Bobby Lashley Finally on Right Track, Edge vs. Orton and More WWE Raw Fallout

The Doctor Chris Mueller@@BR_DoctorFeatured ColumnistMay 19, 2020

Bobby Lashley Finally on Right Track, Edge vs. Orton and More WWE Raw Fallout

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    Monday's episode of WWE Raw looked to move past Money in the Bank and put all of its efforts into setting up Backlash on June 14.

    The women's division received a lot of attention this week. Charlotte Flair took on Ruby Riott, The IIconics challenged Alexa Bliss and Nikki Cross for the women's tag titles, Natalya had a rematch with Shayna Baszler, Nia Jax had a confrontation with Asuka and Kairi Sane, and Zelina Vega was there to manage her clients.

    We also saw Drew McIntyre defeat Baron Corbin, Kevin Owens and Apollo Crews beat Austin Theory and Angel Garza, Bobby Lashley destroyed R-Truth, and The Viking Raiders had an ax-throwing challenge with The Street Profits.

    This week's show was all over the place, but it had a few good matches and some interesting storyline developments. Let's look at some of the bigger segments from Raw and where they are heading. 

Edge Accepts Randy Orton's Challenge

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    Edge returned to WWE at the Royal Rumble in January looking to begin a new chapter in his career after defying the odds and returning to the ring, but Randy Orton had other plans.

    The former tag team partners did battle at WrestleMania 36 in a Last Man Standing match that saw The Rated-R Superstar defeat The Viper by smashing his head between two steel chairs.

    Orton conceded the better man won that night but not the better wrestler. He challenged Edge to a standard wrestling match, and the veteran accepted on Monday.

    WWE has been building this up as potentially being the best wrestling match of all time, which is a lofty claim before they even get into the ring. We have seen countless classic bouts over the years, so Edge and Orton have a lot to live up to.

    Their fight will be more about psychology and story than technical precision. They will show off their mat skills but the main focus is going to be on weaving a compelling tale at Backlash.

The Street Profits and Viking Raiders Continue to Test Their Skills

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    After last week featured The Viking Raiders showing off their basketball skills, this week saw Montez Ford and Angelo Dawkins take them up on an ax-throwing challenge.

    The Street Profits met Erik and Ivar in the woods where they were surrounded by other men in Viking garb. They presented Ford and Dawkins with a gift of smoke from a fire.

    Ford's first attempt saw him throw the ax far enough from the target to elicit a laugh from the people watching nearby. The look of disappointment on Dawkins' face told the whole story.

    When he tried to make up for his partner's failure, Dawkins ended up hitting a barrel of alcohol, causing the Vikings to become enraged. Ford's offer of a drink from his Solo cup did not help matters.

    Like Ivar did last week, Dawkins revealed he had been hiding his real skills by throwing an ax into the bullseye while facing the wrong direction. 

    These segments have been an interesting change of pace. The Raw tag division is missing a few teams, and this is a good way to extend the feud between the Profits and Raiders without having them wrestle each other every week.

    Nothing is official but we should see these two teams clash for the Raw Tag Team Championships at Backlash in what should be a fun and competitive match. 

Bobby Lashley Is Going After the WWE Title, but Lana May Not Be with Him

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    Lana and Bobby Lashley have only been married for five months but it appears their honeymoon period is over and they are heading toward a breakup.

    The All Mighty has shown some frustration with his wife being at ringside before, especially when she has cost him victories. She has been staying backstage lately at his request, but now it looks like MVP may be trying to align with the former United States champion.

    Lana was shown throwing a fit backstage this week following Lashley's match against R-Truth. It is clear this relationship is doomed.

    Rusev is no longer with WWE to be the reason for their breakup, so this is the next best option. What remains to be seen is how management plans to use Lana once this storyline is over.

    She has always been better as a manager than as a wrestler. We could see her recruit a new client or two in the coming weeks in an attempt to make Lashley jealous and set herself up for when they are divorced. 

    The All Mighty ended Raw by putting Drew McIntyre on notice. He said he was coming for the WWE title and there was nothing the Scot could do about it.

    This is a good sign for Lashley's future, and hopefully WWE follows through with his push this time. 

Zelina Vega Loses a Client, Seth Rollins Gains a New Follower

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    Zelina Vega has been managing Austin Theory, Angel Garza and Andrade for the past couple of months, but this week saw her remove Theory from the group after he cost himself and Garza a tag team match.

    As he sat near the ring during Aleister Black and Murphy's match, Seth Rollins appeared to offer him a new opportunity. He told Theory to attack The Dutch Destroyer and he obliged, causing Murphy to be disqualified but ensuring the three of them stood tall at the end of the segment.

    With AOP out of the picture for the time being, Rollins needed somebody else other than Murphy by his side. Theory is a fantastic choice and fits with The Monday Night Messiah and the Australian much better than he did with Garza, Andrade and Vega.

    We will likely see Murphy and Theory team up quite a bit in the coming weeks while Rollins works singles matches. They could be a formidable tag team and a solid addition to the division for Raw.