Current WWE Storylines WWE Buried into the Ground

Kevin Berge@TheBerge_Featured ColumnistFebruary 26, 2020

Current WWE Storylines WWE Buried into the Ground

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    Seven hours per week of televised WWE action can be an anchor on storytelling. Plenty of wrestlers have risen and fallen so quickly that many didn't even remember they seemed ready for a push.

    This was especially true in 2019 and now once more in 2020. The WWE roster is overflowing with talent, leaving many to be forgotten after a story began to grow.

    Cedric Alexander, EC3, The IIconics and Dana Brooke all suffered from these stop-start pushes in 2019, but this year has begun in even worse fashion for several Superstars.

    Shorty G started to move forward only to stop dead this year, and Liv Morgan returned to Raw with hype behind her only to soon lose much of that momentum.

    The Revival continue a rise-and-fall story through every tag team division, while an injury to Kushida left him with nothing upon his return to action.

    There are plenty of current WWE storylines that have gone nowhere or been buried into the ground early in 2020, but a few stand out as decidedly frustrating for the future.

Shorty G's Self-Discovery

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    Chad Gable's transition to Shorty G was far from smooth. While he was showing just how good he was, especially when giving King Corbin some of the best matches of his career, WWE was pushing him toward a new gimmick that was supposed to make him more relevant.

    Instead, Shorty has been made into a joke, and it feels like he is now just playing a more visible version of the role Heath Slater or Apollo Crews has on SmackDown. He is just a punching bag for more important (and taller) wrestlers.

    Sheamus returned to major hype in late January, and Shorty was his first victim. They put on a pair of solid matches together, but The Celtic Warrior was always going to win. He mattered more to WWE than the man who had chosen to embrace his status as short at the completely normal height of 5'8".

    This was supposed to be a chance for Shorty to show what he could do: He had accepted his role and could now free himself to be his best self. He could just try outwrestling bigger opponents.

    Instead, he has failed at every hurdle. Corbin beat him, while The Revival stopped him and Mustafa Ali from becoming relevant in the tag team division. Sheamus has now Brogue-Kicked him out of three matches, including a handicap bout in which Shorty had the advantage.

    It's a waste of one of the best pure wrestlers in the business.

Liv Morgan's Rebirth and Relationship with Lana

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    When Liv Morgan decided she didn't feel right in her skin, she left SmackDown for a while and promised to come back as herself fully. She was drafted to Raw and returned to help ruin Lana's wedding by declaring her undying love for The Ravishing Russian.

    Only a few weeks later, she has been completely sidetracked from her story with Lana and is feuding with Ruby Riott instead.

    While it's possible Morgan will end up benefiting from this reset, it hasn't felt like a smooth transition. She has gone from one story to the next without purpose, and no real payoff is in sight.

    Playing a gay character in WWE may be all the buildup was for, which isn't a bad idea on its own. The problem is mainly that the former Riott Squad member was given a story that had so many people talking, but she is now quickly falling into the background.

    If she cannot at least carry this feud with Riott for a while, she might return to where she was before it all started: waiting for an opportunity that will never come.

The Revival's Rebrand

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    Dash Wilder and Scott Dawson have been through the wringer in recent months in WWE. The Revival formed to bring old-school tag team wrestling back to the company, but instead they have been stuck in comedy angles and matches with no end in sight.

    After a few too many losses, they made a promise to change things up, but that has not come to fruition. Dawson and Wilder may appear on SmackDown often, but nothing is changing for them.

    A dramatic shift is needed for The Revival to thrive. As good as the pair can be, their current gimmick has lost its luster. Even a small shift could dramatically change the perception of the team for the long term.

    Whether they end up staying in WWE or leaving, it is such a waste to keep Dawson and Wilder in the current lack of story the company has surrounded them with.

    Arguably the best tag team in the world cannot catch a break. Even when they get stories that should go somewhere, they lead to nothing.

Kushida's Return to Action for the Sake of His Family

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    Much like several Japanese wrestlers who recently got a call-up to WWE, Kushida arrived with major hype. He was meant to be a star NXT could rely on. However, an injury delayed his push, and he never recovered.

    Kushida was built back up in his return by focusing on his family. It was meant to humanize him, but instead it just made him seem even blander. He lost a feud to Cameron Grimes and then reformed The Time Splitters with Alex Shelley for just one match in the Dusty Rhodes Classic.

    Every opportunity has slipped by, and now it feels like he barely exists on the black-and-gold brand. He is in much the same role as stars like Shane Thorne and Bronson Reed.

    Whether Shelley returns or not, Kushida should be far more relevant to NXT than he will be. He's likely to soon be working the cruiserweight division to stay relevant rather than rising up the ranks.

    The Japanese wrestler has all the talent in the world, but it isn't the first time WWE has lost focus on a star after one injury. What may be most worrying is that his journey feels noticeably similar to the former Hideo Itami.

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