NHL, Attorneys for Retirees Reach Tentative Settlement in Concussion Lawsuit

Timothy Rapp@@TRappaRTFeatured ColumnistNovember 12, 2018

NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman.
NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman.Associated Press

The NHL reached a settlement with over 100 retired players who were suing the league for "failing to better prevent head trauma or warn players of such risks while promoting violent play that led to their injuries," per ESPN.com, though the NHL did not acknowledge any liability in the settlement. 

Alex Prewitt of SI.com revealed more details on the settlement: 

Alex Prewitt @alex_prewitt

Four major elements to the tentative settlement: 1) Medical testing paid by NHL 2) Treatment paid by NHL 3) “Common good” emergency fund for ex-players in need 4) Attorney fees waived Only those who sued/retained counsel are eligible.

The Associated Press added more details on the settlement, noting it will include "a cash payment for players who choose to participate; neurological testing and assessment for players paid for by the league; an administrative fund to pay for the costs and up to $75,000 in medical treatment for players who test positive on two or more tests."

While the financial amount of the settlement has not been disclosed, Mike Ozanian of Forbes.com reported last week that the final number would amount to $18.9 million, with each player in the lawsuit receiving $22,000. 

Ozanian also provided a document indicating the "Common Good Fund" would total $2.5 million.

Former NHL players had attempted to formulate a class-action lawsuit against the league, though that was blocked by U.S. District Judge Susan Richard Nelson in July. She ruled that "widespread differences" in state laws would present "significant case management difficulties," per the AP.

More than 5,000 players would have been included in the class-action lawsuit had it been permitted to proceed, with the former players attempting to create "one group of all living former NHL players and one group of all retired players diagnosed with a neurological disease, disorder or condition."