Force India Announces Tech Upgrade to Formula 1

Negative CamberCorrespondent INovember 9, 2009

Force India today announced an upgrade to its CFD programming today “that will provide the company’s drivers with the best chance of a podium finish.”


Before get too excited like I did, wondering just how much merchandise I should buy online, notice in the announcement that about half the Formula 1 teams are using this new-to-Force India technology, which seems to be a super-quick storage system that keeps pace with the wind-tunnel simulations.

Still, it’s good to see a “back marker” team stepping up with improved technology. [I hope they aren't spending their lawsuit money prematurely.]

Rather than muck-up the technical details, here is some of the language from the press release:

Panasas, Inc., the leading provider of high-performance storage solutions for the world’s most performance-intensive applications, announced today that Force India Formula One Team has increased the performance and capacity of its engineering simulation solution through the deployment of Panasas ActiveStor storage. Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) simulations are a critical part of Force India’s car design process to continually improve the team’s on-track, aerodynamic performance.

In conjunction with physical wind-tunnel testing, Force India relies on virtual prototypes and CFD methods to improve racing car aerodynamics. Maximizing the impact of its CFD process leads to engineering advancements that provide the company’s drivers with the best chance of a podium finish. The challenge Force India faced from an IT perspective was providing a data storage solution that could keep pace in this rigorous environment.

Where’s Todd’s abacus when I need it?

One item I do find funny, which I quoted in the lead to this post: “the best chance of a podium finish.” Force India, to their credit, aren’t getting too big for their britches. They aren’t expecting to develop the “best chance of a victory,” just finding one of those coveted winner’s steps.

Hey, it’s more substantial than anything we’ve seen from USF1GPEXYZ, right?

Are there any experts out there among our readers who can put this more into context? Is it a big deal—or even just “a deal?" I figure my notice that half the teams already are using it suggests it is not necessarily something that will fly Force India to the front, but if they were improving before having this extra “oomph,” it can’t hurt. Let’s hope it helps them figure out downforce on the car.

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