7 WWE Superstars Who Would Be Game-Changers in AEW

The Doctor Chris Mueller@@BR_DoctorFeatured ColumnistJuly 8, 2020

7 WWE Superstars Who Would Be Game-Changers in AEW

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    All Elite Wrestling has existed for a little more than a year and has already cemented itself as the No. 2 promotion in the United States.

    Getting a couple of big names such as Chris Jericho and Jon Moxley has helped, but it was the television deal with TNT that solidified it as a real competitor to WWE.

    Companies such as Impact Wrestling, Ring of Honor and many others have TV deals that are either on obscure networks or only air regionally.

    While AEW has relied heavily on former WWE stars, it has spent just as much time showcasing talents who have never had this kind of national stage previously. Stars such as Britt Baker, Private Party, Orange Cassidy and Hikaru Shida have all grown in popularity thanks to how they have been featured on Dynamite.

    However, AEW is only competing against NXT on Wednesday nights and isn't winning the ratings battle by a large margin every week; in fact, NXT has had higher ratings a few times recently.

    If AEW wants to gain the viewership numbers to overtake Raw or SmackDown, it needs a big star.

    When WCW began beating WWE during the Monday Night War, a big part of it had to do with Scott Hall, Kevin Nash and Hulk Hogan bringing fans to Nitro. AEW needs someone who can move the needle like that, and there are several WWE Superstars who could help in that regard. 

Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins

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    Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins would be huge acquisitions for AEW on their own, but they would cause even greater waves if they went together as Hall and Nash did back in the day.

    With Jon Moxley already part of the company, AEW could either create its own version of The Shield or reignite the feuds these three have had with each other.

    People might complain about AEW copying WWE, but it's not like every promotion doesn't already do that anyway. How many versions of The Four Horsemen have we seen? Too many to count, especially if you include Ric Flair's other stables that followed that template.

    Reigns and Rollins are two of the most recognizable stars in WWE today. If Tony Khan somehow managed to steal them away, it would lead to a sizable jump in the ratings for Dynamite. 

    It would also give The Big Dog the opportunity to reinvent himself, which is something he has needed to do for some time. 

Sasha Banks

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    The AEW women's division has a ton of great talent: Britt Baker, Nyla Rose, Hikaru Shida, Riho and Penelope Ford are just a few of the names who have impressed fans over the past year.

    However, the company doesn't have any former WWE Superstars in the division other than Brandi Rhodes, who works in more of a backstage capacity.

    This has its pros and cons. On the one hand, AEW is allowing these women to thrive in front of a national audience for the first time; on the other, casual fans are more likely to check something out if it involves someone they recognize.

    Sasha Banks is one of the current WWE stars who would make a big splash in AEW. She is everything you could want in a pro wrestler with the added bonus of already having years of exposure.

    If The Legit Boss jumped ship, she would instantly become one of the biggest names in the division. A lot of people would love to see what she could do against an opponent like Shida. 

AJ Styles

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    AJ Styles has been a champion in just about every promotion he has worked for. He has held the world titles in ROH, TNA/Impact, New Japan Pro-Wrestling, WWE and multiple independent companies. His resume is loaded. 

    The Phenomenal One has been considered by many to be one of the most gifted wrestlers of his generation, which gives him the ability to write his own ticket.

    If something happened to make Styles want to leave WWE, he would probably end up with one of the other promotions he has worked with before, but going to AEW would get him the most attention.

    Not only would it put him in the same place as some of the people who joined The Bullet Club after he left NJPW, but it would also open up the door to book some dream matches.

    Styles vs. Kenny Omega could headline any pay-per-view as could a match against Chris Jericho. Then there are all of the other stars he could steal the show with such as Kip Sabian, Orange Cassidy and Matt Hardy. He would be able to have new feuds for years before anything felt repetitive. 

Charlotte Flair

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    Charlotte Flair is probably going to be a WWE lifer. Like The Rock, she knows which company made her famous and is probably making more money than anyone else could offer her to leave. 

    This is why it would be such a shocking moment if she suddenly showed up at an AEW event and attacked whoever was holding its women's title at the time.

    The Queen has already established herself as one of the top stars in the world by putting on multiple Match of the Year candidates against a variety of opponents. If she left WWE, every company would be champing at the bit to sign her.

    Flair has her fair share of haters, but anybody who doubts she would cause an uptick in the AEW ratings is fooling themselves. 

Randy Orton

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    Other than for a short time at the start of his career, Randy Orton has always worked for WWE. He is one of the most tenured veterans on the roster and a true main event star in every way.

    If he went to AEW, it would be akin to Bret Hart moving to WCW in 1997. It would also be a major blow to WWE because it would be one of their biggest stars telling the world they would rather see what the new company has to offer.

    If anybody is capable of creating a jaw-dropping moment with his debut, it's The Viper. All it would take is a few months of silence before he showed up to deliver an RKO out of nowhere to an unsuspecting opponent.

    Imagine how loud the reaction would be if Orton showed up out of the blue at an AEW PPV or an episode of Dynamite. It would be one of the defining moments of this generation in the same way as Hulk Hogan aligned with Hall and Nash in 1996 to change the course of WCW forever. 

Brock Lesnar

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    Brock Lesnar is a franchise star for WWE. If he was ever close to entertaining the idea of going to another company, WWE would back a dump truck full of money up to his door to keep him happy.

    Even though some fans do not like his style of working, The Beast Incarnate is a proven commodity. He is a unique talent who rose to the top in two different professions and built a large following who would watch him work for any promotion on the planet.

    The former MMA star is probably the one person on this list who would cause his debut episode of Dynamite to do the kind of numbers we see for Raw or SmackDown.

    Even if Lesnar was just brought in for one match, his presence would cause enough people to check out AEW to justify his price tag. 

Honorable Mention: John Cena

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    A few names on this list are unlikely to ever leave WWE for AEW, but when it comes to John Cena, it's about as impossible as it gets. 

    Not only is he at the point in his career where he is transitioning to being a full-time film star who only works the occasional match, but he also has too many reasons to stay loyal to WWE and Vince McMahon.

    That being said, Cena is this generation's equivalent to Hulk Hogan. If he went to AEW, it would be more than just wrestling news; it would be covered by the mainstream media. 

    He is more closely associated with WWE than 99 percent of the Superstars who have worked there. He is a company man and that is why it would be so shocking to see him jump ship.

    Whether you love or hate him, you would want to see what he would do with a different promotion for the first time in almost two decades. 

    Who do you think would be a game-changing acquisition for AEW?


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