Singapore GP Preview: Brawn's Slugfest On Singapore Streets!

Ravikumar RajagopalCorrespondent ISeptember 26, 2009

SINGAPORE - SEPTEMBER 28:  Fernando Alonso of Spain and Renault in action on the way to finishing first in the Singapore Formula One Grand Prix at the Marina Bay Street Circuit on September 28, 2008 in Singapore.  The event is the first Formula One race to be held at night.  (Photo by Clive Mason/Getty Images)

The time has come to focus on actual racing as too many times this season, the focus has been on everything else apart from racing. But now we go back to Singapore which after just one race was suddenly competing with historical tracks like Monza, Monaco and Spa as people’s favourite race and being an exclusive night race may give it an edge.

But after what happened during last year’s Grand Prix and what should have been a shining moment in the history of this small nation was turned into a nightmare by three individuals, and luckily this time around the concerned conspirators will not be anywhere near the track.

Brawn, after the Italian GP seem to have a clear edge over their immediate rivals Red Bull and though both Webber and Vettel have said they do have a very slim chance at the title both have promised to give their best and will be going straight for the kill.

But inside Brawn though, their lead is good enough not to worry too much about Red Bull, but Button the championship leader and teammate Barrichello, who is trailing by just 14 points, should not end up taking out each other.

Though they have not shown such intense characteristics so far in their career, when you're this close to the title anything can happen and it’s up to Ross Brawn to preserve sanity in the team.

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Renault went through their worse phase in their Formula 1 history and though Renault may never be an iconic team like Ferrari or even McLaren, the team has contributed well to the sport as both as a constructor and an engine supplier.

Alonso may forever be tarnished for his win last season but forget the crash, it takes a great driver to win the race and Alonso is currently one of the best drivers on the grid, and in what could be his last season with Renault and to wipe the slate clean after what happened last season, he will be looking for a win.

Grosjean is slow and he has just recovered from a sickness and there is a chance that he may well crash, since he is a rookie and not used to street circuits, but we all hope this again does not lead to conspiracy theories.

McLaren and Ferrari, after a string of solid performances are not looking too strong on the street circuit but don’t count out Kimi and Hamilton especially when the safety car can become involved, you can see one of them on the podium.

Fisichella is getting better with every race and it does take some time getting used to the Ferrari, but he should put up a decent show while Kovalainen will be racing for a spot as he is more or less out of McLaren for 2010 and he needs a good show to get into any of the decent teams on the grid.

Force India will definitely struggle in this track as their car is just not made out for this circuit. The next circuit after this where they do have a chance of scoring points will be Suzuka but both Sutil and Liuzzi will be giving in their best, with as many as 14 teams looking for drivers next season.

There are some good spots opening up, especially for Sutil, who can look at a Toyota or even a Williams racing seat. BMW have been sold to an unknown consortium and though they will be powered by Ferrari, it is not yet confirmed if they will be starting at the Bahrain GP. Their car has so many updates going in that both Heidfeld and Kubica should be in for some points and also enhancing their reputation for a race seat for 2010.

Williams after a nightmare of the Italian GP should be back in form and especially Rosberg, who did managed to come second during last year’s race should be once again in reckoning for some points while Nakajima needs a miracle to stay in the team for the next season since Williams will not be using Toyota engines for 2010.

Toyota at the beginning of the season were looking for a few wins and even to challenge Brawn for the title, but once again the team has been very inconsistent and don’t be too surprised if you do not see them next season.

The Toro Rosso of 2009 is nowhere near the same team which won a race in Monza and came sixth in the championship and the team has gone back to their Minardi days as they are once again scrapping at the tail-end of the grid.

While fellow scrapers Force India seem to have upped their game and are now in the mid-field pack and have even, at times, been faster than the likes of Ferrari, McLaren and Williams.

This year should once again be very exciting and with both Brawn's in the reckoning while Red Bull providing an inspired charge, once again there will be bedlam on the streets of Singapore and the only thing which can make it even crazier will be rains.

Singapore GP Predictions: 1. Vettel 2. Alonso 3. Barrichello 4. Button 5. Webber 6. Rosberg 6. Heidfeld 7. Hamilton 8.Raikkonen


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