The disgusting side of F1…..yet again!

Patrick AllenAnalyst INovember 4, 2009

MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA - OCTOBER 31:  A bookie counts his money during the 2009 Victoria Derby Day meeting at Flemington Racecourse on October 31, 2009 in Melbourne, Australia.  (Photo by Quinn Rooney/Getty Images)
Quinn Rooney/Getty Images

As many regular readers of Bleacher Report will know I am, and have been, a massive Honda fan since Jenson Button joined back in 2003. However, I am writing this article in a fit of rage!

From 2004 onwards I have been collecting every Jenson Button minichamps replica that I could afford. I bought the first pole version from 2004, and his first win model from Hungary 2006. These were for the high points, and yes I even bought the 2007 earth car, his awful 2008 RA108 and the less than impressive 2005 BAR.

Why did I buy these? Because I am a loyal Jenson Button fan, but I fear my loyalty is going to take a huge dive very soon! This article simply adds more and more evidence to the fact that Formula One has separated itself even further from the fans.

This year minichamps have announced more Jenson Button models than ever before. If you so choose you can buy the following:

Button from Australia

Button from Malaysia

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Button from Bahrain

Button form Spain

Button final livery

Button two car presentation set from Melbourne

The 1:43 scale models will set you back £35. These are expensive, but I can just about afford them. Next we have the 1:18 scale models at a wallet strangling £60.

For the 2009 season that I had waited for and enjoyed so much, I decided to push the boat out a bit. I ordered the Australian model, and the final livery version, with a view to ordering a special championship model. Of course I looked forward to the final model more than any other.

When I heard that for some ridiculous reason the final livery version would be Jens from Silverstone I cancelled so fast it made my head spin. Why minichamps chose that race, (the beginning of Jens’s slump) I just do not know but that’s not what has driven me insane.

I contacted my supplier of F1 models and they assured me that a Championship model similar to the Hamilton model would be released soon. However, I have turned on my computer today to learn that the Jenson Championship car will be an absurd £100!! (I have since learnt that the £100 Championship car is not produced by Minichamps, but is an amendment of their model).

The car will be 1:18 scale (god knows which GP it will be from, although the picture is of the bloody British GP again!) and the extra money you’ll be paying, will be for a piece of metal with some etching on it.

I’m sure I’m not alone in the fact that I can’t possibly afford this and it makes me sick that I will most likely miss the opportunity to have a model that represents my hero’s championship year.

When I contacted my supplier to tell them how I felt, they merely replied that their 1:18 Championship models had sold for the past 10 years and that there were plenty of 1:43 scale models available on their site. HELLO you’ve totally missed the point!

They told me that all their fancy etching wouldn’t work on a 1:43 version….as if I didn’t realise that! All I want is an affordable model commemorating Jens’s achievement. To be honest with you all they need to do is change the packaging of a regular model.

Most 1:43 special models simply add fancy writing, change the backing picture or add a special box. I was able to buy a 1:43 version of Jenson’s first win….what is the difference?

They could even make their precious extra pounds by charging you for their tiny changes. I know its possible as well, as the very same website has 1:43 scale Championship Alonsos from 2005 and 2006!

To be honest with you, I still don’t know what to do. I wrote this article to vent some anger and reading it back I don’t argue as well as I would with a normal blood pressure! I guess I just want to know whether you feel the same way….is this another example of F1 bleeding the fans dry or am I just being tight?


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