Jermaine Dye: Horrid Second Half Slump

Andrew GodfreyCorrespondent ISeptember 20, 2009

CHICAGO - AUGUST 06:  Jermaine Dye #23 of the Chicago White Sox against the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim at U.S. Cellular Field on August 6, 2009 in Chicago, Illinois. The Angels won 9-5.  (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images)

Jermaine Dye has struggled twice since July 28 and is slugging .267 and has an OPS of .542 since the All Star break.

Jermaine Dye has struggled twice since July 28 and is slugging .267 and has an OPS of .542 since the All Star break.

Jermaine Dye hit .329 during the month of June. Since then he has hit .245 in July, .189 in August and .149 in September. He hasn’t hit over .300 since hitting .302 on Jul. 18. Two months later he is hitting .251 as of today.

Dye has been mentioned in trade rumors for a long time and his performance this season won’t help his chances of staying with the White Sox.

He has hit only two homers in his last 145 at bats. He has hit those two homers since July 28 and has slugged .267 in August and .170 in September.

This season Dye has struck out 104 times despite batting 108 fewer times than last season when he finished the season with 104 strikeouts.

Three seasons ago Dye had a career year hitting 44 home runs and driving in 120 runs and slugging .622. Dye has hit 25 home runs in the 2009 season but 18 of them had already been hit by the end of June.

His first and second half numbers show how he has slumped in the second half. Dye hit .302 before the All Star break but only .173 since then. He has added only five homers in the second half after hitting 20 in the first half.

His runs batted in total in the first half of 55 has dropped to 19 in the second half. Doubles have went down from 15 in first half to three in second half.

The most shocking number is that he had 36 extra base hits in the first half but only eight in the second half after having 77 last season. He has lost 300 points off his slugging percentage with a .567 first half  and a .267 second half.  Dye’s batting average tumbled from .302 in the first half to .173 in the second half a drop of 129 points.

Even his fielding has suffered this season. Last year he made one error in 272 total chances but has made five errors in 241 total chances this season. He has a fielding percentage of .979 this season after having a .996 average in 2008.

Nobody can dispute what Dye has done in the past for the White Sox including hitting 31 home runs in the 2005 World Championship season. He has hit over half of his 323 home runs with the White Sox while hitting 162 for them.

Dye will be 36 next January and it will be a surprise to me if he is still with the White Sox on opening day of the 2010 season.

Being a Braves fan I wish they hadn’t traded Dye after only one season. He hit more home runs last season than the entire Braves outfield hit. In one of the worst trades ever Dye was later traded to the Rockies for the immortal Neifi Perez.

He was then traded on the same day to the Athletics for three potential future Hall of Famers Mario Encarnacion, Todd Belitz and Jose Ortiz but Belitz would pitch only 12 major league innings. Encarnacion hit .203 in 69 major league at bats while Ortiz hit .243 in 136 major league games.

Dye had been an offensive force for the White Sox till his dismal second half this season. The pennant chances for the White Sox are dwindling with each passing day but White Sox fans can’t help but wonder if Dye not hitting has speeded up their elimination.



Diamond Notes


Thirteen of the 30 major league teams have been eliminated from pennant contention with two weeks left in the season….The Brewers are closest to being eliminated with a magic number of one. The Mariners with a magic number of three are next and then the Cubs are third with four being their magic number.

With so few games left now a team that is more than five games behind the division leader or wild card leader is not likely to make it to the playoffs.

The White Sox have the misfortune of being behind the Twins who have won six in a row. The Twins are 7-3 in their last ten games while the White Sox are 4-6 in their last ten games. That makes it even harder to catch the Tigers when the team above them is playing well despite the loss of Justin Morneau for the season.

Justin Verlander (16-9) has struggled in his last two outings and he is part of the reason the Tigers are barely holding on to a two game lead and are 3-7 in their last ten games.

In his first two starts in September Verlander allowed a total of two runs and ten hits in 14 innings. Then he gave up 10 runs and 19 hits in his last two starts comprising 14 innings.

Scott Feldman (17-5) won his 17th game for the Rangers in a 3-2 defeat of the Angels….Jake Peavy pitched for the first time since June 8 as the White Sox defeated the Royals 13-3. If not for Peavy being hit in the arm in a rehab start by a batted ball he may have been making his third or fourth start for the White Sox.

Jim Thome has one hit in seven at bats since being traded to the Dodgers and played in only seven of 16 games….The Athletics were 17 games under .500 on September 4 but are now eight games under .500. The Athletics are 11-2 since then.

C.C. Sabathia (18-7) should start the 154th and 159th games of the season for the Yankees giving him a chance to win 20 games. Last night Sabathia and Mark Teixeira the two biggest names signed by the Yankees last offseason showed why they were signed.

Sabathia won his 18th game while Teixeira hit a triple and his 36th  and 37th home runs of the season. He was 4-5 and drove in five runs giving him 118 for the season. Teixeira has to be given serious consideration for the AL MVP award.

Robinson Cano also had a 4-5 game hitting three doubles and needs seven hits to reach 200 hits for the first time in his career….Cubs took a tough loss when a ball hit by Brendan Ryan apparently bounced off the glove of Bobby Scales and over the left field fence. The home run was the only earned run allowed by Ryan Dempster in eight innings.

Javier Vazquez (14-9) took the 6-4 win over the Phillies last night in Atlanta and pitched seven scoreless innings. He then watched closer Rafael Soriano give up four runs in the ninth inning to give Braves fans a scare. Vazquez needs 763 strikeouts to reach 3000 strikeouts.

Jon Garland won the battle between two traded pitchers defeating Brad Penny and the Giants as the Dodgers pounded out a 12-1 win.

Ten of the top 13 leaders in doubles this season are American Leaguers with Pablo Sandoval leading the NL with 42 and Brian Roberts leading the AL with 53.