The 10 Top Podcasts in Sports

Giancarlo Ferrari-King@@GiancarloKingFeatured ColumnistJuly 7, 2015

The 10 Top Podcasts in Sports

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    Consuming different types of media has become commonplace for sports fans. Television, Internet, radio and podcasts fuel opinions and provide information to the masses.

    Out of all of those channels, podcasts are one of the most unique forms of sports media. Created in the vein of a radio show, podcasts are generally cheap to produce and they provide a platform for individuals to broadcast their message to the public.

    On our list, we left out major radio shows that also feature a podcast element—minus The Rich Eisen Show because of its podcast history.

    Thankfully, there still are a bunch of really interesting and fun podcasts around. Our mission here was to unveil a group of those and explain why they are so good. Here's what we came up with.

Honorable Mention: The Simms and Lefkoe Podcast

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    Bleacher Report's resident NFL guru Chris Simms and host Adam Lefkoe are quite the duo. The two have thrived together on camera in the B/R studios.

    In the podcast industry, Simms and Lefkoe have continued their sports talk on a grand scale. The Simms and Lefkoe Podcast is relatively new, but it's really hitting on all cylinders.

    Both guys do a great job chopping it up and incorporating guests into the discussion. For Bleacher Report fans or anyone who loves sports, The Simms and Lefkoe Podcast is a great listen every time it drops.

Ring Rust Radio

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    Warning: Podcast may be NFSW.

    Ring Rust Radio is the product of Bleacher Report writers Donald Wood and Brandon Galvin. Together, they bring the world of sports entertainment to you in a splashy, fluid podcast.

    The debate about WWE not being a "sport" is one we frequently hear about. But when it's at its best, professional wrestling is one of the most athletic and entertaining products on TV.

    Wood and Galvin do a great job of analyzing, predicting and politicking about all things wrestling. They comb over WWE, TNA and Lucha Underground with style and humor.

    If you're a fan of any sort of wrestling out there right now, Ring Rust Radio should become part of your daily listening routine.

Move the Sticks

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    PAUL BEATY/Associated Press

    Daniel Jeremiah's time with the NFL Network has been a revelation in a sense. He's become one of the network's biggest stars with his tremendous insight and ability to draw an audience in.

    It was only natural that Jeremiah got his very own podcast to continue spreading knowledge. 

    Move the Sticks is his main vehicle for delivering high-quality football content to the world. Built to provide insight and pull the curtain back on scouting, Move the Sticks is an easy listen.

    Jeremiah deserves a lot of credit for interviewing people, breaking down players and overall just explaining the nuances of the game.

Baseball Tonight

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    Baseball Tonight the TV program on ESPN has been a longtime favorite of fans. Baseball Tonight the podcast—hosted by Buster Olney—is even better.

    Olney has been a vital piece of ESPN's baseball coverage for years now. He has deep connections within the game and a ton of smarts to pair with it. As the host of Baseball Tonight the podcast, Olney has learned to thrive.

    Surprisingly he really does a great job carrying the show. He gives the audience facts, talks about hot topics and even interjects his own opinions into each podcast.

    Like most programs featured here, Baseball Tonight is known for having wonderful guests. ESPN personalities fill a lot of the airtime, but there are a few great writers from other publications who have worked their way into the show.

    Overall it's a very well put together program that touches a variety of different topics in the world of Major League Baseball.

The Grantland NFL Podcast

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    Even without its leader, Bill Simmons, Grantland has continued to churn out quality product. From cultural points of view to sports, the site has put together some dope content over the years.

    On the podcast side of things, The Grantland NFL Podcast has become one of the best programs around. It features NFL writers Bill Barnwell and Robert Mays going back and forth.

    Those two guys do a great job of vocalizing the knowledge they put in written form each week on the site. With great chemistry added on top of that, The Grantland NFL Podcast has become a must-listen for any fans of the nation's most popular sport.

The Steve Austin Show—Unleashed!

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    Jonathan Bachman/Associated Press

    Warning: Podcast is NSFW.

    The most famous WWE superstar not named Hulk Hogan is also one of the best podcasters around. Stone Cold Steve Austin's in-ring popularity has carried over with him on The Steve Austin Show—Unleashed! 

    It's presented as an uncensored, NFSW show—an area Austin thrives in. Giving you a little dose of that Attitude Era nostalgia, Austin brings on guests and chats about different topics.

    His nonchalant, carefree style of podcasting is really a special thing to listen to, and it reflects all of those great memories we have of him slugging beers and stunning McMahons.

    It also happens to be the No. 3 podcast on's streaming charts.

Ross Tucker Football Podcast

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    There are a ton of good NFL podcasts circulating around the Internet these days. The Ross Tucker Football Podcast could be the best one of them all.

    As a former NFL player, Ross Tucker gives fans an interesting look into the league. He talks about a bunch of different topics and transitions between them without breaking a sweat. Tucker can give you his take on behind-the-scenes, locker room stuff as well as on-field evaluations.

    When it comes to guests, Tucker gets some of the best minds in the business to join in on the fun. All in, the Ross Tucker Football Podcast has turned into a can't-miss program for NFL enthusiasts.

The Lowe Post

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    Grantland's second podcast to appear on this list is The Lowe Post. Created as a basketball-driven broadcast, The Lowe Post features resident NBA writer Zach Lowe at his best.

    Without Bill Simmons around to carry ESPN's basketball content, Lowe has turned into the network's "go-to" podcast guy. The Lowe Post is a great mix of insightful commentary, sharp basketball analysis and challenging interviews.

    It's really a nice escape for all types of NBA fans, and that's why The Lowe Post has become a linchpin of the podcast world.

The Rich Eisen Show

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    David J. Phillip/Associated Press

    Rich Eisen is a former ESPN broadcaster turned NFL Network star. He's become the face of that network and rightfully so.

    Transitioning over to the world of podcasts and radio was easy for Eisen. His prowess for hosting is unmatched in the sports world. And to be completely honest, Eisen could probably host a late-night show and be great at it.

    The Rich Eisen Show has become the best place to listen to Eisen do his thing. In a Simmons-like vein, he does a great job of mixing pop culture into his show.

    Despite primarily covering NFL topics, it never gets old. Eisen is able to nab huge names in the industry and keep them talking. He boasts an infectious personality, and that's what really helps The Rich Eisen Show stay toward the top of the podcast world.

Jalen and Jacoby

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    One of Bill Simmons' biggest proteges was ex-NBA player Jalen Rose. Rose gained fame at Michigan during the '90s for his role in creating "The Fab Five." Since then, he had a pretty solid NBA career as a scoring guard and forward.

    Life after the NBA led Rose to broadcasting. He grew a fanbase with ESPN and Grantland and really excelled teamed up with Simmons.

    Jalen and Jacoby is Rose's most recent foray into podcasting. Teaming up with David Jacoby, the pair focuses on all of the happenings in the NBA. Rose's charm and Jacoby's ability to move the conversation along has quickly made this podcast a contender.

    Almost like Simmons and Rose, Jalen and Jacoby has that "it" factor.

Football Weekly

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    Frank Augstein/Associated Press

    Football Weekly isn't about the NFL. It's actually from our friends overseas, and it focuses on what we call soccer. Considered one of the absolute best podcasts around, Football Weekly takes a smart look at all things soccer.

    Presented by a collective of fanatics, names like James Richardson, Rafa Honigstein, Sid Lowe and more go in every week. These guys are able to make it feel like you're watching them speak on TV. When you can tag visuals onto a strictly audio-based platform, you know you've succeeded.

    If you're into soccer and all of the various leagues around the world, start plugging away at what Football Weekly has to offer.

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