WWE 2K18: Best, Worst and Most Outrageous Superstar Ratings for Upcoming Game

Ryan Dilbert@@ryandilbertWWE Lead WriterOctober 6, 2017

WWE 2K18: Best, Worst and Most Outrageous Superstar Ratings for Upcoming Game

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    Credit: WWE.com

    Not every monster got what they were due on WWE 2K18.

    The one lurking inside Finn Balor earned a spot-on rating in the upcoming WWE video game. The same can't be said for Raw's most intimidating beasts. Braun Strowman, for one, has reason to want to fling an office chair at the 2K team.

    It's now time for the annual debate about which Raw, SmackDown and NXT stars were rated too high or too low. Cageside Seats Tommy Messano revealed the Superstars' ratings in WWE 2K18.

    Most fans won't even think twice about Curt Hawkins garnering a 72 or Randy Orton getting a 90. It's the numbers for Balor, Strowman, Asuka and others that will have folks nitpicking 2K's work.

    Let's dive into what the video game got most right and wrong.

Best: Asuka (87)

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    Credit: WWE.com

    Asuka is special.

    She is a force of nature. She's undefeated. She's a joint-wrenching, ass-kicking machine.

    And the 2K team represented that by giving The Empress of Tomorrow the highest rating of any female in the game. Despite not yet making her main roster debut, Asuka boasts a higher number than Becky Lynch (83), Charlotte Flair (85) and Sasha Banks (84).

    She even ranks higher than Bray Wyatt, who has an 85, and Cesaro, whose rating came in at 86.

    The video game version of Asuka promises to be as dominant as the real-life one. Just like Raw has done with the vignettes welcoming her imminent arrival, WWE 2K18 is treating her with the respect she deserves.

Worst: Nia Jax (83)

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    Credit: WWE.com

    The apex predator of the women's division didn't get treated as such in the video game. 

    Nia Jax is a monster. She bowls over opponents. She strikes fear in the foes she towers over. 

    Yet her rating doesn't signal that. Jax scored lower than Naomi and Nikki Bella, who both netted an 85 score. Naomi and Bella are both accomplished Superstars, but they would be underdogs when taking on the powerhouse from Raw.

    Jax should have been given one of the top scores for the game's women, and that simply didn't happen.

Outrageous: Shane McMahon (84)

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    You have to give Shane McMahon credit for having the career he's had with his limited athletic ability. His heart and guts have carried him to stardom.

    Still, Shane-O-Mac is a non-wrestler. The SmackDown commissioner is a graying 47-year-old executive.

    It makes little sense then for him to be rated the same as Sami Zayn, Rusev, Big Cass and Baron Corbin.

    Imagine McMahon going into battle with Big Cass and being an even-money bet. Part of his character is that he is an underdog against just about anybody on the roster. He marches into fights with these titans without fear, regardless of the odds.

    McMahon's numbers must mean 2K values the ability to jump off stuff rather highly.

Worst: Brock Lesnar (93)

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    Credit: WWE.com

    If anyone deserves a 99 rating, it's The Beast Incarnate.

    Brock Lesnar is the most dominant force on the planet. Challengers don't dethrone him, they have to plot, steal and conspire to take away his championships. 

    He plowed over Goldberg, ended Undertaker's WrestleMania streak and knocked around titans like Mark Henry and Big Show with little effort. More recently, he felled Samoa Joe and Strowman with a single F-5 each.

    Lesnar's rating is among the game's highest, but it's just not high enough. He should be more than one point higher than Seth Rollins, and it's hard to justify Roman Reigns (95) having a better score when The Big Dog came up short in every one of their meetings against each other.

Outrageous: Braun Strowman (88)

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    Credit: WWE.com

    Strowman is the scariest and largest creature in the WWE ecosystem. He's the great white shark in a sea of salmon and trout.

    The Monster Among Men was tearing through opponents so easily at one point that then-Raw general manager Mick Foley started giving him two, three and four foes at a time.

    Strowman left Big Show hobbled. He overturned an ambulance. This is a man who was trapped in an ambulance that crashed into a wall and walked out without assistance.

    There's no way that Strowman should have the same WWE 2K18 rating as Dean Ambrose and Jinder Mahal. To better represent how unstoppable he is, the beast's number should be well into the 90s. His size alone should push him ahead of most of the roster.

Best: Finn Balor (88), The Demon (92)

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    Finn Balor the man is a formidable opponent. But when the situation calls for it, he has to morph into his alter-ego, The Demon. It's this painted, dark figure who has been needed to take down Balor's strongest enemies.

    2K smartly recognized the difference between man and monster and made The Demon one of the highest-rated Superstars in the whole game.

    If you want to mix it up with The Miz, Bobby Roode or Neville, Balor is a good choice. Should the challenge be greater, should one need to take down the likes of Lesnar, The Demon is the better call. As it should be.

    And for those gamers who want to play out an existential crisis on the canvas, going with Balor vs. The Demon is a good option, one where the mortal man is the underdog.


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