NBA Player Rankings: Point Guards

Busta BucketCorrespondent INovember 10, 2009

Continuing my positional player rankings, here are my top 10 point guards. Again, feel free to comment and debate. Check out this link from our Bloguin brothers who did their top 10 point guards last week.

10. Devin Harris

Harris sometimes gets forgotten because he's on a bad team that nobody cares about. He is really good, and if he got more exposure he would get the credit he deserves. He is ridiculously fast, and his speed alone makes him a nightmare to guard. Steadily, his outside shot has improved, which is making him even more dangerous.

He has the tools (long arms, great foot speed) to be a great defender if he will commit to it. He also needs to improve on knowing when to score and when to distribute the ball, a skill that all great PGs are able to master.

9. Jason Kidd

This might not be a popular pick. A lot of people have the opinion that Kidd is washed up.

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He obviously isn't what he used to be, but as a pure PG he still runs a team as well as anyone in the league. Kidd doesn't have fabulous stats anymore like when he was a young gun, but interestingly enough the game is not played on paper.

Jason Kidd makes his team better, plain and simple. And, although it is still painful to watch him shoot, his long-ball has actually become pretty consistent and he's been shooting it around the 40 percent mark. I'm not sure I'd choose anyone else in the league to run my fast break.

8. Gilbert Arenas

I guess Arena is technically a PG, although you wouldn't know it by the way he plays. He doesn't seem to have an interest in getting his teammates involved.

I really don't like his selfish game or his attitude, but I have to put him on the list because he can score with the best of them. Much like Kobe and LeBron, if Arenas gets on a roll there's not much the other team can do about it.

7. Derrick Rose

Rose has all the tools to be a fantastic PG in the NBA. He understands the game much better than most players his age and he seems to have a great work ethic.

I think if he continues to work hard, he will move up this list very fast. He finishes very well at the rim and has superb court vision, something that can't be taught. He needs to improve his outside shot and also improve defensively in order to take it to the next level.

6. Rajon Rondo

Rondo gets a lot of praise and attention because he gets exposure on one of the best teams in the league. His game is perfect for his situation, he plays outstanding defense, doesn't demand a lot of shots, and distributes the ball well to the Hall of Famers around him.

Some people will think he deserves to be higher on the list, but I believe that Rondo benefits greatly from having a really good team around him. He is never the focus of the other team's defensive game-plan, like some other PGs are, and that makes life much easier for him.

I also don't like that fact that he is, to put it nicely, a terrible outside shooter. If he could develop anything that resembled a jump shot he would be unstoppable offensively. He is also a very poor free throw shooter, which makes him a liability at the end of close games.

That being said, he is the best defensive PG in the league and his all-around game will only continue to get better.

5. Chauncey Billups

The crafty old vet. Billups may not be fast, athletic, or have the best stats, but nobody can argue what he does for his team as a leader. Unlike Allen Iverson, Billups showed the Nuggets how to play basketball the right way.

He may be the smartest PG in the league: He makes big shots, has good size, plays solid defense, and is a fantastic shooter. Basically, he is everything you want from a point guard. But, it really comes down to the fact that he is a winner.

4. Tony Parker

I've always felt that Tony Parker doesn't get the credit he deserves. He causes so many headaches for opposing defenses. There is not another player in the NBA that has the ball control in the lane that he does, and his ability to score so easily in the paint amazes me.

Parker was somewhat one-dimensional offensively earlier in his career, but his outside shot has really come along so defenders can no longer sag off of him. He is also a very capable passer...and he's married to Eva Longoria.

3. Steve Nash

I could watch Steve Nash play basketball for hours upon hours. He is the only MVP on the list. Not once, but twice.

I don't care if that was a few years ago, and I'm tired of hearing that Nash is getting old. Age is just a number, and Nash is still easily the best passer in the game. He has never relied on athleticism in his career, so losing a step or two is not going to affect him that much.

Nash is every bit as phenomenal now as he was three years ago, and he still makes average players look like stars. Nash made Quentin Richardson, Boris Diaw, and Raja Bell all look good when they played for the Suns. Now he is making Channing Frye look like an all-star.

He may not be the best one-on-one defender in the world, but he draws charges as well or better than anyone.

2. Deron Williams

Make no mistake about it, D-Will could easily be first on this list. People who think there's a big gap between Chris Paul and everyone else obviously hasn't watched Williams play very much.

He is as smooth as they come, and he is the complete package. There's not a thing on the court that Williams can't do.

The thing I like most about him is the swagger with which he plays. You can tell that all he cares about is winning.

It is ridiculous that this guy hasn't been an all-star yet in his career. How is that even possible?

1. Chris Paul

I feel bad for Chris Paul. Yes, his team is decent and will probably flirt with 45 to 50 wins again this year, but people don't realize how god-awful that roster is around him.

The reason people don't realize this? Because Chris Paul makes them look like NBA players. That is what great players are supposed to do. Only Steve Nash rivals Paul's ability to create wide open shots, dunks, and lay-ups for his teammates. I can't even imagine what Chris Paul would do with legit players on his team; it wouldn't be fair.

He may be a little overrated as an overall defender, but he is better than anyone in the league at getting steals, that's for sure. He knows exactly when he needs to score and when he needs to get his teammates involved, which, as I mentioned before, is something that only the best PGs master.

I for one hope that Chris Paul gets out of N.O. some day so we can see what he's really about. Scary!

Honorable Mention

Aaron Brooks, Baron Davis, Andre Miller, Russell Westbrook, Mo Williams, Jameer Nelson, Mike Bibby


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