Seahawks Fan Turned Down $20K for GW TD Ball, Giving It to Jermaine Kearse

Kyle Newport@@KyleNewportFeatured ColumnistJanuary 20, 2015

Seattle Seahawks' Jermaine Kearse celebrates after catching the game-winning touchdown during overtime of the NFL football NFC Championship game against the Green Bay Packers Sunday, Jan. 18, 2015, in Seattle. The Seahawks won 28-22 to advance to Super Bowl XLIX. (AP Photo/Jeff Chiu)
Jeff Chiu/Associated Press

Seattle Seahawks fan Scott Shelton possesses one of the most important footballs in the history of the franchise. However, he is willing to give the ball back to its rightful owner.

Don't worry. It sounds like the fan will be well-compensated in the trade.

Seattle receiver Jermaine Kearse caught a 35-yard touchdown pass in overtime of the 2015 NFC Championship Game to beat the Green Bay Packers and send the Seahawks back to the Super Bowl. Once Kearse got up from the ground after making the catch, he chucked the ball into the stands.

That turned out to be something that Kearse regrets doing. But in the moment, it felt right.

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"That throw," Kearse said, per KOMO News' Jeff Burnside, "it was more so just a sigh of just frustration. Just letting a lot of frustration throughout that game out. I just tried to throw it as far as possible. It was just something that happened in the moment."

In the aftermath, it has been a crazy couple of days for the fan who caught the football.

The football that Kearse caught and threw into the stands is part of NFL history and holds a lot of value—whether financially or sentimentally. The owner of that football could get quite a bit for it if he so chooses.

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However, Shelton has rejected a $20,000 offer by a sports memorabilia dealer for the football. If he's going to give up the football, he wants it to go to the player who caught it.

As one could imagine, Kearse has contacted Shelton about doing an exchange so the receiver could get the football back. Here's what Shelton had to say about his interaction with Kearse, per Burnside:

My phone rings, and it was Jermaine! Jermaine Kearse, you know? The Man! We were just talking about the game. He told me he wanted to trade his game helmet signed by the team and his jersey, for the ball. And then he asked me what (else) I wanted for the ball. And I said 'honestly, it would be nice to go see you guys whip New England in the Super Bowl.' So he's going to see what he can do about that. But I told him I wouldn't give it up unless it was going to him. I wouldn't want anyone else to have it.

A team-signed helmet, a jersey and possibly a trip to Super Bowl XLIX all for being in the right place at the right time? Not a bad deal.

There could be a possible hiccup in Shelton's trip to the Super Bowl if Kearse comes through with tickets for him. Shelton is due to start serving a jail term, which will be for "several months," back in Washington at 2 p.m. the day after the game.

Let's just hope the two work something out so Kearse can get that football back.

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