Browns Fans Turn Front Yard into Graveyard for 22 Cleveland Quarterbacks

Kyle Newport@@KyleNewportFeatured ColumnistOctober 26, 2015

With Halloween right around the corner, Cleveland Browns fans Tony and Jill Timoteo decided to get in the spirit of the holiday and have some fun with their favorite team.

Everyone—other than Browns fans—loves seeing names get added to the infamous Browns quarterback jersey every year. Perhaps inspired by that, the Timoteos came up with an idea that was perfect for Halloween: a Browns quarterback graveyard.

The Timoteos constructed 22 headstones to put in their front yard in Cleveland suburb North Ridgeville, each one representing a quarterback who has played in a game for the Browns since the franchise returned to the league in 1999.

With the team currently sitting at 2-5 this season, the Timoteos may have to unwillingly put an end date on one or two of the team's quarterbacks in the near future. And yes, they may have to add another headstone.

This needed to be done. Not many quarterbacks have had success in Cleveland, and once they left town, they never really did much elsewhere.

In other words, Cleveland is where a quarterback's career goes to die.

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