Why the Latest Heatley Rumor Won't Happen

Vince RichardsCorrespondent ISeptember 12, 2009

OTTAWA - MARCH 11:  Jason Spezza #19 and Dany Heatley #15 of the Ottawa Senators stand on the ice during the game against the Tampa Bay Lightning on March 11, 2009 at the Scotiabank Place in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. (Photo by Phillip MacCallum/Getty Images)

The past three months have been the most exciting part of the NHL: the offseason. Many players have found a new home, some have stayed put in their respective cities, and trade rumors are always brewing.

The most talked-about player in the trade rumors has been Dany Heatley. Heatley still has 5 years left on his contract with the Ottawa Senators and a $7.5 million cap hit. Heatley also has a no-trade clause, which he has already used to his advantage when he rejected a trade that would have sent him to the Edmonton Oilers.

The most recent rumor had Heatley heading to the San Jose Sharks, Patrick Marleau going to the Los Angeles Kings, and Alexander Frolov and Jarett Stoll on their way to Ottawa.

All three general managers for the aforementioned clubs have denied the rumor, but admit they are talking about a trade.

This trade is unlikely to occur, and there are some good reasons as to why it wont.

Marleau is an unrestricted free agent after this season, and will make $6.3 million in San Jose. Frolov, also a UFA after this upcoming season, and Jarett Stoll combine for $7 million—give or take a couple hundred thousand. With that being said, salary wouldn't be a problem at all if this trade were to happen.

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With Heatley going to the Sharks, Marleau going to the Kings, and Frolov and Stoll going to the Senators, the Sharks are getting off a little to easy and the Kings are giving up too much.

Los Angeles Kings general manager Dean Lombardi has spent the past several seasons attempting to rebuild the Kings into a playoff-caliber team. The Kings have made some questionable trades in the past few years, that have sent Michael Cammalleri, Pavel Demitra, Rob Blake, Lubomir Visnovsky, and Patrick O'Sullivan out of Los Angeles.

The Kings made a step forward by acquiring Ryan Smyth, but if the Kings are trying to rebuild, trading Alexander Frolov would be a costly mistake. Frolov is in a contract year and has something to prove if he wants more money in his future. This means Frolov will most likely have a great year. Of course Patrick Marleau is a solid player with excellent leadership qualities, but he is slowing down a bit and definitely won't match Frolov's numbers in the next five years.

As for the Sharks, Patrick Marleau is entering his 12th consecutive season in San Jose, so trading him seems highly unlikely. On the other hand, if the trade went through, it would be a complete steal.

Marleau, who turns 30 in a few days, is still somewhat young but doesn't have as much left in his tank as Dany Heatley. Marleau can provide the Sharks, on average, 30-35 goals and 70-75 points for the next three, maybe four years. Heatley, on the other hand, has already scored 40-plus goals four times in his career. At 28 years old, Heatley will be able to provide any team he plays for with 40-50 goals and 90-100 points for the next several years.

If this trade went through, the Sharks would basically be trading Marleau for Heatley straight up, which would never happen.