Quick Takes: Jericho vs. Hardy AEW Feud, Ronda Rousey Comments, Revival, More

Graham GSM Matthews@@WrestleRantFeatured ColumnistApril 12, 2020

Quick Takes: Jericho vs. Hardy AEW Feud, Ronda Rousey Comments, Revival, More

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    Chris Jericho and "Broken" Matt Hardy are primed to take their rivalry to new heights in Elite Deletion.
    Chris Jericho and "Broken" Matt Hardy are primed to take their rivalry to new heights in Elite Deletion.Credit: allelitewrestling.com

    It was a WrestleMania weekend to remember, but the fun is far from over in WWE and All Elite Wrestling if this past week were any indication.

    Interestingly enough, the biggest highlights from the wrestling world this week happened outside of the ring. As entertaining as WrestleMania was on the whole, it was the aftermath that gave fans an idea of what to expect in both companies in the weeks and months to come.

    Arguably the most interesting piece of news came Friday, when it was announced that The Revival had been granted their release from WWE. Their next destination seems to be set in stone, though whether Ronda Rousey will be back in WWE at all remains a question mark following comments she made to the media Thursday.

    Bianca Belair deserves an equal amount of recognition for finally making her main-roster debut on Monday's Raw. Along with the newly formed team of Cedric Alexander and Ricochet, there are a ton of terrific athletes worth keeping an eye out for on Monday nights coming out of WrestleMania.

    Best of all, two of AEW's most entertaining characters, Chris Jericho and "Broken" Matt Hardy, are set to take their feud to new heights when they collide in what Hardy referred to as Elite Deletion on an upcoming episode of Dynamite.

    This week's installment of Quick Takes offers analysis on each of these exciting happenings and how they will shape the wrestling landscape going forward.

Elite Deletion Will Showcase Creativity of Chris Jericho and Broken Matt Hardy

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    Matt Hardy has taken his Broken Brilliance to promotions all over the globe, and in March, it arrived in AEW. Already, the wheels are being put into motion for a Final Deletion-esque match between himself and Chris Jericho called Elite Deletion.

    The Broken One threw out the challenge via a taped promo from his compound during Wednesday's AEW Dynamite. While Jericho has yet to respond, it's likely to go down on an upcoming episode, and fans should be hyped.

    After all, both Final Deletion and Ultimate Deletion were entertaining masterpieces. It can also be argued that these match types and their cinematic feel inspired WWE to do what it did with the Boneyard and Firefly Fun House matches at WrestleMania 36.

    Both men are creative geniuses and have been recurring highlights on Dynamite with their segments and interactions in recent weeks. Regardless of who reigns supreme (assuming there is even a winner), it is bound to be something special.

    Most importantly, Elite Deletion is a brilliant way of working around not having any crowds at the moment. If it goes well, expect to see more content emanating from The Hardy Compound in the not-too-distant future.

How High Is Bianca Belair's Ceiling on WWE's Main Roster?

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    One of the cooler surprises of WrestleMania 36 was seeing Bianca Belair make her main-roster debut by saving The Street Profits from a beatdown at the hands of Angel Garza and Austin Theory. Belair is the real-life wife of Montez Ford, so the angle made sense.

    Belair should have had the spotlight all to herself on the next night's Raw when she faced Zelina Vega in her first match as a member of the main roster. Unfortunately, multiple non-finishes led to her in-ring debut being spoiled, and it being turned into an impromptu six-person tag team affair.

    A win is a win, but WWE would be wise to not relegate Belair to the background of the Street Profits' act. She's too talented to be overshadowed and needs to be showcased as much as possible.

    As far as her ceiling goes on the flagship show, a run with the Raw Women's Championship must be in her future. Despite never holding the NXT Women's Championship, she won far more than she lost in NXT and got over through her incredible athleticism and unparalleled charisma.

    Matches with Becky Lynch, Nia Jax, Asuka and Kairi Sane are all likely now that she's joined the red brand. A rematch with Charlotte Flair from when they clashed on NXT in February also needs to happen.

    As long as WWE Creative stays the course with her, Belair can be a real success story on Raw.

Ronda Rousey Comments Spur on Speculation Regarding a Return to the Ring

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    Ronda Rousey called out WWE's "ungrateful fans" in an interview (warning: NSFW language) with Steve-O on Thursday when she questioned why she should bother returning to the company when her work went unappreciated during her first run.

    The former Raw women's champion added more fuel to the fire when she took to Twitter on Saturday and referred to herself as a "kayfabe killer" in a post wherein she accused pro wrestlers of having "huge, soft egos." Needless to say, her calling wrestling "fake fighting for fun" didn't sit well with a majority of the WWE Universe.

    What many fans may not realize is that was the exact response she was looking for.

    Rousey's gimmick toward the end of her time in WWE last year was about how real of a fighter she was and how no one else in the company could compare to her supposed greatness. There's no reason to think she isn't riling riling everyone on purpose to get people buzzing about her again.

    It's more a matter of when and not if she will return to the ring, and even if it isn't anytime soon, the seeds are being planted. The reaction she's receiving online for her controversial comments will make her that much more hated when she resurfaces.

    A rematch between Rousey and Becky Lynch for the Raw Women's Championship she should have never lost is a story that writes itself.

Ricochet and Cedric Alexander Prepare for Tag Team Excellence

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    Raw's tag team division has been depleted for some time, and with an injury to AOP keeping them out of action for the foreseeable future, new tandems need to step up to fill the void.

    Enter Ricochet and Cedric Alexander.

    The high-flying duo last teamed on the March 23 episode of Raw in a losing effort against Andrade and Angel Garza. However, their strong showing must have convinced the powers that be that they are better together than they are apart at the moment.

    Both men could be believable contenders to the United States Championship tomorrow, but WWE doesn't seem to have any plans for either of them on their own. Teaming up will at least get them on Raw regularly and hopefully lead to a run as tag team champions.

    Their exciting outing with Oney Lorcan and Danny Burch on Monday night proved that they are capable of amazing things and that their incredible chemistry will take them places. They deserve better than sitting on the sidelines, and thus their newfound alliance will hopefully afford them the opportunities they weren't receiving in singles competition.

    Ricochet can still redeem himself after losing to Brock Lesnar in 90 seconds by winning tag team gold. As for Alexander, it's high time he bounced back from the string of losses he endured at AJ Styles' hands late last year.

    If they are looking for a mouthpiece, MVP would be the best bet. But that's only if they decide to turn heel down the road.

The Revival Would Be a Fantastic Fit for AEW's Loaded Tag Team Division

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    The Revival, or Dax Hardwood and Cash Wheeler as they are known as now, are officially free agents after finally receiving their releases from WWE on Friday. Ryan Satin of Pro Wrestling Sheet later confirmed that the two are not bound by any no-compete clauses and are free to go wherever whenever they wish.

    Unfortunately, the coronavirus pandemic will prevent them from appearing anywhere anytime soon, including companies that have already taped several weeks' worth of content in advance such as AEW. That said, The Revival is all but guaranteed to wind up there once social-interaction restrictions are lifted.

    Given how stacked the promotion's tag team division is and how it treats tag team wrestling like a priority, the former Raw and SmackDown tag team champions would be foolish to not sign with the promotion.

    Both Revival and The Young Bucks have expressed interest in facing off in the past, but there are so many more matches for Revival to have in that promotion. The Lucha Brothers, Best Friends and Santana and Ortiz all come to mind as potential opponents.

    There's a possibility that they make a pit stop in the NWA, Ring of Honor or IMPACT first, where they can collide with The Rock 'N' Roll Express, The Briscoes and The North. It's time to see whether they are as talented as they claim to be or whether it was just hype all along.


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