The Rock Uses Ed Orgeron's 'We Don't Give a F--K' Motto to Explain Deflategate

Dan Carson@@DrCarson73Trending Lead WriterMay 19, 2015

Actor Dwayne
Alan Diaz/Associated Press

“We don’t give a f--k” is probably the shortest arrangement of words you can use to explain the University of Miami football teams of the 1990s.

It was a motto as much as it was a simple statement of fact, and defensive line coach/crazy person Ed Orgeron managed to get players like Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson to buy completely into the no-excuses-or-prisoners ethos.

Even now, far removed from the glory days of neck rolls past, Johnson continues to apply Orgeron’s “WDGAF” school of thought to the game of football at large. The actor/sometimes wrestler went as far as using the words to explain his feelings on the Deflategate scandal during a recent interview. 

When asked about the New England Patriots’ deflation of footballs during the AFC Championship Game, Johnson told Sports Illustrateds Justin Barrasso that Orgeron would’ve told him to brush it aside.

I had a coach, his name was Ed Orgeron, and he was our defensive line coach at the University of Miami. He’s a phenomenal coach and crazy as all hell. His sentiment to something like [Deflategate] is how we feel as defensive players. ...

We were raised in an environment at the University of Miami where Ed would say, We don’t give a f--k. You go after the quarterback the exact same way. You pin your ears back and get after it. And if the quarterback is able to get the ball off, then it’s your fault. 

So, what I think Johnson is trying to say is that deflated balls shouldn’t have stopped the Indianapolis Colts from getting after Tom Brady in the first place—which is a true and valid point.

Or maybe he’s like most of us and is saying he doesn’t give a flying ham sandwich about this scandal anymore and just wants to stop hearing about it. Either/or.

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