The Most Brutal Booking Results from WWE Royal Rumble 2019

Aaron Bower@@aaronbowerFeatured ColumnistJanuary 28, 2019

The Most Brutal Booking Results from WWE Royal Rumble 2019

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    With two hugely popular winners and some entertaining title matches elsewhere, the 2019 WWE Royal Rumble seemed like a big success.

    However, there were a few booking mistakes the company made that left a sour taste in the mouth.

    With a five-hour main show to fill, it was perhaps inevitable the two Rumble matches were going to last a long time. But did they completely deliver across the board?

    Here's a look at the most brutal booking results from this year's Royal Rumble.

Not Enough Surprises and Too Much Time for the Women's Rumble

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    Running at over 70 minutes in length, there weren't nearly anywhere enough surprises, twists or shocks to justify the women's Royal Rumble going on that long.

    Sure, there were great cameos from the likes of NXT stars such as Kairi Sane, but without any explosive returns or blasts from the past, fans were waiting around for Becky Lynch to somehow claim her place in the match.

    Thankfully, that took place in the latter stages of the bout, but by then the match had dragged on for way too long.

    It's easy for WWE to rectify those mistakes for next year's bout, and thankfully the finish involving Lynch made for a happy ending.

    But the women's Rumble could have been so much better.

Rusev Losing to Shinsuke Nakamura

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    It's difficult to know where Rusev goes from here.

    Many of the results at this year's Royal Rumble show were obvious to predict before the event took place. It felt like The Bulgarian Brute successfully retaining the United States Championship was one of them.

    However, in losing to Shinsuke Nakamura and relinquishing the title, it's difficult to imagine how big a role Rusev can play with WrestleMania approaching.

    Sure, he could win the title back at an upcoming show prior to Mania, but that would be arguably the only way to get him back on track.

    WWE has passed around its midcard titles too often of late. A Rusev run with the belt would have no doubt been great for him and the championship, but instead both are set for uncertain futures.

Drew McIntyre Not Making the Final Four

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    Drew McIntyre seems set for a big 2019, and if anyone did appear capable of stopping Seth Rollins from winning the Royal Rumble this year, it felt like the Scot.

    However, not only did he fall short in terms of winning the match, but he also failed to make the final four altogether, which felt like a blow for his momentum.

    McIntyre was eliminated 22nd, by former tag partner Dolph Ziggler, which felt like a booking error on reflection.

    If The Scottish Psychopath is going to be positioned as one of the company's top guys moving forward, a place in the final four would have been a great way to keep building his momentum.

    It's not a fatal booking decision for McIntyre, but it is one that could have been easily avoided.

Nia Jax Taking R-Truth's Place in the Men's Rumble

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    If it was always going to be the plan for R-Truth to not take the final spot in the match, surely someone other than Nia Jax would have been a better choice?

    Sure, it's cool to see WWE take yet another step toward mixed gender matches, and Nia did pick up some pretty decent heat before being eliminated, but this still felt fairly underwhelming.

    Where it leads to for The Irresistible Force is anyone's guess. It's hard to imagine it being addressed and built upon beyond the first edition of Raw post-Royal Rumble.

    With guys such as Bray Wyatt not appearing and the lack of real surprises across the majority of the men's Rumble match, WWE missed the opportunity to switch things up with a bang.


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