NFL Power Rankings 2018: Week 10 Standings Based on Latest Super Bowl Odds

Kristopher Knox@@kris_knoxFeatured ColumnistNovember 7, 2018

NEW ORLEANS, LA - NOVEMBER 27: Drew Brees #9 of the New Orleans Saints and Jared Goff #16 of the Los Angeles Rams greet after a game at the Mercedes-Benz Superdome on November 27, 2016 in New Orleans, Louisiana.  (Photo by Sean Gardner/Getty Images)
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Heading into NFL Week 10, the legitimate playoff contenders are beginning to pull away from the rest of the pack. We still have some tight divisional races, but now that every team has played at least eight games, the pecking order is sorting itself out.

That's exactly what we're here to examine. We're going to offer up our Week 10 power rankings based primarily on the latest Super Bowl odds. We'll also run down the divisional standings and take a closer look at some of the most intriguing situations heading into the second half of the season.


Week 10 Power Rankings and Super Bowl Odds

1. Los Angeles Rams (7-2 odds)

2. New Orleans Saints (5-1)

3. New England Patriots (5-1)

4. Kansas City Chiefs (11-2)

5 Pittsburgh Steelers (12-1)

6. Los Angeles Chargers (14-1)

7. Minnesota Vikings (14-1)

8. Carolina Panthers (20-1)

9. Houston Texans (22-1)

10. Philadelphia Eagles (22-1)

11. Chicago Bears (25-1)

12. Atlanta Falcons (45-1)

13. Seattle Seahawks (45-1)

14. Cincinnati Bengals (45-1)

15. Baltimore Ravens (45-1)

16. Washington Redskins (50-1)

17. Green Bay Packers (50-1)

18. Tennessee Titans (66-1)

29. Jacksonville Jaguars (66-1)

20. Dallas Cowboys (66-1)

21. Indianapolis Colts (125-1)

22. Detroit Lions (150-1)

23. Miami Dolphins (175-1)

24. Denver Broncos (250-1)

25. New York Jets (400-1)

26. Arizona Cardinals (400-1)

27. Cleveland Browns (500-1)

28. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (500-1)

29. New York Giants (1000-1)

30. Buffalo Bills (1000-1)

31. Oakland Raiders (1500-1)

32. San Francisco 49ers (2000-1)

*Super Bowl odds courtesy of OddsShark.



AFC East

1. New England Patriots (7-2)

2. Miami Dolphins (5-4)

3. New York Jets (3-6)

4. Buffalo Bills (2-7)


AFC North

!. Pittsburgh Steelers (5-2-1)

2. Cincinnati Bengals (5-3)

3. Baltimore Ravens (4-5)

4. Cleveland Browns (2-6-1)


AFC South

1. Houston Texans (6-3)

2. Tennessee Titans (4-4)

3. Indianapolis Colts (3-5)

4. Jacksonville Jaguars (3-5)


AFC West

1. Kansas City Chiefs (8-1)

2. Los Angeles Chargers (6-2)

3. Denver Broncos (3-6)

4. Oakland Raiders (1-7)


NFC East

1. Washington Redskins (5-3)

2. Philadelphia Eagles (4-4)

3. Dallas Cowboys (3-5)

4. New York Giants (1-7)


NFC North

1. Chicago Bears (5-3)

2. Minnesota Vikings (5-3-1)

3. Green Bay Packers (3-4-1)

4. Detroit Lions (3-5)


NFC South

1. New Orleans Saints (7-1)

2. Carolina Panthers (6-2)

3. Atlanta Falcons (4-4)

4. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (3-5)


NFC West

1. Los Angeles Rams (8-1)

2. Seattle Seahawks (4-4)

3. Arizona Cardinals (2-6)

4. San Francisco 49ers (2-7)


Patriots Keep Adapting

FOXBOROUGH, MA - NOVEMBER 04:  Tom Brady #12 of the New England Patriots celebrates a second quarter touchdown by Cordarrelle Patterson #84 (not pictured) against the Green Bay Packers at Gillette Stadium on November 4, 2018 in Foxborough, Massachusetts.
Maddie Meyer/Getty Images

The New England Patriots adapt on a week-to-week basis better than any team in recent memory. At one point this season, they were 1-2 and underwhelming on offense. New England has since won six games in a row and is now averaging 30 points per game.

Adaptation has been the key.

The Patriots faced off against the Green Bay Packers without starting tailback Sony Michel and without star tight end Rob Gronkowski. They used Cordarrelle Patterson as a running back, and Tom Brady made Josh Gordon his top target instead of Gronkowski. New England also pulled out some offensive trickery to gain an edge over Mike Pettine's defense.

"I think we have more plays, and gadgets, than we could ever call in a season," Brady told WEEI's Kirk and Callahan. "So you work on ones until they come up, and then you shelve it, and then you use the 4-5 others you kind of have queued up."

The Patriots have enough creativity in both their offensive and defensive schemes that they will be able to keep most opponents off-balance down the stretch. No matter what challenges New England faces, it is going to remain a contender in the AFC through the regular season.


Falcons are Surging

The Atlanta Falcons got off to a rough 1-4 start to the season, but they've managed to win three in a row and have evened the record at .500. The Atlanta offense, which is averaging 28.5 points per game, is as dangerous as any in the league right now, especially with the run game coming alive out of the bye week.

"It wasn't necessarily a concept that changed but doing what we do better," Falcons head coach Dan Quinn explained, per the team's official website.

Atlanta rushed for 154 yards as a team against the Washington Redskins, and with the run game rolling, Washington's defense was off-balance all game long.

The New Orleans Saints and Carolina Panthers are leading the pack in the NFC South right now, but the Falcons absolutely cannot be counted out of the playoff race. Atlanta has winnable games against the Cleveland Browns and Dallas Cowboys upcoming and could be 6-4 when it heads to New Orleans for the second bout of the year.

The Falcons are worth keeping an eye on in the coming weeks.


Cowboys in Trouble

There doesn't appear to be a clear best team in the NFC East, and it seems unlikely anyone will be running away with the division. Even so, the Cowboys are in real trouble.

Dallas got handed a decisive loss by the Tennessee Titans on Monday night. During the game, the team's glaring issues shined bright. New addition Amari Cooper did add another dimension to the passing game, but Dallas' predictable and conservative playcalling made the offense too easy to defend.

Even with Cooper on the field, quarterback Dak Prescott struggled to attack down the field. This has been an issue throughout the season, though owner Jerry Jones doesn't sound ready to make any big changes.

"I think the best way for us to have an opportunity to be successful is to basically stay with what we're doing and get better," Jones said, per Stefan Stevenson of the Fort Worth Star-Telegram.

Better execution would certainly help, but sticking to what the Cowboys have been doing isn't going to get them into the postseason.

Dallas is already in a bad position at 3-5 and heading into a critical game against the Philadelphia Eagles. A loss in Philadelphia would nearly put an end to the Cowboys season.


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