Mayweather vs. Maidana 2 Results: Winner, Recap and Rematch Prize Money Split

Joseph Zucker@@JosephZuckerFeatured ColumnistSeptember 14, 2014

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Forty-seven times, opponents have attempted to fell Floyd Mayweather, and all 47 times they have failed. Mayweather remains unbeaten at 47-0 after winning a unanimous decision over Marcos Maidana on Saturday night at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas.

The judges scored it 115-112, 116-111 and 116-111, per Showtime Sports:


. @FloydMayweather is 47-0. (115-112, 116-111 x2) #Mayhem #Mayweather #TMT

Despite arguably winning the rematch more convincingly, Mayweather felt that his performance had dropped from the first bout:


#Mayweather - "I felt I did better in the first fight. This fight I felt dry and dead." #Mayhem


#Mayweather - "I give myself a C, C-. I am better than that. I got hit with shots I shouldn't be hit with." #Mayhem

The MGM Grand Garden Arena has become a second home to Mayweather. Coming into the fight, he was 12-0 in the venue, per ESPN Stats and Info. That figure now moves to 13-0:

ESPN Stats & Info @ESPNStatsInfo

.@FloydMayweather is 12-0 at MGM Grand, holds 3 largest gates in MGM Grand boxing history. #MayweatherMaidana2

Early on, Mayweather's strategy was clear for all to see. In the first fight, he looked to have underestimated Maidana's ability and punching power. That bout was closer than almost any Mayweather fight of the last decade or so.

Right from the start, Money wanted to ensure that wouldn't happen again. Mayweather was a hive of activity, constantly on the move. He never remained on the ropes long enough for Maidana to trap him in a corner.

The Argentine star attempted to land a couple of combinations, but he ended up snatching at ghosts with as quick as Mayweather was moving in the ring.

Maidana did come on strong to finish the third round, landing a nice blow at the bell. As ESPN's Stephen A. Smith tweeted, it was the first time in the fight that Mayweather displayed any sort of vulnerability:

Stephen A Smith @stephenasmith

Oh Damn! Maidana catches Floyd with a hard round to end around 3. Caught him. Floyd wins Round 3 but was dazed for a second

Maidana continued to go on the offensive in the fourth. The round played out very similarly to their first fight, with Maidana's flurry of punches giving Mayweather trouble. The champion regained his bearings, though, in the eyes of ESPN's Robert Flores:

Robert Flores @RoFlo

I give #Maidana that round, but #Mayweather came back in latter half of round #Mayhem

By the fifth round, the natural order of boxing corrected itself, with Mayweather regaining control of the fight. Sports Illustrated's Chris Mannix felt Maidana was playing right into Mayweather's hands:

Chris Mannix @ChrisMannixYS

Maidana decided he wanted to box more in the fifth. That was a mistake. Pretty easy round for Mayweather.

The middle rounds of a Mayweather fight are almost the point of no return for his opponents. If the fight isn't over by then, you can almost always chalk it up as a Mayweather victory. At that point, Money's already perfected his in-fight strategy and is dictating the pace of the bout.

Another problem is that chasing Mayweather for six, seven or eight rounds is bound to take a physical toll. Flores felt that Maidana was visibly fatigued right around the seventh:

Robert Flores @RoFlo

#Maidana showing fatigue. Just took a deep breath after swinging and missing. #Mayhem

When exhaustion begins to set in, so does desperation.

By far the most surreal moment of the night came in the eighth round, when Mayweather accused Maidana of biting him in the left hand, per ESPN's Dan Rafael:

Dan Rafael @danrafaelespn

Floyd saying Maidana bit his left hand. #boxing #Mayhem #MayweatherMaidana2

SI's Greg Bishop thought the replays corroborated Mayweather's story:

Greg Bishop @GregBishopSI

Sure looked like a bite on replay. Luis Suarez nods approval somewhere in the dark.

Los Angeles Clippers star DeAndre Jordan had some fun with the moment:

DeAndre Jordan @DeAndre

That really hurt Charlie! Let's go @FloydMayweather!!! #TBE

Mayweather said after the fight that he couldn't feel his hand for the remainder of the night:


#Mayweather - "Once he bit me in the 8th round, I couldn't feel my hand the rest of the fight."

Maidana's frustration grew as the fight went into the 10th and 11th rounds. He became much more aggressive, which only opened him up more for Mayweather. Only a knockout would've offered salvation, and Mayweather was far too savvy to let that happen.

Unlike the first fight, there was no room for interpretation as to the result. Mayweather dominated from start to finish, with only a slight misstep in the fourth round. The fans inside the MGM Grand may not have been satisfied with the ultimate result, but the fight played out exactly how Mayweather would've planned:

Chris Mannix @ChrisMannixYS

Heavy boos coming down from the crowd.

Mayweather is looking at a massive payday with the win. Rafael reported that the unbeaten champion will get at least $32 million. That's before the money from the gate, pay-per-view sales, etc. is calculated as well.

According to Rafael, Maidana is in line to make at least $3 million, which is twice as much as his minimum for his and Mayweather's first fight.

After this loss, Maidana will remain a fixture in the welterweight title scene. He didn't embarrass himself against Mayweather, and his win over Adrien Broner ensures that he's not going to fall off the face of the earth. You'll see Maidana in another big-money fight very soon.

For Mayweather, fans will continue to cling to whatever slim hope still exists that he'll step in the ring against Manny Pacquiao. Top Rank CEO Bob Arum mentioned that a fight could happen in 2015, but it certainly wouldn't be the first time that Mayweather-Pacquiao was teased, only for some issue to crop up and put everything back to square one again.

Amir Khan has been mentioned as a potential opponent for the last year or so. While that fight would lack the star power of Mayweather-Pacquiao, it's about the best you can expect given the circumstances.


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