John Morrison Return Sets Up Reunion with the Miz, More WWE SmackDown Fallout

Erik Beaston@@ErikBeastonFeatured ColumnistJanuary 4, 2020

John Morrison Return Sets Up Reunion with the Miz, More WWE SmackDown Fallout

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    The first WWE SmackDown of 2020 saw the return of several Superstars, most notably former intercontinental and tag team champion John Morrison.

    The Shaman of Sexy appeared backstage, apparently rekindling his friendship with The Miz, as evidenced by his denial of Cathy Kelly's request for an interview. His was not the only surprise return on the broadcast, though, as Sheamus finally emerged from whatever crappily lit room he spent the last month cutting promos in and obliterated Shorty G with a Brogue Kick.

    Throw in The Usos rushing the ring to save Roman Reigns from another humiliating beatdown at the hands of King Corbin and Dolph Ziggler and you have a night of star-studded returns.

    Dive deeper into them and what they mean for those involved with this recap of the January 3 broadcast.

John Morrison's Return Will Help Revitalize The Miz's On-Screen Persona

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    John Morrison made his long-awaited return to WWE Friday night, answering Cathy Kelly's request for an interview with The Miz by revealing the newly heel competitor would not be talking the rest of the night.

    It was a mysterious return, one that will likely have detractors who insist Morrison should have been saved for the Royal Rumble instead. But what it did was create interest in a Miz character that has fallen flat since his WrestleMania 35 loss to Shane McMahon, and it teased a possible reunion for one of the best tag teams of the 2000s.

    Together, Miz and Morrison were responsible for some of the most entertaining, funny, engaging vignettes and even better in-ring content. They grew, evolved and succeeded together before going their separate ways, perhaps too soon.

    Now, with a potential reunion hinted at by Morrison's return, they can rediscover their on-screen chemistry and succeed together on a show that lacks credible main event heels beyond Bray Wyatt and King Corbin.

    If nothing else, Miz and Morrison vs. The New Day is a feud anyone can get behind, if only because the creative and in-ring work should prove second-to-none.

Uncertainty Sparks Interest in Returning Sheamus

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    Sheamus made his long-awaited return to SmackDown this week, chasing off The Revival as they beat down Shorty G. He then uncorked a Brogue Kick on the artist formerly known as Chad Gable.

    The attack on Shorty G would suggest The Celtic Warrior is poised for a run as a heel, but that may not necessarily be the case. As someone who claimed he was coming back to wage war on the softness and complacency on SmackDown, it is possible the babyface was merely in his way. After all, Sheamus did make a beeline for The Revival, and it wasn't until they escaped his clutches that he blasted Shorty G.

    The uncertainty surrounding his actions has instantly created intrigue around the returning Sheamus that had not been there prior to the injury that necessitated his departure. Is he a heel or babyface? What is his actual end game? Which marquee star may he have his sights set on?

    While it remains to be seen if the writers can maintain the interest in Sheamus long-term, for now, he is as compelling a character as there is on the blue brand, with a ton of potential to be something different than a traditional babyface or heel. Hopefully, WWE Creative capitalizes on the potential and does not force him into a role before necessary.

The Usos' Return Reunites The Bloodline, Disregards WWE Draft

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    For a guy who has repeatedly been championed as the leader of the SmackDown locker room by commentator Michael Cole—despite Corey Graves' insistence to the contrary—Roman Reigns has more often than not found himself left alone in his battles with King Corbin and minions Dolph Ziggler and Robert Roode.

    That changed Friday with the return of free agents The Usos, who saved Reigns from another humiliating dog food shower and stood tall with their cousin to close out the broadcast. Jimmy and Jey's arrival on SmackDown brought with it the reunion of The Bloodline, a familial trio that most notably battled The OC way back in 2016. 

    The group's return accomplishes two things: it provides Reigns backup, but it also creates the opportunity for the writing team to program multi-man tag matches that will freshen things up and prevent overexposure of certain matchups. Reigns has already competed in the same match as Corbin far too often for a program that appears poised to last beyond Royal Rumble and into Fastlane. Having The Usos to lean on helps return a sense of freshness to the top of the card at a time when it desperately needs it.

    With Reigns almost certainly poised to enjoy a huge spring, perhaps even headlining WrestleMania against The Fiend for the universal title he never lost, The Usos could well find themselves in a high-profile position for months to come.

Dana Brooke Scores Huge Win, Internet Reports Be Damned

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    Dave Meltzer of The Wrestling Observer Newsletter (h/t Randall Ortman of Cageside Seats) reported there is no push in the works for Dana Brooke, that she is merely an enhancement talent tasked with taking the pinfall in tag matches to protect Lacey Evans.

    WWE Creative, almost certainly intentionally, answered Meltzer's claim by booking Brooke to pin Sasha Banks in the opening match of this week's show. One would hope the win, arguably the biggest Brooke has enjoyed in years, was not reactionary just to prove the "dirt sheet" writer wrong.

    The former fitness model has made tremendous strides over the course of her career and is one of the more underrated performers in the women's division. A win of that magnitude, even in a tag team match in which Evans was the focal point, can prove momentous for Brooke.

    Hopefully, WWE does not toy with her credibility simply to send a message to Meltzer and his closest followers.