Ludacris to Release New Album with 'Beast Mode' Track Inspired by Marshawn Lynch

Dan Carson@@DrCarson73Trending Lead WriterMarch 26, 2015


ESPN’s His and Hers welcomed Ludacris to the set Thursday to talk Furious 7, the future of the franchise and, oh yeah, that new Ludaversal album he has coming out Tuesday, March 31.

Hosts Michael Smith and Jemele Hill were curious about the new track "Beast Mode." Was that inspired by Marshawn Lynch?

“It was inspired by Marshawn Lynch,” Ludacris confirmed. “The same way he’s plowing down people in the field, I’m plowing down people in the music industry and all these rappers…. It’s a song that has no hook. It’s just like, three minutes of just metaphors and just going in.”

Ludacris says the Seattle Seahawks star will be in the music video (!).

“We just shot the video with Marshawn, as a matter of fact,” Ludacris said. “I met him, and literally, within like two minutes, I felt like we were family. I don’t know what it is, he’s a real cool, real laid-back guy.”

UPDATE: April 8

After all the hype, the full Beast Mode music video is here. Enjoy.

Warning: Video contains NSFW language and bangs all day.

---End of Update---

UPDATE: April 3.

Ludacris has released a teaser for the "Beast Mode" music video featuring Marshawn Lynch.

It begins with Ludacris giving a familiar press conference and features Lynch standing in the background, as the best rap posse members will do.

Warning: Video contains NSFW language.

We'll update with the full video when it's released.

--End of Update--

As for the hell Lynch catches for his media snubs, Ludacris says the running back is just a focused, game-driven guy.

“I think it was a lot of misconceptions in terms of who he is,” Ludacris said. “He’s an extremely intelligent guy…and he has so much passion for the game, that that’s really what he wants to focus on.”

Lynch and Ludacris also got into some post-club Lynchspiracy truthering together. Apparently, the Seahawks running back still has no idea why he didn’t get the ball at the end of Super Bowl XLIX.

“We riding in the car after we left the club together, and I’m like ‘So why didn’t they give you the damn ball?’” Ludacris said. “He was like ‘You know what? I don’t know, man. I don’t know why they didn’t. They should’ve gave me the ball.’”

Lastly, and perhaps most importantly, Hill doesn’t like Waffle House.

“I call it ‘Awful House,’” Hill told Ludacris.

This is the proper reaction when someone says he or she doesn’t like Waffle House:

Shame on you, Jemele Hill. Now we must wash ourselves clean with Ludacris’ “Beast Mode” track.

Warning: Song contains NSFW language and bangs very hard.


Welcome back, Ludacris. Can’t wait for the video.

Dan is on Twitter. He thinks people who don’t like Waffle House shouldn’t be able to vote.

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