Donovan McNabb on Terrell Owens, Eagles' Current Struggles, More from B/R AMA

Tyler Conway@jtylerconwayFeatured ColumnistDecember 5, 2019

SYRACUSE, NY - SEPTEMBER 15:  Former Syracuse Orange quarterback Donovan McNabb jokes with former teammates on the sideline during the game between the Syracuse Orange and the Florida State Seminoles at the Carrier Dome on September 15, 2018 in Syracuse, New York. Syracuse defeats Florida State 30-7. (Photo by Brett Carlsen/Getty Images)

Former NFL quarterback Donovan McNabb sat down with Bleacher Report on Thursday to dish on his relationship with Terrell Owens, his favorite moments of his career and whether a hot dog is a sandwich. 

It's not, according to McNabb.

Here is a look at the highlights from Wednesday's session from the Bleacher Report app.


@mahomesless: Would you go on a picnic with T.O. if he invited you?

McNabb: Uhhhhhh, no


@bigfacetrey: Are you and T.O. good now?

I'm always good. Take good how you want it. 

@yaddadabba: Antonio Brown and T.O. are both Hall of Fame talents with sometimes disruptive personality traits. With the Eagles current receiving troubles, is AB worth the risk to sign?

McNabb: No. I think they've been down that road somewhat years ago and I think the key for Carson is to find someone that he can grow down the road with and it'll make the things better.

@PhillyBoul: Why do you think the Eagles are doing bad?

McNabb: I just think they don't have an identity. I think for this football team in the beginning it was trying to showcase Carson to try and please the fan and show them that he's their guy and they took away from what Ertz and Howard can give to the team. They just kind of been behind 

The 8 ball every week, because they didn't form an identity. 


@Northern19: Who have you got for the Super Bowl this year?

McNabb: Well I had the Eagles if they had stayed healthy, but at this point I'm going to say Kansas City and Seattle


@hexcryptor: Who is your favorite locker room personality?

McNabb: Probably Hugh Douglas. We had a run for a while where things were quite entertaining in the locker room, starting with music. 


@fish5613: Who is the quarterback GOAT?

McNabb: Uhhh, Tom Brady. Joe wasn't in my era, and he was the GOAT in my eyes going in, but Tom has proved more than any of us ever imagined. People say, 'Oh he hasn't won MVPs,' but he put up gaudy numbers and proved that winning counts more than stats. 


@BballGiant32: Who are the top 5 QBs of all time?

McNabb: No particular order, and I've had this argument with lots of people, but Joe Montana, John Elway, Troy Aikman, Terry Bradshaw, Tom Brady 


@js: If you punch yourself and it hurts, are you strong or are you weak? 

McNabb: In my regard, I'm strong. 


@Jamaal2440: What is your favorite pair of shoes?

McNabb: Jordans. Any type of Jordans. I think I had the Jordan XIs with the green leather on the bottom and the white. But I had a special shoe for myself, Randy and Charles Woodson. My FAVORITE ones were the Jordan 19s, they didn't come out much and people didn't see them, but I loved them. 


@mrprofessor: What team did you like to play the least?

McNabb: There wasn't any team I 'disliked' playing. No matter who they had on their team, it kind of brought something out of me and I think for a lot of players, whatever motivates you to get you to that point of that mentality or that attitude, we try and find it. And if it was an NFC East team, I was always fired up to play and if we were out of conference, and playing the Patriots was always the challenge, playing against Tom. Playing against Brett, I looked at it like me vs. Brett which was Bird vs. Jordan. But it was just fun. 


@mone: If you were stuck on a desert island and could only bring 3 things…

McNabb: Food, Food and a Radio that didn't need batteries or plug in. 


@anthony_west: What current player do you see as being the closest to your style?

McNabb: Russell Wilson. He presents that winning mentality and a passion for the game that is unexplainable. He also presents the WOW factor, which isn't always about scrambling for 100 yards, but being able to wait and help your teammates make big plays. 


@ZJS12: Can you describe the mental toll playing football plays on a person?

McNabb: The frustration, the ups and downs, the balance between being high all the time to the low drops and people get frustrated because they don't know how to handle it. That's the grind and you have to be ready for it. 


@LarryBigbie: Is a hot dog a sandwich?

McNabb: No. What kind of sandwich are y'all eating? A hot dog is a hot dog. The real question is...do you put ketchup on a hotdog? 


@Whope97 Favorite memory from the 2004 squad that made it all the way to the Super Bowl?

McNabb: Finally getting over the hump against Atlanta and winning an NFC Championship. Not only winning, but winning it at home when the confetti started to come down. We enjoyed every bit of it. You know, families enjoyed the moment, knowing that we finally made it was the thing I'll always remember. 


@David23ryan: Favorite cheese steak spot?

McNabb: Not big on a Cheese Steak but I'll go with Gaetano's 


@illsauce: As a Cuse legend, what was your go-to spot on Marshall Street?

McNabb: Acropolis pizza was the spot to go. It was THE SPOT to go. They had the New York style pizza which is extra low, they had the wings were fire, the chicken tenders were on point and they always had every flavor drink you needed. 


@Tuddi: Who was the defensive player you were most afraid to face?

McNabb: I would say there were two: one was Strahan, the other was Eric Swan. 


@seanzarelli: Who was your favorite receiver in Philly?

McNabb: T.O. only HoFer I had in Philly. 


@apbosne1999: Would you rather have a superstar WR or RB?

McNabb: I would rather have a superstar WR as a QB, but I had a star RB which was great. 


@mikeylocks: Thoughts on this Josh Shaw situation? Were guys gambling on games when you were in the league?

McNabb: No, no one gambled on any of the games, at least to my knowledge. I think the punishment was one that is settling right now, but I am sure they are going under investigation to find out more. 


@Deymeir: No. 5 was there ever your best moment with T.O.? If so, what was it?

McNabb: I would say he had 15 TDs that year in 2004 when we could have had 20+. I think we only played 10 games together that year. We didn't really finish games, I don't think I really finished 4 full quarters for 7 games of the year and just the success that we had. We were an explosive combination. If we could have lasted 5, 6 years, we could have put up some great numbers.


@scons19: Do you trust Andy reid to disarm a bomb with 2 minutes left up by 7?

McNabb: Yes, I would trust Andy with my life and he's done wonders for me. Obviously, drafted me in '99 and me being his first QB as a head coach in the NFL and the success we had over a decade will NEVER go unnoticed. 


@Derky: Who do you think it the better coach, Andy Reid or Dougie P?

McNabb: I never played for Doug. Doug was actually the starting QB and i was the backup my rookie year, so I respect him a lot, but I only had one coach in philly and that was Andy Reid. 


@unrotagoodperson: What is your favorite Andy Reid story?

McNabb: I don't think I have one particular story, just more or less the relationship we had. It was almost kind of like, you finishing his sentence before he gets there. I always kind of knew what he was thinking and we were together for so long that I knew how he felt on different days and why we felt the same way. It's something you build over time and a relationship that can't be broken. 


@JRD22: What was your initial reaction when Ronde Barber picked you off and took it to the house in the NFC Championship game?

McNabb: I hate that little dude and he has a twin I hate too. No, I've always respected Ronde. As Michael Strahan went and said at the HoF, I could have done his speech because he sacked me 7 more times than anybody else through his career. I think Ronde has more picks on me than anyone in his career, so I could probably do his speech as well.