Mexico Women's Ice Hockey Team Has Eye on 2022 Olympic Participation

B/R Video@@bleacherreportB/R VideoJuly 17, 2018

Based in Mexico City,, Selección Feminil Mexicana de Hockey sobre Hielo started in 2014 by three women that came together wanting to start the first women’s national team for Mexico. They’ve defeated the Men’s National team in a huge upset, and training for the 2022 Winter Olympics hoping to be the first Latin American team to compete in ice hockey.

#TradeYourHeroForMine is a limited edition trading card series that tells the story of Mexico’s National Women’s Ice Hockey Team. Selección Femenil Mexicana de Hockey is now the highest ranked National female sports team in Mexico.

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Director + DP: Elena Parasco
B Camera: Alonso Mejia
Production: Contenido Neto Producciones
Editor + Colorist: Carlos Flores
Original Score: Andy Huckvale
Sound Design: Bobb Barito
Title Sequence DP: Nick Wiesner
Announcer VO: Ximena Balmori

Trading Cards:
Photographer: Elena Parasco
Designer: Ana Thompson
Team: Selección Nacional Femenil de Hockey sobre Hielo
Casting: Akrav Agency (Sarah Benjamin NYC; Tania Nieblati CDMX)

Production: Alonso Mejia, Contenido Neto Producciones (CDMX)
AD: Anna Ritsch
Wardrobe Stylist: Jocelyn Carona
Hair + Make-Up: Adrian González
PA: Astrid Cortés
Translations: Edgar Duran D’Gyves
Post: Urban / CVLT Studio
BTS Photography: Anna Ritsch