Watch the Craziness of Old Spice Foam Zone, Featuring Von Miller and Spice Adams

Bleacher Report StaffFeatured ColumnistSeptember 18, 2018

You've never seen anything quite like the Old Spice Foam Zone, streaming live on September 17 and 18, and featuring Super Bowl MVP Von Miller.

Coming to you from the, "Lost City of Football", this wild interactive gameshow brings together 24 contestants to take on an obstacle course like no other. If you missed yesterday's opening stream, you missed out, but catch more action today (see above).

Six larger-than-life, football-themed obstacles await the competitors, including 'The Foam Waterfall of Doom', 'Fourth and Inches' and 'The Von Finale', as they seek to take home the inaugural Foam Zone trophy.  All the obstacles feature foam in some way or another—one of them even has a giant Von Miller head the foam pours out from.

Standing in their way are temple guards, precarious underfoot conditions and traps set by the Internet. That's right, fans get to determine how each obstacle plays out by using certain hashtags to vote. That might mean one contestant falls from a ledge because you wanted them to.

Broncos linebacker Miller is the star of the trailer (see above) and will also make a cameo appearance during the event as a Von Statue that rules over the Foam Zone. You can watch the Foam Zone live, with commentary from former Chicago Bears star Spice Adams, by visiting Old Spice's YouTube, Twitch and Facebook pages.

Coverage runs 5 p.m. to 11 p.m. E.T. on Monday September 17 and Tuesday September 18, and Old Spice  will invite those tuning in to influence proceedings by interacting and engaging with the content.

Foam Zone highlights and the final round of competition will air during Monday Night Football coverage on October 8, 15, and 22.