Creating a Stable Led by MVP Amid Recent Appearances on WWE Raw

Mike Chiari@mikechiariFeatured ColumnistMay 2, 2020

TOKYO,JAPAN - JUNE 29: Bobby Lashley enters the ring during the WWE Live Tokyo at Ryogoku Kokugikan on June 29, 2019 in Tokyo, Japan. (Photo by Etsuo Hara/Getty Images)
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WWE backstage producer MVP has had a consistent on-screen presence on Raw in recent weeks, and he may have planted the seeds this week for him to take on the more permanent role of manager.

After Ricochet and Cedric Alexander won a tag team match, MVP interrupted them and told them that he would accompany NXT's Shane Thorne and Brendan Vink to the ring for a match against them next week.

While Thorne and Vink have potential, they likely aren't ready for the main roster on a full-time basis. If WWE views it the same way, perhaps managing Thorne and Vink in a one-off situation could open the door for MVP to take on that role for Raw Superstars.

Provided WWE gives MVP the opportunity to be a manager, here are four Superstars who would be an ideal fit in his stable.


Bobby Lashley

If WWE wants to create a heel stable headed by MVP, then it should start with someone who has already benefited from the veteran's presence in the past.

When MVP and Bobby Lashley were both in Impact Wrestling, MVP acted as Lashley's mouthpiece. They eventually broke up, but not before Lashley won the TNA World Heavyweight Championship and had one of the most successful runs of his career.

Lashley has always been an impressive physical specimen capable of doing special things in the ring, but talking has never been his strong suit. WWE is cognizant of that, as he was previously managed by Lio Rush and is currently managed by Lana.

Since things between Lashley and Lana seem to be falling apart from a storyline perspective, having Lashley dump Lana in favor of being the centerpiece of an MVP-led stable would make plenty of sense.

Lashley is a former Intercontinental, United States and ECW champion, but he undoubtedly has the potential to be WWE champion with the right person pulling the strings.

If Lashley can get MVP to do his talking and have a stable to back him up as well, perhaps he will capture the WWE title at some point and eventually enter into the long-awaited feud with Brock Lesnar that so many fans have wanted to see over the years.


Riddick Moss

Since Lashley would be the main eventer in MVP's stable, the second member should be someone who can develop into a quality mid-carder capable of vying for the IC and U.S. titles.

In the months leading up to WrestleMania 36, Riddick Moss was called up from NXT to the main roster as Mojo Rawley's sidekick. He quickly turned on Rawley and beat him for the 24/7 Championship. He then held it for 41 days, which still stands as the longest continuous reign.

Moss eventually dropped it to R-Truth, however, and he hasn't been seen on WWE programming in weeks.

Reintroducing him as part of MVP's stable would be the perfect way to bring him back into the fold, especially since he is reminiscent of MVP when he first arrived in WWE in 2006.

MVP was heralded as the hottest free agent in wrestling and had a gimmick similar to that of a star athlete. Since Moss starred in football at the University of Minnesota and later had an NFL tryout, he can draw from real life to become something similar to that character.

Like Lashley, Moss is physically impressive and capable of some amazing athletic feats. He has yet to prove himself on the mic, though, which is where MVP could come in.

With MVP and an entire stable backing him, Moss could conceivably develop into one of WWE's hottest young stars.


Ricochet & Cedric Alexander

MVP is currently targeting Ricochet and Alexander, but it is fair to wonder if they might be better off under his tutelage.

Ricochet and Alexander are two of the most athletic Superstars WWE has to offer, and they are starting to gain some momentum as a tag team with the unofficial name of 2 Fly.

There is no denying what Ricochet and Alexander can do in the ring, but the one thing that has held them back during their careers, especially in WWE, is the fact that they struggle to convincingly express themselves on the mic at times.

Even with their limitations, Ricochet and Alexander have accomplished a great deal. Ricochet is a former United States champion who challenged Lesnar for the WWE Championship this year, while Alexander won the Cruiserweight Championship back at WrestleMania 34.

They are popular babyfaces, but they have the style and attitude needed to be quality heels as well under the right guidance, which is what MVP can provide them with.

Ricochet and Alexander could be major threats to win the Raw Tag Team Championships with MVP pulling the strings, and it would also better prepare them to go back into the singles ranks at some point and enjoy some success individually.


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