Oakland Raiders Troll San Francisco 49ers' New Black Alternate Uniforms

Brian ChenSocial Media Staff May 1, 2015

Oakland Raiders

The Oakland Raiders will always be known as the "Silver and Black."

So when the San Francisco 49ers unveiled a new black alternate uniform, the Raiders decided to have a little fun with their Bay Area rival.

Oakland announced that it too would be wearing an alternate uniform—a gold one.

This actually got some Raiders fans worried.


49ers go all black, Raiders go gold to celebrate 50th anniversary of the Super Bowl. http://t.co/fkzD1RSHSC

Dom Pérignon @Dom_Corleone_

@RAIDERS that better be fake

Shortly afterward, the team revealed it was all a joke.


Yeah Right...We Will Always Be THE SILVER AND BLACK !!! http://t.co/LFdmE32TNS