The Most Disrespectful Jukes and Stiff-Arms in Sports

Nick Dimengo@@itsnickdimengoFeatured ColumnistOctober 28, 2015

Southern California wide receiver JuJu Smith-Schuster, right, heads in for a touchdown under pressure from Utah defensive back Justin Thomas during the second half of an NCAA college football game, Saturday, Oct. 24, 2015, in Los Angeles. Southern California won 42-24. (AP Photo/Mark J. Terrill)
Mark J. Terrill/Associated Press

There's nothing like a big hit to get fans out of their seats and screaming at the top of their lungs during a football game.

As great as the sight of someone getting smashed is, when an offensive player gets to return the favor to a defender by pushing their weight around, it's something that fans seem to talk about forever.

A rare occurrence, some football players have delivered the greatest jukes and stiff-arms ever seen—and these are the ones that are just disrespectful to their opponent. Thanks for trying, defense.

10. Braxton Miller Does The Old Stop 'n Go

Before he converted himself to a wide receiver this season, the Ohio State Buckeyes' Braxton Miller was one hell of a quarterback, winning back-to-back Big Ten Offensive Player of the Year for his play.

During a game against Penn State in Happy Valley, he showed why he was so great.

Snapping the ball and running into a pile in the middle of the field, Miller did what any freak athlete would do, hopping backward and juking his way around and then over Penn State defenders who barely got a hand on him as he scored a touchdown.

9. At Kansas State, Darren Sproles Was Like A Joystick

Don't get me wrong, Philadelphia Eagles running back Darren Sproles is still a very good player, making opponents look silly anytime they try and take him to the ground.

However, while still in college with the Kansas State Wildcats, Sproles was like a human highlight film of his own, spinning with such control and precision that defenders not only missed him, but they often ran into one another or completely passed him as he made his move.

Sproles may be undersized, but that just helps with his agility and balance while defenders try to tackle him.

8. JuJu Smith-Schuster Cops Some Revenge

Per ESPN, USC Trojans wide receiver JuJu Smith-Schuster spoke about how he was finished hearing all the trash talk from Utah Utes defender Dominique Hatfield during the recent Utah-SC game.

When it came time to get his revenge and put Hatfield in his place, JuJu did it with flying colors, tossing the cornerback aside with a humiliating stiff-arm that is about as mean as standing someone up on a first date.

The stiff-arm sent Hatfield airborne, proving that all future defenders should rethink opening their mouth before playing the Trojans.

7. Earl Campbell Is A Strong Man

During his days playing for the Texas Longhorns in college, future NFL star running back Earl Campbell was dominating men on the gridiron, helping him win the 1977 Heisman Trophy.

Campbell, who would go on to become an NFL Hall of Famer, is regarded as one of the most powerful runners to ever play the game, with him known for bulldozing defenders and tossing them aside like rag dolls.

This stiff-arm during a game while still in college proves that, as he actually lifted a defender off the ground mid-play to show why it wasn't a wise business decision to try to tackle Campbell.

6. Trent Richardson Won't Have Any Of That Tackling

Former Alabama Crimson Tide star running back Trent Richardson used to be a beast on a football field—and this play against the Ole Miss Rebels proves it.

Not only did T-Rich make a defender miss in the backfield, but as the runner was making his way down the field, he made another guy whiff thanks to a sick juke that cost the Rebs six points.

Even with the sideline as his ally, Ole Miss was unable to stick with the shifty Richardson.

5. Say Goodbye To Adrian Peterson

There are few running backs that are as strong as Adrian Peterson is. So when he gets into the open field and into a team's secondary, it usually ends really badly for the defense.

During a game against the Cleveland Browns a few years ago, AD single-handedly made the Browns look like clowns while they tried tackling him, juking two players as he got to the outside before viciously shoving cornerback Eric Wright aside.

Thanks to the poor tackling and Peterson's raw ability, the Vikes added six points following the running back's 64-yard touchdown.

4. Barry Sanders Has Some Fleet Feet

As great as former Detroit Lions running back Barry Sanders was—and he was really, really good—the most iconic play of his entire NFL career came against the New England Patriots during a 39-yard touchdown run back in 1994.

Taking a 15-yard run into another 24 yards with a bunch of jukes, Sanders left New England safety Harlon Barnett completely spun around while juking one way and changing directions in a flash as he headed towards the end zone.

Oh, Barry, how did you do the things you did?

3. Marshawn Lynch Has No Regard For The New Orleans Saints

Unless you saw it live, this Marshawn Lynch run against the New Orleans Saints during a 2011 NFC Wild Card Game might not have the same meaning.

Still, even those who have just seen replays of the thing can appreciate the play that has become known as "Beast Quake."

Lynch, whose nickname is Beast Mode, showed why he's such a dominating runner, bulldozing Saints players and literally shoving a NOLA defensive back to the ground with a vicious stiff-arm as he iced the playoff game with a 67-yard touchdown run.

The play got such a raucous reaction from fans that it actually caused a mini earthquake.

2. Ike Hilliard Stops And Pops

It may have been during a game in 1997, but plays like Ike Hilliard's against the Florida State Seminoles will always be timeless.

Playing for the national title against the Noles, the Florida Gators' wideout accomplished something that will forever be burned into my memory, catching a ball over the middle, stopping, pulling back as two defenders flew by and continuing into the end zone for a touchdown.

Sure, the artificial turf may have helped with Hilliard's ability to stop so abruptly, but that doesn't take away from his insane athleticism.

1. Reggie Bush Stops On A Dime

I remember watching the game between Southern Cal and Fresno State during my junior year of college and thinking afterward, "Reggie Bush just won the Heisman Trophy with that performance."

Finishing with 378 total yards and two touchdowns was impressive, but Bush's Heisman moment came during his 50-yard rush against the Bulldogs, as he, somehow, went from full speed to stopping on a dime, cutting across the field and outrunning everyone for one of the best touchdowns you'll ever see.

Bush may have been forced to vacate his Heisman Trophy from that season for taking improper benefits, but this play is something that was just improper for Fresno State to have to live through, because it was nasty.


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