Trevor Bauer Calls out Scott Boras over Rumors of 'Meddling' in MLBPA Affairs

Tyler Conway@jtylerconwayFeatured ColumnistMay 27, 2020

Cincinnati Reds pitcher Trevor Bauer throws against the Los Angeles Dodgers during the fourth inning of a spring training baseball game Monday, March 2, 2020, in Goodyear, Ariz. (AP Photo/Ross D. Franklin)
Ross D. Franklin/Associated Press

Cincinnati Reds pitcher Trevor Bauer ripped into Scott Boras on Wednesday, calling the agent out over rumors he is meddling in MLBPA negotiations with Major League Baseball. 

"Hearing a LOT of rumors about a certain player agent meddling in MLBPA affairs. If true — and at this point, these are only rumors — I have one thing to say... Scott Boras, rep your clients however you want to, but keep your damn personal agenda out of union business," Bauer tweeted.

Bauer then followed up, specifically mentioning Boras Corp., which is the most powerful sports agency in MLB.

It's unclear whether Boras has been involved in talks. However, Boras does represent many of the highest-paid players in baseball, who would be disproportionately affected by salary proposals made by MLB to combat a loss of revenue due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The latest MLB proposal, obtained by ESPN's Jeff Passan and Jesse Rogers and Jesse Rogers, calls for the following cuts for each tiered dollar amount:

  • $563,501 to $1 million is paid 72.5 percent of their prorated salary.

  • $1,000,001 to $5 million is paid 50 percent of their prorated salary.

  • $5,000,001 to $10 million is paid 40 percent of their prorated salary.

  • $10,000,001 to $20 million is paid at 30 percent of their prorated salary.

  • $20,000,001-plus is paid at 20 percent of their prorated salary.

The MLBPA has understandably bristled at this proposal. Many players feel they should be paid their full prorated salary, as agreed to in March. The owners contend that agreement was contingent on fans being in the stands, but MLB is planning to move forward with the 2020 season without fans.

Passan and Rogers reported the players are expected to make a counter-proposal. However, the sides are far apart, and it's possible (if not likely) some agents are advising their clients on how to feel about the proposal.

For instance, Boras negotiated a nine-year, $324 million contract for Gerrit Cole over the winter. Cole would make less than $6 million of his $36 million base salary under MLB's proposal. Tampa Bay Rays pitcher Blake Snell, who recently hired Boras as his new agent, has said he does not plan to play if MLB further cuts his salary.

"You all gotta understand. 'Cause you all are going to be like, 'Blake, play for the love of the game—what's wrong with you? The money should not be a thing.' Bro. I am risking my life," Snell said earlier this month on a Twitch broadcast. 

"And then be on lockdown, not around my family, not around the people I love, and getting paid way the hell less," he continued. "And then the risk of injury runs every time I step on the field. So it's just, just not worth it. It's not. I love baseball to death, it's just not worth it."

Bauer previously ripped Major League Baseball for not negotiating in good faith and trying to vilify the players. 

"I don't think any of this should have been made public, that's the most concerning thing to me," Bauer told CBS Sports' Tiki and Tierney. "I haven't even seen the full proposal. That's not how you're supposed to negotiate. It's meant to pit owners on the 'right' side of things and players as the greedy ones."