Seth Rollins vs. 'The Fiend' Bray Wyatt WWE Hell in a Cell Match Stopped by Ref

Mike Chiari@mikechiariFeatured ColumnistOctober 7, 2019

Photo credit: WWE.com.

Seth Rollins walked away as the loser, but he remains the universal champion after "The Fiend" Bray Wyatt won by referee stoppage in the main event of WWE Hell in a Cell on Sunday.

Rollins hit The Fiend with numerous stomps and a Pedigree, yet it still wasn't enough to put Wyatt away. As a result, the titleholder completely snapped. He attacked his opponent with a steel chair, a ladder, a tool box and finally a sledgehammer.


What will it take for @WWERollins to defeat "The Fiend" @WWEBrayWyatt?! #HIAC https://t.co/Y3shRDPQQN


#TheFiend @WWEBrayWyatt has brought a SADISTIC side of @WWERollins. #HIAC https://t.co/VBznXvom8Q

The sledgehammer shot was apparently a step too far, though, and the referee called for the bell. 

Medical personnel arrived in the ring to carry The Fiend off on a stretcher, but he awakened to attack Rollins after the match.


WHAT. IS. HE?! #HIAC @WWEBrayWyatt https://t.co/NODDPAUGAE

WWE Universe @WWEUniverse

Well, @WWERollins may still be your #UniversalChampion, but #TheFiend @WWEBrayWyatt has the last laugh. #HIAC https://t.co/WjJtQepB3H

It was a bizarre ending to the main event of the PPV, which left many fans confused. Jeers rained down from the stands inside the Golden 1 Center in Sacramento, with chants of "AEW" heard among the boos.

Cody Shamoon @CodyShamoon

PPV ended, lights came on and people are still here booing. @WWE should be ashamed of themselves. #HIAC #HellInACell https://t.co/BtlC9nZemL

In the weeks leading up to the title clash between Rollins and Braun Strowman at Clash of Champions, it was announced that Wyatt would face the winner at Hell in a Cell. That cast an ominous shadow over the main event at the Sept. 15 pay-per-view.

After Rollins finally defeated The Monster Among Men with multiple Stomps and a Pedigree, The Fiend appeared and left the titleholder laying with a Mandible Claw to close the show.

Over the next few weeks, The Fiend continued to target Rollins. Wyatt explained his alter ego's actions during the "Firefly Fun House" segments and made it clear he would not stop until he destroyed The Architect and took the universal title.

Rollins was recently saved from a five-on-one attack at the hands of The OC, Robert Roode and Dolph Ziggler by Kane, only for The Fiend to put the veteran down with the Mandible Claw, just as he had to several other legends previously.

The following week, The Fiend interrupted a match between Rollins and Strowman on Raw. Rather than going after The Beastslayer again, Wyatt put the Mandible Claw on Strowman twice in a show of might.

He left Rollins paralyzed with fear in the corner of the ring, which left little doubt that The Fiend had a huge psychological advantage entering Hell in a Cell.

Prior to Sunday's meeting, Wyatt had only one bout under his belt since becoming The Fiend, which was a relatively easy win over Finn Balor at SummerSlam.

Rather than wrestling constantly, Wyatt has been developed into a special attraction by WWE, which is why there was so much anticipation surrounding his clash with Rollins in the Hell in a Cell match.

The Architect owns two victories over Brock Lesnar and one over Strowman this year, which suggested he was no lock to lose to The Fiend inside Hell in a Cell despite how heavily Wyatt has been pushed of late.

It would appear Rollins and Wyatt will resume hostilities at some point down the road, likely at Survivor Series on Nov. 24, but a more decisive ending will be required to turn around fans left disgruntled by the ending contrived at Hell in a Cell.


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