John Cena's Most Realistic Opponents for Potential WWE WrestleMania 36 Match

Donald Wood@@Donald_WoodFeatured ColumnistFebruary 12, 2020

John Cena's Most Realistic Opponents for Potential WWE WrestleMania 36 Match

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    The biggest wrestling show of 2020 will be WrestleMania 36, and questions have been raised about who John Cena would challenge if he does have a match.

    In addition to the veteran's storied history with the company, his newest movie, F9, will be released in the United States on May 22, which means a short-term run with WWE could go a long way in promoting the film.

    It was also announced Tuesday that Cena would return to WWE on the February 28 edition of SmackDown.

    Add in the fact that WWE has struggled financially in recent weeks on the stock market, and his presence could help boost television ratings and give stockholders hope as the company enters its most prosperous period of the year.

    If Cena does once again wrestle on The Grandest Stage of Them All on April 5, here are his most realistic opponents.

Cena Returns to Save Elias

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    In an interview with's Jimmy Traina in January, Cena revealed he would be at WrestleMania but said he has no idea if and how he will be used. He said he trusts Vince McMahon to put him where he is needed.

    Last year, Cena appeared in his Doctor of Thuganomics persona and beat down Elias. The two Superstars have had their run-ins, but with Elias going up against Sami Zayn and his crew, he might need backup.

    Eventually, Cena should make the save for Elias and form the Hall and Oates of WWE.

    Doctor of Thuganomics Cena working alongside Elias on a WrestleMania song targeted at Zayn, Cesaro and Shinsuke Nakamura would make for an iconic moment that bolsters an already stacked card.

Surprise Entrant in Andre the Giant Battle Royal

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    When Cena returned to WWE in 2008 as the 30th entrant in the Royal Rumble, it was one of the biggest shocks in recent wrestling history.

    While the 42-year-old showing up to win the Andre the Giant Battle Royal wouldn't have the same impact, it would help WWE in several ways.

    Not only would Cena returning give the company some much-needed mainstream publicity, but it also builds credibility for the annual WrestleMania Battle Royal, which has been a joke since its inception.

    Cena doesn't have to win, as it's easily conceivable that a large group of competitors work together to take out the 16-time champion. While he's in the ring, though, there are several marquee matchups WWE could tease for the future.

    Just as Brock Lesnar fighting random people in the Royal Rumble gave the WWE Universe hope for new and unique bouts, Cena could provide much the same experience in the Andre the Giant Battle Royal.

Goldberg Is Next

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    After Goldberg takes an inevitable loss to "The Fiend" Bray Wyatt in Saudi Arabia, the question on everybody's mind will be "Who's next?" Or is it retirement?

    With Goldberg proving he can have solid spectacle matches occasionally, there is little doubt he will have a presence at WrestleMania. When the former WCW star asks "Who's next?," it should be Cena who answers the call.

    One of the true dream matches that has never come to fruition is Cena vs. Goldberg, and time is running out. The two Superstars may not have wrestled in the same generation, but they were both top draws, and a match would be a generational battle that interests hardcore and casual fans alike.

    The bout would only need to be a few minutes long to create an iconic moment.

Cena Knocks on Aleister Black’s Door

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    One of the brightest stars on the WWE main roster right now is Aleister Black, and he has been talking for months about how he is looking for someone to knock on his door and challenge him.

    Cena never backs down from a fight, and having him return to answer Black's open call would create a huge reaction and help cement the unproven Superstar as a viable franchise player moving forward.

    While it's well-known Cena doesn't lose often, he is focused on his movie career and should be doing whatever it takes to help pay WWE back for making him a household name.

    As a result, Black should beat Cena and use the momentum to ascend to the top of the card.