WWE Raw Results: Jeff Hardy and Biggest Winners, Losers from Superstar Shake-Up

Erik Beaston@@ErikBeastonFeatured ColumnistApril 17, 2018

WWE Raw Results: Jeff Hardy and Biggest Winners, Losers from Superstar Shake-Up

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    The Superstar Shake-Up is upon us and Monday night, during the first of the two-night extravaganza, certain competitors wasted little time earning the attention of the WWE Universe.

    For better or worse.

    Jinder Mahal was the first Superstar to move from SmackDown to the flagship show, but his arrival and subsequent first matcha defense of his United States Championshipdid not go according to plan.

    Jeff Hardy, on the other hand, made the most of his first championship opportunity since returning from injury, adding to his legacy and completing a Grand Slam.

    The Miz found out he was heading to SmackDown, where Daniel Bryan awaits, but even that bad news could not rain on his final parade with the red brand.

    The same could not be said for The Miztourage's Bo Dallas and Curtis Axel, who now find their futures uncertain following the departure of their leader.

    Finally, there was Drew McIntyre, who exploded back on the scene, leaving an instant mark on the Raw brand and revealing an intriguing partnership with Dolph Ziggler that should be cause for excitement within the fanbase.

    Dive deeper into those Superstars' Monday nights and find out why they are the biggest winnersand losersfrom the April 16 broadcast of WWE Raw.

Winner: The Miz

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    As he has countless times over the last year, The Miz again proved Monday he can be the Superstar around whom entire segments of a show are built and pay off that trust by WWE Creative with stellar performances.

    Whether he was hosting Miz TV when Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens were revealed as the newest members of Raw, expressing disdain at the announcement he would be moving back to SmackDown for what is sure to be a showdown with Bryan, or enduring punishment at the hands of Braun Strowman in the night's huge 10-Man Tag Team match, The A-Lister again demonstrated his ability to carry a show.

    That will do him wonders on SmackDown, where there is no virtuoso bad guy like him.

    The blue brand has a wealth of extremely talented Superstars, but Miz is different.

    He has the ability to kick off a show and be its building block. He can be the star in a way few others currently on the WWE roster can be. He can talk, work and knows how to get fans to boo him in a day and age when heels are oftentimes more popular than their babyface counterparts.

    Plus, that impending feud with Bryan will be all kinds of awesome.

    Miz is an MVP, a Superstar so far removed from his disastrous run in 2011 that he deserves the opportunity to prove he can be what he simply could not back then: the most must-see champion in WWE.

Loser: Jinder Mahal

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    Jinder Mahal was the first Superstar to jump ship Monday night, kicking off Raw and immediately calling out Kurt Angle for not providing him a limo.

    The United States champion probably should have kept his mouth shut, though, as he was swiftly booked in a title defense against Jeff Hardy.

    The Charismatic Enigma defeated The Modern Day Maharaja and added another title to his considerable resume. 

    The win was huge for Hardy and suggested the brand may have singles plans for the Cameron, North Carolina native. For Mahal, though, it was indicative of the role he may wind up playing on Monday nights.

    He had just won the title eight days earlier at WrestleMania 34. After a lull following the loss of his WWE Championship last November, it appeared he would settle nicely into the midcard, carrying a prestigious title that talented Superstars would vie for.

    Instead, he dropped it on his first night on Raw and now appears destined to get lost in the shuffle of a roster even more loaded than it was before Monday's show hit the USA Network airwaves.

Winner: Drew McIntyre

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    Drew McIntyre exploded into the squared circle Monday night, blasting Titus O'Neil and Apollo Crews and revealing some sort of partnership with Dolph Ziggler. That partnership is not what earned McIntyre "winner" status nor is it the explosive return.

    It is, instead, the thunderous ovation he received from the fans in Stamford, Connecticut. 

    When you take into consideration the fact McIntyre returned to NXT, not the main roster, it was quite the spectacle to see him greeted so warmly by a fanbase that may not necessarily remember his last run on Raw or SmackDown.

    He was presented like a star, the fans accepted him as one and chants of "McIntyre" rained down from the stands.

    If WWE Creative can build on his momentum in a way it never did during his initial run with the company, it could have a breakout star on Monday nights on its hands.

Losers: The Miztourage

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    The revelation that The Miztourage's Bo Dallas and Curtis Axel will not be joining The Miz on SmackDown was a major blow to the NXT alumni.

    Dallas and Axel had floated aimlessly around the Raw roster, doing nothing of any real note. They were rescued by The Miz and given a high-profile position on the show, where they worked with The Shield, were pummeled by Brock Lesnar and were involved in the Triple Threat Intercontinental Championship program leading into last week's WrestleMania.

    Without Miz at the forefront of the act, they disappear off the radar entirely.

    Dallas and Axel are in an unenviable position. They are now without the one star whose mere association with them earned them television time. Now, they will have to make it on their own in a tag team division that is brimming with teams.

Winner: Jeff Hardy

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    Jeff Hardy added the United States Championship to his collection of gold Monday night as The Charismatic Enigma defeated Jinder Mahal and completed the coveted Grand Slam.

    Hardy returned to action a week ago, teaming with Finn Balor and Seth Rollins to defeat The Miz and Miztourage.

    After a brief backstage segment involving his Woken brother Matt and Bray Wyatt, it appears Jeff will go it on his own, returning to singles competition and collecting more titles and accolades to his future Hall of Fame resume. 

    It is a role that fits Hardy.

    He already has a reputation as one of the biggest stars in the industry. Despite a checkered past and some questionable personal decisions, he continues to get opportunities because of his connection with fans. The reaction that accompanied his victory Monday was explosive and indicative of the WWE Universe's desire to cheer for him.

    Whether he stays on Raw or is shifted to SmackDown Tuesday night, he figures to be a big part of WWE's creative energies. Especially if he can stay out of trouble and invest in his in-ring career.


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