25 Sports Figures Who Seemingly Never Age

Laura Depta@lauradeptaFeatured ColumnistApril 14, 2015

25 Sports Figures Who Seemingly Never Age

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    Karl Deblaker/AP, Darron Cummings/AP

    “Wow, Bob Costas never ages.” How often has that thought crossed your mind? Some people in sports seem to look exactly the same every time we see them, year after year.

    It’s not so much that these sports figures look age-defyingly young (although many do). It’s more that they have just aged extraordinarily well. They've aged, yes, but better than most. I imagine one day guys like Buster Posey will be on this list, but at this point, he’s only 28. Time will tell.

    Until then, let’s take a look at 25 sports figures next to their younger selves and determine who got the best deal from Father Time.

Jason Kidd

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    Bill Kostroun/AP, Seth Wenig/AP

    Photo 1: 2004

    Photo 2: 2013

    From college All-American to NBA All-Star and now head coach, Jason Kidd has maintained that boyish face matching his name for years.

Martina Navratilova

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    Photo 1: 1986

    Photo 2: 2012

    Martina Navratilova is a tennis legend who won an incredible 59 Grand Slams and was named the WTA Player of the Year seven times. At 58 years of age, Navratilova has hardly changed since her glory days.

Chris Webber

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    KEVORK DJANSEZIAN/AP, Victoria Will/Invision

    Photo 1: 2002

    Photo 2: 2015

    Chris Webber has barely changed since the Fab Five days. The five-time NBA All-Star retired in 2008 and has dabbled in commentary since, most recently for March Madness.

Theo Epstein

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    Photo 1: 2002

    Photo 2: 2014

    Sure, the Chicago Cubs president is only 41 years old. But even at a relatively young age, Theo Epstein still looks the same as he did back in 2002, when he became the general manager for the Boston Red Sox. He may have sprouted a gray hair or two, but he's still sporting that too-young-to-be-this-important look.

Venus and Serena Williams

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    AMY SANCETTA/AP, Victor R. Caivano/AP

    Photo 1: 2001

    Photo 2: 2012

    Venus and Serena Williams have been playing tennis professionally since the mid-1990s. Looking back at their earlier photos together, it’s clear they’ve both managed to age incredibly well.

Steve Nash

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    Photo 1: 1999

    Photo 2: 2014

    Steve Nash may be retired, but the two-time NBA MVP retains the same youthful exuberance he displayed his entire NBA career.

Tiger Woods

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    DAVE MARTIN/AP, Darron Cummings/AP

    Photo 1: 1997

    Photo 2: 2015

    Tiger Woods may have been outshined by a 21-year-old phenom at the Masters, but the legend doesn’t look too far removed from his own record-setting performance at Augusta in 1997.  

Tayshaun Prince

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    ORLIN WAGNER/AP, Carlos Osorio/AP

    Photo 1: 2002

    Photo 2: 2015

    Tayshaun Prince is still playing basketball, and he still looks like a young, lanky kid. His 6'9" stature is perhaps the only thing about the Detroit Pistons forward that doesn’t scream “teenager” at first glance.

Floyd Mayweather

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    MARY GODLESKI/AP, John Locher/AP

    Photo 1: 2004

    Photo 2: 2014

    Can you believe Floyd Mayweather is 38 years old? It must be winning fights that keeps him looking young—or maybe it’s those $1,000-a-plate meals he’s been eating.

Luis Figo

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    PAUL WHITE/AP, Lionel Cironneau/AP

    Photo 1: 2000

    Photo 2: 2011

    Luis Figo is a retired Portuguese soccer star who recently said he would like to become the next president of FIFA. Ever since his early playing days, Figo has had the good looks of a Hollywood leading man, and not much has changed in retirement.  

Julie Foudy

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    RON EDMONDS/AP, Jason DeCrow/AP

    Photo 1: 2000

    Photo 2: 2011

    Julie Foudy played for the U.S. women’s national soccer team for 17 years. During her tenure, the team won two World Cup titles and two Olympic gold medals—not bad. Foudy now works as an analyst for ESPN but looks like she could still hit the pitch anytime.

Roger Federer

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    Photo 1: 2000

    Photo 2: 2015

    Sure, Roger Federer is only 33 years old, but he’s been a big name in tennis for over a decade. He’s fought his way to 17 Grand Slam titles, yet somehow his face appears as fresh as a baby’s…you know. The only thing he’s lost since 2000 has been that ponytail.

Steve Young

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    Paul Sakuma/ AP, Colin Young-Wolff/Invision

    Photo 1: 1998

    Photo 2: 2015

    When Steve Young appears on ESPN’s Monday Night Countdown, it’s easy to see that same youthful face that quarterbacked the San Francisco 49ers all those years. It’s almost impossible to believe he’s 53 years old.  

Tim Duncan and Tony Parker

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    Photo 1: 2003

    Photo 2: 2014

    Tim Duncan and Tony Parker have played together in San Antonio for 14 seasons. The only thing more ageless than their faces is their collective ability to win basketball games.

Deion Sanders

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    AP, Gregory Payan/AP

    Photo 1: 1994

    Photo 2: 2014

    Deion Sanders played professional football and baseball, and now he spends his days analyzing sports and filming a reality show. One of the most vibrant personalities in sports history, Sanders is still "Prime Time," even at age 47.  

Michelle Kwan

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    Photo 1: 1998

    Photo 2: 2012

    Michelle Kwan stole Americans’ hearts as a champion figure skater in the late 1990s and early 2000s. She won two Olympic medals and five world championships. Kwan later went on to work for the U.S. State Department, but she still hasn’t appeared to age one bit.

Kobe Bryant

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    JULIE JACOBSON/AP, David Zalubowski/AP

    Photo 1: 2003

    Photo 2: 2014

    Most athletes show signs of aging while they are still active professionals. Not Kobe Bryant. The Black Mamba looks exactly the same as he did over a decade ago.  

Reggie Miller

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    ELISE AMENDOLA/AP, Jessica Hill/AP

    Photo 1: 1996

    Photo 2: 2012

    During the 2015 NCAA men's basketball tournament, legendary NBA shooter and TNT analyst Reggie Miller showed he’s still got it. Looking as spry as ever, Miller sank jumper after jumper as he and other media waited for teams to arrive for practice. Not only can he still perform like a young gun, but he still looks like one too.   

Javier Zanetti

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    DANIEL MAURER/AP, Antonio Calanni/AP

    Photo 1: 2005

    Photo 2: 2014

    Before there was Lionel Messi, there was Javier Zanetti. Zanetti is an Argentinian soccer legend who retired in 2014 after almost 20 years with Inter Milan. Now 41 years old, the footballer managed to play an entire career without aging a day.

Dara Torres

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    Photo 1: 1988

    Photo 2: 2012

    Dara Torres is a swimming legend. In Beijing in 2008, she became the oldest swimmer to ever compete in the Olympics. They say fitness keeps you young, and Torres looks as good as she did back in the 1980s.

Grant Hill

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    STEVE NESIUS/AP, Ross D. Franklin/AP

    Photo 1: 2000

    Photo 2: 2013

    Grant Hill now and Grant Hill circa 2000 are tough to tell apart. Ever since his days playing for Coach K at Duke, Hill has barely changed. Maybe it’s something in the water down in Durham.

Ichiro Suzuki

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    TONY DEJAK/AP, John Bazemore/AP

    Photo 1: 2001

    Photo 2: 2015

    Not many guys in baseball go their entire careers looking exactly the same. Ichiro Suzuki is in his 15th season in Major League Baseball, and he played nine years of professional ball in Japan before that.

    But if you have seen him swing a bat or chase down a fly ball in recent years, you might've looked twice. You might've thought you were watching the same guy who recorded 242 hits and 56 steals his rookie season.

Mike Krzyzewski

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    Karl Deblaker/AP, Darron Cummings/AP

    Photo 1: 1995

    Photo 2: 2015

    Maybe it’s just the hair, but Mike Krzyzewski has looked almost exactly the same for decades. Now 68 years old, Coach K has won 1,017 games, 12 ACC regular-season titles and five national championships, seemingly without aging at all.

Lisa Leslie

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    Kevork Djansezian/AP, Jordan Strauss/Invision

    Photo 1: 1997

    Photo 2: 2013

    Lisa Leslie retired from the WNBA in 2009, but it's hard to tell any time has passed. The 42-year-old legend has kept plenty busy, running a youth basketball camp, modeling and becoming a part-owner of the Los Angeles Sparks.

Bob Costas

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    AP, HENNY RAY ABRAMS/AP, Evan Agostini/Invision

    Photo 1: 1993

    Photo 2: 2005

    Photo 3: 2014

    Bob Costas is the king of this list. The legendary broadcaster has covered some of the biggest sporting events in the world, maintaining the same perfect hair and youthful appearance every time.


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