The Titan Games 2019 Results, Highlights from Episode 3

Scott Polacek@@ScottPolacekFeatured ColumnistJanuary 18, 2019

Actor and former WWE Superstar Dwayne
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Jess Griffith and Christopher Watts are titans.

They each prevailed in Thursday's episode of NBC's The Titan Games, a show hosted by Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson that challenges everyday people to conquer the daunting Mount Olympus obstacle course.

The woman and man who won on Mount Olympus were deemed titans, and they will eventually return to face other victors in the race to become titan champions.

Watts, a recipient of the Purple Heart, was the first to win titan status Thursday by defeating New York City firefighter Frank Sansonetti in the course that included pushing over a 1,000-pound wall, pushing 450 pounds up a 45-degree incline, climbing cylinders wider than redwood trees, handling a torch crank and dragging a 250-pound ball-and-chain.

Dwayne Johnson @TheRock

NYC’s finest - the firefighter @FrankSansonetti vs. Combat Vet @Cwatts13. You both remain American heroes, but my guy @Cwatts13 just earned the title of TITAN tonight. I respect the hell outta both you men and I thank you both for your service. #TitanGames https://t.co/NCboHoDe5i

Sansonetti appeared to have the size advantage, but Watts' combination of strength and speed was the perfect formula for the obstacle course.

Griffith, a nurse, joined him as a titan by completing Mount Olympus in an emotional contest with graphics animator Jasmin Guinn.

While Griffith won the competition, Guinn showed the willpower and determination that defines the show by overcoming a serious injury in the middle of the course. She fell from the top of one of the walls, hurting her leg and preventing her from running or putting any weight on the injury as she continued fighting.

The Titan Games @nbctitangames

A true embodiment of the #TitanGames spirit. https://t.co/LG4evEfK6P

That doesn't take away from the performance of Griffith, though, who dominated the course as the victor.

On the men's side, Sansonetti and Watts had to punch their tickets to Mount Olympus before they squared off, and the latter set the tone early with an impressive performance in the Heavy Metal competition. 

Watts defeated Josh Ingraham, a chef, in a challenge that asked them to carry 350 pounds of chain up an incline and then turn a crank to lift a 100-pound concrete block three stories high.

Ingraham was quicker up the hill, but Watts tapped into his upper-body strength and was the first to lift the block to the finish line.

Watts busted out some ingenuity, using his entire body weight to propel the block.

Dwayne Johnson @TheRock

Congrats, brotha @CWatts13! Our Purple Heart recipient traveled 9,000 miles to get here & it's not over yet. We'll see you at #MtOlympus! #TitanGames https://t.co/qwIXLTB8UZ

It took a backseat to the heavyweight clash between Sansonetti and financial analyst Maximus Okoye in Atlas Smash. In a challenge that would make Thor jealous, the two were asked to use a hammer to smash two 350-pound stones and then raise them 25 feet in the air.

"Frank the Tank" wowed even The Rock with his sheer power, knocking off almost half a stone with a single hammer swing on his way to victory.

The Titan Games @nbctitangames

2️⃣ 350lb stones don’t stand a chance against @FrankSansonetti. ⚒ https://t.co/4i1RDWYA9L

Elsewhere, Watts wasn't the only one to thrive in Heavy Metal, as Griffith defeated lumberjack Erin LaVoie.

Griffith found another gear in what was a close competition at the start, steamrolling her way past LaVoie with the most impressive performance of the evening in Heavy Metal.

One of the best battles of the entire episode was the preliminary one between Guinn and Ashley Huhn, a special education teacher.

They squared off in the Herculean Pull, which was all about leverage. They had to pull two 100-pound silver poles out of a platform before engaging in a tug-of-war on a golden pole about 10 feet in the air while balancing on the inclined platform.

The Titan Games @nbctitangames

.@ashhuhn17 and @jasminkguinn prove female Titans are a force to be reckoned with. https://t.co/GMHoXqTsxa

Guinn used her athleticism to beat Huhn to the final pole, and the early lead was enough to hold off the latter's strength advantage even though Huhn had won the first tug-of-war when they chose the same silver pole out of the gate.

It was Watts and Griffith who earned titan designation on Mount Olympus, though, and they will wait for the winners of future episodes for the ultimate showdown later in the season.


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