Are The Royals "Royally Screwed"?

Kaleb SmeedCorrespondent IJuly 21, 2009

ANAHEIM, CA - APRIL 16: Relief pitcher Joakim Soria #48 of the Kansas City Royals throws a pitch against the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim on April 16, 2008 at Angel Stadium in Anaheim, California. Soria picked up the save ast eh Royals won 3-2. (Photo by Stephen Dunn/Getty Images)

The Kansas City Royals have shown plenty of ups and downs so far this season, while one critical problem has never left the organization. Relief pitching has never improved in the slightest. The starting rotation can last until about the 7th inning and they keep us in most ball games. But once the late innings come round the pitching staff just always seems to continue to allow for runs to score. Take the game on July 17th for example we had a 7 to 4 lead over the Tampa Bay Rays but we gave up 2 runs in both the 7th and 8th innings. Juan Cruz is no Mariano Rivera but still we should be able to find someone who could be the the next Bobby Jenks. Trevor Hoffman signed a 1 year 6 million dollar deal to the Brewers while we have Joakim Soria for 3 years for 8.75 million. We shouldn't be spending money on renovating Kauffman Stadium but rather upon relief pitchers. Do not get me wrong the renovated K is amazing in the outfield since now people can actually walk all the way around the ballpark. The 2K9 zone is great for kids to enjoy their time out at the K. But not much was done for the fans who can't afford to buy lower level seats. The people who have season in the upper deck/nose bleed section still have to basically have the same experience as years past. Most people in Kansas City aren't that wealthy so they can't afford to buy the $30+ seats in the bottom sections. But with the addition of the Dri Duck seats this really allows for a new Kauffman experience. Having sat in the outfield for 2 games this season it was very enjoyable outside. But i also didn't go when the weather was above 90 degrees. I went when the weather was low 80's and the sun was still blaring right into the side of my eyes. So why not try to figure out this problem before the paying customers get to the game? The Royals have always been my hometown team so I can't help but to root and cheer for them all the time. Having been a baseball fan my entire life I can't help but wonder how long this low payroll team can last against teams like the Yankees and Dodgers that have unrealistic budgets.