Wasn't Michael Jordan a Third Overall Pick?

Todd Oelze@BIGHEADDEAN22Contributor IMay 20, 2008

In midst of all the NCAA Men's basketball scandals, the draft was a success for some, but a close hurt for some. As the Bulls embark on only their second ever #1 draft pick, many options are there. 

As they selected Elton Brand in 1999 from Duke with their first ever #1 draft pick since the lottery was introduced in 1985, the Bulls lucked out by receiving the pick. It probably would have done better for the Heat, since they were the worst thing last season since the electric bath towel (don't know if it was invented but if it was then it was probably the dumbest invention ever!). 

The Heat had the best chance to get the 1st overall pick with 25% and they were expected to take Derrick Rose. But with the Bulls in the driver's seat what will they do? With the greatest player to ever play the game coming through Chicago, a lot of pressure is upon the decisionmakers of the Bulls.

Do you think the Bulls are going to take Rose?  After seeing his performance in the NCAA Championship game against Kansas in April, I wouldn't see that happening. But its always a possibility since the Bulls now have the worst clutch point guard in Ben Gordan. 

Could you see them taking a big finesse guy such as Brook Lopez, or maybe a couple hard-nosed big guys in Kevin Love or Michael Beasley? ESPN's NBA Lottery Mock Draft has the Bulls with the ninth pick and taking Kosta Koufos, the 7-footer from Ohio State—but since they missed that guess by a long shot there are so many doors now available. Plenty of questions are to come of what the Bulls will do with the first overall pick in the 2008 NBA Draft, as some other teams' choices may not seem so fuzzy. 

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As it seems, the Heat are a shoo in for Derrick Rose if he is still available with the second overall pick. He would lead a very fast team with Wade by his side, that is, only if he can stay off the DL.

You could also say that the Timberwolves are more than likely to take either the Lopez twin or Michael Beasley, but it's hard to say since the Timberwolves don't really have much talent on the team. They might do something stupid and trade away the pick like they traded away Garnett, but that's a different subject and a different time.

Needless to say, this draft is going to be full of fast point guards who can score, tall slashing two-guards who can make their own shot, and very aggressive but still gentle-handed big men—that are all probably going to be UNDERCLASSMEN! 

Please feel free to comment back, I would love to know what you all think! 

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