Top 5 Signature In-Ring Moves in WWE and AEW Today

Donald Wood@@Donald_WoodFeatured ColumnistJanuary 11, 2020

Top 5 Signature In-Ring Moves in WWE and AEW Today

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    One of the best parts of any wrestling match is watching a performer hit their signature move and earn a marquee victory.

    With so much focus on the WWE and All Elite Wrestling rosters, fans have continued to analyze which wrestlers have the best in-ring moves. Whether it's Kenny Omega's One-Winged Angel or Randy Orton's RKO, everyone has opinions and favorites.

    The Wednesday Night War between AEW and NXT has also caused tension among fans, as multiple wrestlers are using the same moves. Despite the controversy, here are the top signature moves in WWE and AEW today.

One-Winged Angel: Kenny Omega

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    One of the reasons Kenny Omega has become an international Superstar is his One-Winged Angel finishing move and how well it has been protected over the years.

    In a world where signature moves are kicked out of all the time, few wrestlers have responded before the three-count after receiving the One-Winged Angel. As a result, fans are watching Omega's matches waiting for the teases and the eventual signature finish so they know when the end is coming.

    Omega never used the One-Winged Angel better than he did in his New Japan feud against Kazuchika Okada. And since joining AEW last year, he has utilized it in big matches to help him earn marquee wins.

    If Omega wants to hold the AEW World Championship, he needs to pull out the move more often to climb the weekly rankings. No matter who is wearing the title when it's his time to challenge, Omega is just a One-Winged Angel away from glory.

RKO: Randy Orton

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    The element of surprise is one of the most important factors in a signature move, and no one has perfected this more than Randy Orton with his RKO.

    While there have been times in Orton's career when he has become stale because of a lack of effort or a lackluster storyline, his signature move has kept the WWE Universe in his corner. Just as Diamond Dallas Page used a Diamond Cutter to cement his place in history, Orton has done the same.

    WWE Creative has made many mistakes over the years, but they have protected the RKO like few other finishers and highlighted it as often as possible. With each Superstar looking to be creative on how they take the move, it has become the focal point of Orton's matches.

    Whether it's his WrestleMania 31 RKO against Seth Rollins or his Raw RKO from 2010 against Evan Bourne, Orton and his signature move have the power to not only create legendary moments but to also help other wrestlers benefit from taking it.

Lockjaw: Britt Baker

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    One of the brightest young stars coming up the ranks in AEW is Britt Baker, and one of the reasons she has found so much success early in her career is her submission move, the Lockjaw.

    As AEW never forgets to tell the fans, Baker is a certified dentist, and utilizing that career in her gimmick has been the idea since Day 1. Adding the gimmick to her finishing move by having her essentially mandible claw an opponent who is in a modified Rings of Saturn is genius.

    The key to any finishing move being perceived as elite is that it needs to look like it hurts. The standard Rings of Saturn submission move is being used by several wrestlers—including PAC—and the addition of a fishhook/mandible claw makes it look extremely painful.

    As Baker continues to grow as a performer, getting into and out of the move will evolve, making the move feel like it could come out of nowhere. With an element of surprise, the Lockjaw is one of the best moves in wrestling.

Paradigm Shift: Jon Moxley

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    Jake "The Snake" Roberts is one of the greatest cerebral wrestlers in the history of the business, and his DDT was devastating. As a Roberts protegee, Jon Moxley has used a modified double-arm DDT since his days in WWE.

    Now in AEW, the Paradigm Shift has helped Moxley reach the top of the mountain.

    As if making the jump from WWE to AEW weren't a monumental moment enough, Moxley has used his signature move to show why he is one of the most dangerous men in wrestling. Look no further than his DDT from the top rope on Darby Allin for proof the Paradigm Shift is devastating.

    With a battle for the AEW World Championship against Chris Jericho on the horizon, look for Moxley to change the business once again as he uses his DDT to take the title from Y2J and cement his place as one of the biggest stars in the world.

Black Mass: Aleister Black

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    There are few strikers in the wrestling business as hard-hitting as Aleister Black, and his background in kickboxing and other forms of martial arts has resulted in one of the most devastating kicks in the sport, the Black Mass.

    The spinning kick has become one of the most protected moves in wrestling, helping Black to stay out of the loss column since his victory over Cesaro at Extreme Rules in July. Since then, he has amassed 13 straight wins on TV or PPV.

    One of the keys to his success is the devastating Black Mass.

    With a unique look and an in-ring presence that makes him one of the most intriguing Superstars on the WWE roster, protecting his finishing move will go a long way to ensuring he climbs up the card and becomes a cornerstone of Raw’s main event scene.


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