Full Projections for Shane, Stephanie McMahon After Gaining Control of WWE Raw

Erik Beaston@@ErikBeastonFeatured ColumnistMay 2, 2016

Credit: WWE.com

The revelation that Stephanie and Shane McMahon will run WWE Raw together may not have been the most desirable outcome from Vince McMahon's major announcement, but it sets up a scenario in which the siblings-turned-bitter enemies must coexist or risk losing control.

"I want blood!" the CEO of WWE demanded from his children. He clearly wants to see Shane and Stephanie demonstrate ruthless aggression, stopping at nothing to ensure the strength and success of the Monday night staple.

The question is whether or not they will be able to put their differences aside to promote the highest-quality product, or whether the issues that exist between them will leave Raw in a state of flux.

Ahead of Monday's first Raw under the McMahon-McMahon regime, enjoy this look at what fans can expect from this pairing of authority figures.

Early Harmony

Credit: WWE.com
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As seen at the tail end of Payback, Stephanie and Shane have the ability to get along. Both believed AJ Styles deserved another shot at the WWE World Heavyweight Championship, and both agreed that it should come at Extreme Rules, in a match bearing the same name.

But that came with their father standing right in front of them, eager to see how they would get along in their first major decision as co-runners of the company's most prominent brand.

What can fans expect Monday night?

Other than the occasional disagreement, they should expect to see more of the same. It is too early for Shane and Stephanie to erupt into civil war, their differences overwhelming any potential success they may achieve this early on.

They will be brotherly and sisterly to start, but their egos and hardheadedness will eventually spell the demise of their harmony.

Sibling Rivalry

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The personal distrust and dislike that exists between Stephanie and Shane will likely begin rearing its ugly head sometime around the third week of their partnership. Eventually, there will be a decision to be made on which they disagree strongly, leading to a major argument. From there, the gloves will be off, with each looking to one-up the other at any cost.

The only question is how that manifests.

Will it come at the expense of AJ Styles and Roman Reigns in the main event, where they had their own compelling story rolling along nicely before the incessant interference from the McMahon siblings at Payback? Perhaps their differences involve Dean Ambrose and his next rival, considering the fact that The Lunatic Fringe appears to have no obvious path to Extreme Rules after defeating Chris Jericho on Sunday night.

Given the star power of the brother and sister, no matter what happens to ignite the competitive fire, it will be in a high-profile situation.

The Triple H Factor

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At some point, Triple H will pop back up on WWE television and make his presence felt in the latest McMahon family drama. There is no way the self-proclaimed King of Kings, a former member of The Authority, will sit back and allow Shane to peacefully run Raw at the expense of his and Stephanie's complete and utter rule over WWE's greatest property.

At some point, probably this June, Triple H will return and ignite a rivalry with Shane that will dominate the summer, leading to a high-profile match at SummerSlam. From the moment the prodigal son returned to WWE, it was only a matter of time before he put himself at odds with The Game, and now there is a reason for that to happen.

Of all the battles that Triple H has waged with Vince, he has never had a major pay-per-view war with Shane. He will cross that off the list of dream matches that still exist for the COO of WWE.

What Are the Consequences for the Superstars?

Credit: WWE.com

Shane and Stephanie's war of attrition will almost certainly make for interesting television, but at what cost to the main roster?

The McMahons have a history over stealing the spotlight from the male and female Superstars who do the actual competing, ensuring that they are not allowed the opportunity to grow, develop and thrive.

Payback was an excellent show until Vince and his kids took to the squared circle. Then it bogged down, the frenetic pace of the show's structure to that point halted by an overly long promo. The outcome of that segment could have been accomplished in five minutes but instead stretched out over 20, stealing an opportunity for stars like Becky Lynch and Emma to enjoy some pay-per-view ring time.

How often will that happen over the coming months, with the McMahon family drama overtaking television time and robbing the immensely talented men and women of WWE of exposure?

That is a situation WWE Creative must be wary of as it crafts every episode of Raw. Otherwise it will risk demoralizing the locker room and unwinding everything it did to create a phenomenal month of television ahead of Payback.


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