NCAA Football 2009: Most Overrated Players

Husker FanCorrespondent IJuly 17, 2009

MIAMI - JANUARY 08:  Tim Tebow #15 of the Florida Gators looks to pass the ball during the FedEx BCS National Championship Game against the Oklahoma Sooners at Dolphin Stadium on January 8, 2009 in Miami, Florida.  (Photo by Donald Miralle/Getty Images)

Who is the most overrated player in College Football?

Yes, that is the question.

First, and foremost, I will not list the guy on the very picture, Tim Tebow.  Mr. Tebow has done nothing but win and post incredible numbers during his days at Florida. 

He has done nothing other than step up to the challenge and put forth an incredible amount of effort, ability, leadership, and all the other things in-between that truly make him one of college football's extremely talented, gifted, and elite players.

First off, before I go any further into this realm of impossible obscurity, I must proclaim that I have a large amount of respect for each and every player listed below. 

They are all exceptional athletes and very very good players.  They have proven as much, and will likely continue to do so.  I'm merely trying to find THE players that I feel are getting a big too much adulation for what they have done thus far, and thus a rating of being a bit too overrated for my liking.   

What I will offer is a fivesome of players abilities that can be questioned.

1.  Sam Bradford:  QB: Oklahoma:  Yes, he won the Heisman Trophy last year, but so did Gino Torretta and Eric Crouch.  In the Sooners' two losses last year, Mr. Bradford didn't deliver when needed.  The ultimate mark of a true leader, and of a true champion, is coming through when needed most. 

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He came up incredibly short in last year's National Championship game when he no longer had the comforts of the pocket, and was expected to make plays outside of it. 

We all saw the results—14 points and a bevy of Sooner fans looking for answers.  Sam had an incredible year at OU last year, but when things broke down and the easy read wasn't there, it wasn't so easy for Mr. Bradford. 

In his junior year, can Sam overcome these demons? Or is HE the most overrated player in college football?

2.  Daryll Clark: QB:  Penn State:  Much like Sam, Clark's numbers and reads were easy against less than stellar defenses.  When challenged on the road by Iowa and in the Rose Bowl, he was a combined 31-of-61 for 382 yards and three INT's, including the ominous 109 yards passing against Iowa. 

Against USC, he was severely inept until the Trojans had such a large lead that they simply let him partake in short passing yardage and completions.  

This year?  We won't see Clark's status challenged much before a trip to Illinois or a trip to Michigan.  Once again, we will see him pad his stats against lesser foes, and likely fold against equal or more talented teams. 

3.  Joe McKnight: RB: USC:  This was supposed to be the second coming of Reggie Bush.  Yes, he has had some impressive plays and games here and there, but for the large part, he has not even come close to living up to the hype. 

Not only has he not been Reggie, but he has failed to achieve the starting RB role at USC.  Granted, that is a very lofty status to hold, but Stafon Johnson and CJ Gable aren't exactly household names yet, either. 

The long list of five-star recruits and Parade All-Americans is tough to overcome, but it is nowhere even close to the hype surrounding the young Mr. McKnight before he stepped on campus at USC.

Over the top?  Sure.  But this is a tough world that looks for actual results.  Joe simply hasn't put the type of results up on the board to warrant his huge expectations. 

At least not yet.

4.  Jevan Snead:  QB:  Ole Miss:  Mississippi had an outstanding year last year.  But, when all things were considered, they encountered four losses, and none of those were against Florida. 

This year, the Rebels find themselves amongst the media darlings of the next program to rise and put to rest a recent and storied past of woulda', coulda', shoulda's. 

Jevan Snead is expected to be a large part of it.  Last year, Jevan put up solid numbers—2,762 yards passing, and 26 TDs.  On the bad side, he did have 13 INT's. 

He has a solid nucleus around him, but it is hard to believe that he will make these rather middle-of-the-road numbers much better in 2009. 

To put these numbers into perspective, we only need to look at All-American (ahem, not serious) QB Austen Arnaud from Iowa State.  During a 2-10 campaign in Cylcone land last year, Mr. Arnaud threw for 2,792 yards, 15 TD's and 10 INT's.  

He also ran for 401 yards and four TD's for the cellar dwellers in the very weak Big 12 North.  (Yes, those numbers are likely inflated in the Big 12, especially the North.  Save your breath on that one.) 

So in reality, just how good is Jevan Snead? 

5.  Jahvid Best : RB: California:  No doubt about it, Jahvid had a huge season for the Bears last year.  1,580 yards and 15 TD's speaks volumes about his effort last year.  But when we start to peel away the numbers, he only had 25 and 30 yards respectively against Maryland and USC.  Both were losses for California. 

Take away the 200, 201, and 301 yards rushing, respectively, against Washington State, Stanford, and Washington, and what do you have?  (Those teams were a combined 7-30 last year.)

Yes, he was dynamite against an average Miami team in the Emerald Bowl, but that was in Cal's back yard. 

Jahvid can sting teams for big gains, but he can also be held to nothing due to his lack of size and being able to get tough yards between the tackles.  I

f you want flash, Jahvid is your man; if you want substance, you have to include him on this very list.  Would I want him on my team?  Completely. Would I be scared to play against him.  You bet.  In the end, is he overrated? 

I think so.

Wrong or right, that is my list.  Add to it if you feel, argue that I'm wrong, that's fine.  In the end, what do you think? 


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