San Diego Fan Shows Up to Chargers' LA Rally, Has to Be Escorted Out

Kyle Newport@@KyleNewportFeatured ColumnistJanuary 18, 2017
Arash Markazi @ArashMarkazi

San Diego was represented at the Los Angeles Chargers rally. https://t.co/LeSIUd40mV

Warning: Video contains NSFW material.

The Chargers held a rally in Los Angeles on Wednesday, but as you might expect, it didn't come without a bit of protest.

One San Diego fan let it be known that he isn't taking the move well. At all.

The fan aired his grievances but was eventually pushed out by a Los Angeles supporter before ultimately being escorted out by security. 

Despite the one San Diego fan, the rest of the crowd made the Chargers feel right at home:

Arash Markazi @ArashMarkazi

Clipper Darrell came to The Forum to welcome the Los Angeles Chargers. https://t.co/3aezsGRFtV

Arash Markazi @ArashMarkazi

Dean Spanos was able to get a standing ovation somewhere, at least momentarily. https://t.co/LW3Eup7LE3

Arash Markazi @ArashMarkazi

Philip Rivers: "All I heard the last few days is nobody wanted us but, shoot, were going to be alright." https://t.co/p5gtdrzDEp

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