year, The Dark Order sit at the top of the division and always felt like the most likely group to dethrone Page and Omega. All Out is on the horizon on Sept. 5, and it would be the perfect stage for the title change.

    On the same stage that Page lost his first opportunity at the AEW World Championship, he would lose his first taste of gold in AEW. Combined with joining FTR, this would be enough to cause the rift between the two to grow beyond any peaceful resolution.

    Once the gold is no longer holding them together, Page and Omega would splinter. One question would remain: Who will turn on who in this conflict of massive personalities?

The Long-Awaited Heel Turn of Omega

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    Going into AEW Revolution in February, it looked like the story was for Page to turn on Omega. The rift was forming quickly. Even after beating The Young Bucks, Hangman briefly teased hitting The Cleaner with the Buck Shot Lariat.

    However, that tag team match solidified Page's popularity. Left alone in that contest for a long stretch, every fan in attendance was cheering for him. It was the most popular the performer has ever been.

    Since then, he has leaned into that popularity and thrived. He feels like the top star AEW tried to sell him as heading into All Out 2019. It would be a mistake for him to turn heel now, especially without testing the reactions of a live crowd first.

    Meanwhile, Omega has been floating as a babyface. He is far too goofy to come off as a dangerous top wrestler when playing the good guy. The cracks in his facade are beginning to form, especially in a recent six-man tag against The Jurassic Express.

    The supposedly fun and upbeat performer attacked Marko Stunt afterward without cause. His arrogance transformed into disdain, and The Young Bucks had to hold their friend back.

    That personality is what Omega needs. He can be a top heel in AEW. It would make perfect sense for him to attack Page after the match at All Out, brutally assaulting his former friend after Hangman was stranded in the ring and pinned by The Dark Order.

    This sets the stage for one of the biggest rivalries AEW has ever built. Anything from that point would likely be gold.

The Aftermath

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    Credit: All Elite Wrestling

    Once Omega has turned on Page, all bets are off. It is likely FTR would join forces fully with Hangman while The Young Bucks would likely turn heel alongside The Cleaner, setting up a huge trios match as well the ultimate singles match to come.

    AEW has not been afraid to extend a feud through the months. Especially with the pandemic limiting the options for crowds at events for months to come, Omega vs. Page needs to be held back for the moment. If possible, it would be great to have crowds by the time of Full Gear in November for the six-man tag match.

    That allows AEW Revolution 2021 to feature The Cleaner vs. The Cowboy on the same stage they stole the show this year with a packed crowd in attendance. It could be an Unsanctioned Lights Out match where there are no limits to what both men can do to each other.

    What happens after that is entirely up to AEW with so many potential routes to take. Omega could finally challenge for the AEW World Championship, while Page could look to refocus and go after either the world title or the TNT Championship.

    It is possible Page and FTR could team up with Cody to form the recently teased new Four Horsemen managed by Arn Anderson and Tully Blanchard. The Elite might attempt to find new members to join their group or become a narcissistic trio that don't believe anyone is worthy of their status.

    In the end, this will be one of the biggest stories AEW has told. Two of the biggest stars in the company will turn against each other to set up huge matches. Once they are done with each other, they can return to the men's singles division and dominate with new-found focus.


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