The Undertaker's Best Opponents for the Next Boneyard Match in WWE

Joseph Zucker@@JosephZuckerFeatured ColumnistApril 8, 2020

TOPSHOT - World Wrestling Entertainment star The Undertaker makes his way to the ring during a match at the World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) Super Showdown event in the Saudi Red Sea port city of Jeddah late on January 7, 2019. (Photo by Amer HILABI / AFP)        (Photo credit should read AMER HILABI/AFP via Getty Images)
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With the success of the Boneyard match, WWE may have set the template for every one of The Undertaker's big matches going forward.

The cinematic style of the bout allowed the promotion to work around The Phenom's biggest weakness, and it makes sense to continue with that approach going forward. His limited schedule also lets WWE go back to the well without overexposing what made it feel so different and fun.

Assuming fans bear witness to another Boneyard match, these are some of the most logical opponents for The Undertaker.


Aleister Black

Ever since getting called up from NXT, Aleister Black has treaded water in WWE. It's anybody's guess as to why the creative staff thought having him sit in an empty room talking to the camera would help get him over.

Black has racked up win after win in recent months, but none of the results has felt in service to something bigger. Even his victory over AJ Styles at Elimination Chamber came with the caveat of The Undertaker interfering to hit Styles with the Chokeslam.

Beating The Deadman would provide his career with a massive boost and immediately make him a main-event player.

And while nobody can ever be "the next Undertaker," there's a reason so many have drawn a parallel between 'Taker and Black. With the former world champion's in-ring time winding down, WWE could anoint the next creepy occult figure.


"The Fiend" Bray Wyatt

"The Fiend" Bray Wyatt works for the same reason, though one could argue he has already re-established himself as something wholly different from The Undertaker.

When he was a cult leader from the swamp, Wyatt had more overlap. Now, he doesn't necessarily need the ceremonial passing of the torch, especially after his Firefly Fun House match with John Cena.

But WWE could combine some of the best concepts from the Boneyard match with the Firefly Fun House match. This wouldn't be a straightforward fight from an action movie; it could be more cerebral and supernatural.

Whereas he utilized more of his "American Badass" gimmick against Styles, The Undertaker could return to his Ministry of Darkness days to combat Wyatt.

The beauty of The Fiend's encounter with Cena was how it served as a critical examination of Cena's entire career. Imagine if WWE could do the same thing with a legend who has competed for nearly 30 years.


Braun Strowman

A battle with Braun Strowman would be a return to the old days for The Undertaker, when he was pitted against whoever was WWE's biggest monster at the time.

Plus, Strowman would get to do one thing he excels at: lifting big things in pre-taped segments.

One of the lasting images from the Boneyard match was a suddenly resurrected Undertaker standing behind Styles as The Phenomenal One was on top of the tractor ready to pour dirt on the grave.

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Strowman could just dump the entire tractor into The Undertaker's grave, only for him to somehow reappear to put The Monster Among Men away.

One benefit to Strowman is that, like Styles, he could afford to lose and not have his general aura damaged too much. His size alone makes it easy for WWE to position him as an unstoppable giant, and his win over Goldberg at WrestleMania 36 is an example of that.



The time has long passed for The Undertaker and Sting to stage their dream match as a traditional singles affair.

Sting retired in 2016, and anybody who read his September 2015 interview with WWE.com came away thinking his wrestling days were over.

A Boneyard match, however, would keep the physical action to a minimum for the 61-year-old. And if the promotion wanted to do a repeat or expansion of the spot where Styles got chokeslammed from the barn, it could use a stuntman in Sting's place.

WWE already played up the rivalry with WCW and Sting's legacy in that company during his storyline with Triple H. But not even Triple H has come to symbolize WWE as much as The Undertaker has.

Now, the door is open to attempt one of the most talked-about hypothetical feuds ever.