Bleacher Report's Top-10 Prospect Lists for All 30 MLB Teams

Mike Rosenbaum@GoldenSombreroMLB Prospects Lead WriterJanuary 12, 2015

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The final week of 2014 saw Prospect Pipeline begin to roll out our annual team-specific top-10 prospect lists for the upcoming season, starting with the American League East.

Each list provides an in-depth look at one team's farm system, complete with player rankings, comprehensive scouting reports and projections, and a list of other notable prospects to follow closely next season.

Our ranking process is rooted in scouting, as we evaluate each player’s present tools and skills in order to project his overall future potential (commonly referred to “OFP”) in the major leagues. From there, we come up with a single OFP grade for each prospect—based on the 20 to 80 scouting scale, where 50 is average—and also assign him a specific risk level (low, medium, high, extreme) based on the likelihood of him achieving maximum potential. So, basically, the rankings aren’t based strictly on pure upside. For more information on our evaluation and projection processes, be sure to check out the “How They’re Ranked” slide at the front of each team’s list.

Previously, an index of completed teams was included at the end of each list. However, to make sure fans aren’t missing out on their favorite teams, we’ve decided to put together an organized directory to highlight each team’s prospect rankings for the 2015 season. Please note: All upcoming rankings will be linked to their corresponding teams in the index as soon as they're available.

American League Top 10 Lists

National League Top 10 Lists

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