TNA Bound For Glory Shows the Writing Skills WWE Lacks

Smoke And MirrorsContributor ISeptember 29, 2009

Well, TNA's biggest pay-per-view of the year, Bound For Glory, is upon us.

As much as I hate to admit it, they built up for it magnificently.

Honestly, how long has it been since we have seen a WWE storyline that had a long-term build?


It seems nowadays that the WWE comes up with stuff on the spot without a second thought. It's quite frustrating to see repetitive Orton-Cena-HHH storylines for the past three years.

And let's not forget the feud of the summer: Chavo vs. Hornswoggle!

One of the many aspects of the WWE that makes the die-hard wrestling fan complain is the lack of fresh ideas. And as soon as they had something new, they threw in that big lump of steroids called Batista to ruin it.

Every WWE feud we have seen for the past three years seems to be disorganized, as if they need stupid rubbish just to fill up their scripts.

And one of the main reasons why young talent never seem to get their deserving pushes is because if their name is not John Cena, Dave Batista, Hunter Hearst Helmsley, Randy Orton, The Undertaker, Jeff Hardy or Shawn Michaels, they will never get into a storyline.

We have all seen it; all the mid-carders just get thrown into filler matches and random tag-team or six-man tag matches.

I remember seeing a young man named Kurt Angle making his debut just 10 years ago. I was seven years old. He was immediately noticed as a future star and thus was put into feuds with big names such as Austin, Rocky, 'Taker and other main-eventers.

The WWE needs to have more organized storylines that seem to be studied.

We all remember the big disappointment that was WrestleMania 25.

Not one match seemed to have been built as a big deal (with the exception of 'Taker vs. Michaels). They all seemed to be randomly assembled where each superstar was put in a match that suited him.

This brings me to my original subject: TNA's Bound For Glory.

When you take a look at the matches that are going to take place Oct. 18, you have to admit that the creative team did not just randomly throw together a card. They worked hard all year to make the matches make sense.

Two announced matches for Bound For Glory show that TNA was planning the event for a long time.

The TNA title match of AJ Styles vs. Sting is the first.

On last year's Bound For Glory, Sting beat Samoa Joe to become the World Heavyweight Champion once again.

Since then, he became a member of the newly created stable called The Main Event Mafia along with Kurt Angle, Scott Steiner, Booker T, and Kevin Nash.

They claimed to deserve all of TNA's glory because they are the big names of TNA, sparking a feud with the young superstars who called themselves The Frontline. The group was led by AJ Styles and Samoa Joe.

The Main Event Mafia claimed that they wanted to teach the younger superstars respect, while The Frontline claimed that the veterans were hogging the attention and did not know when to step aside and pass the torch.  

AJ Styles was the first to challenge Sting at Turning Point for the TNA World Title to no avail.

The feud between The Frontline and The Main Event Mafia continued.

Internal turmoil began among The Main Event Mafia when the "Godfather" of the stable, Kurt Angle, challenged Sting for the World Title. It was the beginning of the end of the Mafia's dominance as well as the start of Sting's face turn.

Eventually, Sting lost his World Title to Mick Foley at Lethal Lockdown. And at Sacrifice, there was a four-way match where each man had to sacrifice something if he is pinned or submits.

Sting had to retire if he lost, Kurt Angle would give up being the "Godfather" of the Mafia, Jeff Jarrett would have to lose his power at TNA and Mick Foley had to give up his title.

Sting pinned Kurt Angle to gain full control of The Main Event Mafia, leading to his full face-turn as he tried to be a fair leader. But he was eventually kicked out of the group.

Meanwhile, AJ had a feud going on between himself and Booker T over Booker's new TNA Legends title. It ended with Styles losing the title to "Big Sexy" Kevin Nash.

At Slammiversary, AJ got his shot for the gold again in a King Of The Mountain match between Kurt Angle, Mick Foley, Jeff Jarrett, AJ Styles and Samoa Joe.

Joe would turn on his young friends and join The Main Event Mafia after handing Kurt Angle the title belt.

This situation left Styles extremely frustrated. One of his dearest friends stabbed him in the back, which lead to his "depression" and the urge to leave the cruel wrestling ring.

But none other than Sting was the one to convinced him to stay. And at No Surrender, Styles showed the world why he wouldn't surrender (don't you just love the puns?), winning his fourth World Championship in a five-way match against the former champion Kurt Angle, his buddy Sting, Hernandez and Matt Morgan.

And in his celebration, Styles decided to defend his new title against none other than his mentor, Sting.

(Rumor has it, the stipulation will be added that if Sting loses, he will have to retire, giving him a goodbye party like those of HBK and The Nature Boy).

The other announced match is Matt Morgan vs. Kurt Angle.

Matt Morgan has wanted to join The Main Event Mafia since it was created. Angle has been making Morgan jump through hoops and do his dirty work ever since.

Each time Morgan would satisfy Angle's needs, Angle would ask him for "one more favor."

It began with Angle telling Morgan that if he was able to defeat Sting at Slammiversary, he would automatically join the stable. Unfortunately for Matt, Sting's experience was too much for him to overcome.

Then prior to Hard Justice, Morgan defeated Styles to be the third contender in the triple-threat title match against Kurt Angle and Sting. Kurt would plead for Morgan to be by his side and help him, but Morgan would not let out his intentions.

So Morgan had to meet his own hard justice (I'm sorry, I can't stop with the ridiculous puns) when Angle hit him with a steel chair to ensure his victory.

Morgan then realized how stupid he has been to fall for Angle's tricks and helped AJ win the World Title from Angle at No Surrender in a five-way match that included Morgan. 

Angle didn't appreciate it.

Now they will meet at Bound For Glory.

That's good writing.

All the storylines are well-organized. It seems TNA has known what direction they were heading since last year.

I salute TNA's management for creating long-term feuds and hope that the WWE will rediscover its quality storyline writing.


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