What’s the Endgame for Bizarre Otis, Mandy Rose Angle on WWE SmackDown?

Graham GSM Matthews@@WrestleRantFeatured ColumnistJanuary 24, 2020

What’s the Endgame for Bizarre Otis, Mandy Rose Angle on WWE SmackDown?

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    Are Otis and Mandy Rose destined to be together? Or does Mandy have other intentions?
    Are Otis and Mandy Rose destined to be together? Or does Mandy have other intentions?Credit: WWE.com

    After a slow start on Fox, WWE SmackDown finally appears to be on the ascent, and the ongoing angle between Otis and Mandy Rose may be a big part of that.

    Although SmackDown boasts a few intriguing storylines at the moment, none are more fascinating than Otis attempting to make Mandy fall for him. Their history dates back to their time in NXT together, but only now is WWE incorporating all of that into an actual angle on the show.

    Sure enough, it's been the best thing going not only on the blue brand but also, arguably, in the entire company for the past month or so. Both Otis and Mandy have played their respective roles remarkably well and kept fans guessing over what's next.

    Most importantly, WWE is taking its time with the angle and allowing it to play out. If Rusev, Bobby Lashley and Lana can get almost four months out of their never-ending rivalry, there's no reason Otis and Mandy can't have the same amount of focus and effort put into their storyline on Friday nights.

    The last we saw the two of them together, Otis was holding the blonde bombshell in his hands following her fall from the ring on SmackDown. As entertaining as the angle has been so far, what will be the eventual payoff?

    This list will look at five possibilities for what the endgame for this budding romance could prove to be.

Otis Helps Mandy Rose Win Gold

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    Credit: WWE.com

    Fire & Desire seemed destined to win the WWE Women's Tag Team Championship when the titles were introduced at the onset of 2019. Although they vied for them on countless occasions (including inside the Elimination Chamber match that determined the inaugural winners), the duo always fell short.

    At the rate they're going, Rose and Sonya Deville may split up before they have a chance to win gold together, which would be a shame. The women's tag team division would be worse off without them, but Otis could prove to be Fire & Desire's (or at least Mandy's) good-luck charm the longer this storyline lasts.

    Although Otis accidentally cost Deville her match against Alexa Bliss last week on SmackDown, his fascination with Rose paid dividends when she beat the same opponent the week prior. That could have convinced her that having him around can benefit her after all.

    Rose and Deville have yet to win a title since coming to WWE's main roster over two years ago, but that must change in 2020. This Otis angle could lead to that finally happening if he serves as their manager and helps them win more matches due to being blinded by his love for The Golden Goddess.

    Regardless of whether Deville is in the picture, Rose would surely love nothing more than to become a champion this year, and if that's what she wants, Otis will see to it.

    A babyface Rose versus heel Bayley for the SmackDown Women's Championship would be a fun feud just in time for WrestleMania 36, assuming Otis is involved in the buildup and payoff.

Mandy Rose Debuts a New Boyfriend

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    Credit: WWE.com

    At first glance, Rose and Otis look like an odd couple. It's hard to imagine her actually falling for him based on how her character has been portrayed up to this point, not to mention how she never bothered to give him any attention until now.

    Something seems off about the angle, at least as far as what the endgame will be. Rose revealing she and Sonya Deville have been manipulating him the entire time would be a fine payoff, but then Otis wouldn't be able to give them their comeuppance.

    Perhaps The Golden Goddess has had a secret boyfriend since the start who's been waiting to strike at the opportune moment. The most obvious suspect would be Dolph Ziggler, who was hitting on her for a few weeks before being phased out of the angle without explanation.

    Rose didn't act interested whenever he was around, but that could have been part of their plot to play mind games with Otis. On paper, she and Ziggler would be a perfect pairing, and it would also allow Otis to transition into a rivalry with The Showoff and have the chance to work with a former world champion for a pay-per-view or two.

    Other than Ziggler, another individual who would make sense for the spot is NXT Superstar Tino Sabbatelli, who was spotted with Rose at the 2018 Hall of Fame ceremony.

    He's been out of action with an injury for almost two years and is far from main roster-ready, but bringing him in as Rose's on-air boyfriend would be one way to make a new star straight from the get-go.

Otis Gets the Girl

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    Credit: WWE.com

    Of the many possible outcomes this angle with Otis and Mandy Rose can have, there's a slight chance Otis does end up with the girl.

    The story of Otis doing everything imaginable to win her over has made fans want to see the two of them together that much more. He's come off as extremely likable, while Rose has shown signs of changing her ways whenever they've interacted.

    The Golden Goddess remaining heel and breaking the heart of the Heavy Machinery star is too obvious of an endgame. It would be better for WWE to go in a different direction by having Otis ultimately win her over.

    Wrestling weddings are overdone (not to mention we just had one recently with Lana and Bobby Lashley on Raw that went awry), but Otis and Mandy tying the knot would make for must-see television.

    Maybe their romance doesn't go that far, but there's nothing stopping WWE from pairing them off for a few months and testing the waters for Otis as a singles competitor.

    Of course, these types of relationship almost never end well in wrestling, but it's worth a shot. Becoming a full-fledged babyface would be something different for Rose, Otis would get something greater than championship gold, and viewers would be thoroughly entertained.

    Everyone wins.

Tucker Grows Jealous of Otis and Turns Heel

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    Credit: WWE.com

    To say Tucker has been an afterthought while teammate Otis has had his sights set on Rose would be a bit of an understatement. Heavy Machinery won their match against The Revival in late December, but that was the last time they paired up.

    Instead, Otis has been getting all the focus lately in his angle with Rose while Tucker has watched his partner become a much bigger star than him from the sidelines. He was there when Otis beat Drew Gulak on January 3, but again, that outing was all about Otis.

    It should be noted Heavy Machinery breaking up any time soon would be premature. They've been on the main roster for just under a year and have barely scratched the surface of what they can do together. But the same could have been said for Enzo and Cass years ago, and WWE didn't hesitate to split them.

    Tucker told Otis last week on SmackDown he was looking out for him and he didn't want his heart to get broken. WWE usually doesn't put that much emphasis on little things like that unless the person in question has an ulterior motive, such as turning heel.

    This is easily the least desirable of all the suggested outcomes to this angle, but that doesn't mean WWE won't do it. Otis and Rose could still wind up together and that's what causes Tucker to snap, but Heavy Machinery must remain intact coming out of this storyline.

    Otis and Tucker have a lot left to accomplish together before they go their separate ways, and letting a girl get between them would be a weak way for their longtime friendship to end.

Fire & Desire Reveal They've Been Lovers Since the Start

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    Credit: WWE.com

    Rose and Sonya Deville have stuck by each other's side for so long for a reason, despite teasing tension on multiple occasions over the years. Their strong bond as friends has helped them overcome issues and ensure Fire & Desire is here to stay.

    Although Deville hasn't been happy with how Rose has essentially ditched her for Otis lately, it wouldn't be the first time WWE has tested the waters for a Fire & Desire split. They stuck together all those other times, so it's unlikely this instance will be any different.

    In fact, as WWE's resident mean girls, they could reveal they've been in cahoots since the start and their bickering was merely designed to make Otis and everyone else think Rose had changed for the better.

    Of course, they'd have to find a way to explain why Deville would willingly lose to Alexa Bliss last week on SmackDown due to a distraction from Otis, but that may well be forgotten once this story concludes. Either way, it would be completely characteristic of Fire & Desire to want to play with Otis' heart like that.

    Better yet, making The Golden Goddess and Deville an official on-air item would be the ultimate swerve in this story.

    Per Diva Dirt, the latest season of Total Divas went into how Fire & Desire were set to become a couple at WrestleMania 35 and how the storyline was scrapped at the last minute. Now would be a perfect time to revisit that at the expense of the ultra-likable Otis.


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