AL Wins Again: A 2009 All-Star Game Live Blog

M. S.Correspondent IJuly 15, 2009

ST LOUIS, MO - JULY 14:  American League All-Stars Victor Martinez of the Cleveland Indians and Mariano Rivera of the New York Yankees celebrate after defeating the National League All-Star to win the 2009 MLB All-Star Game at Busch Stadium on July 14, 2009 in St Louis, Missouri.  (Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images)

For the first time, Strotty’s Blog will be live blogging during the 2009 All-Star Game in Busch Stadium in St. Louis. Here’s to hoping it goes well. All times are central standard.

7:05: Welcome to Strotty’s Blog Live Blogging Updates in what hopes to be the first of many live updates.

7:10: I have to say it was pretty cool watching President Obama talk to all of the players in the clubhouse. Pretty amazing when you think of the spectrum all of those guys are on. Players are being introduced right now. Biggest cheer of the night easily goes to Pujols, while the stadium was primarily boos when Ted Lilly was introduced. No comment.

7:26: The President's introduction for the game tonight was pretty awesome. Really makes you think about who the real all stars are. Now it’s time to play ball! My prediction: National League jumps out to a big lead before the American League overtakes it. A late push by the National League gives them a win for the first time in 11 years.

7:38: Primarily cheers from the crowd when President Obama came out but I could hear some boos as well. Fox’s outstanding camera work didn’t let me see if he made it to Pujols’ mitt but I guess he did. Nice job, Prez. Can we play yet?

7:47: American League definitely sporting better pitching, but I’ll take the National League’s lineup seven days a week. Ironic that Lincecum gets the first pitch tonight after being the only player not to participate in last year’s game. Yeah he was sick, but still.

7:53: Didn’t realize just how impressive Ichiro’s resume JUST in the MLB is. Braun’s in right field even though he was the leading vote getter in the outfield? I guess he has the best arm out of him, Victorino, and Ibanez but still weird to see him out there. Ichiro singles and Jeter gets hit. Here we go again, NL.

7:59: Ouch. Pujols makes an error that costs the National League a run and Hamilton just put another one on the board with a fielder’s choice. Michael Young grounds out to end the inning but the AL goes up 2-0 after half an inning. The “Stay Forever Young” Pepsi chimerical is just awesome.

8:07: 1-2-3 for the National League in the first. Pretty impressive when you realize that 1-2-3 is Hanley-Utley-Pujols. Lincecum is out for the second inning and is going up against Roy Halladay, who is wearing Evan Longoria’s helmet with no logo. Fouled off two fastballs but looked absolutely silly on a curveball. Moving on.

8:18: President Obama and I now agree on two things: gun control and not cheering for the Cubs.

8:24: Yadier Molina just tied the game up and is it obvious that Tim McCarver really doesn’t like Barack Obama? Oh, and Prince Fielder, the most dangerous pinch hitter in the history of the game, just gave the NL a lead. Heir to the throne does it again...

8:32: Pujols does his best Hoover vacuum impression that inning and Ryan Franklin goes 1-2-3 in the top of the third. Mark Buehrle will start the third inning for the AL.

8:37: I find it really ironic that the fastest paced pitcher in the game (Buehrle) is going up against the slowest paced hitter (Braun). Haha, Buehrle was looking quite antsy on the mound. Alas, Braun grounds out to shortstop and Buehrle goes 1-2-3 in less than four minutes. Too good.

8:41: Dan Haren is this year’s most underrated pitcher. 2.01 ERA and .188 BAA?  Unbelievable. Out of chips and salsa. What to do, what to do...

8:47: As much as I love pitcher’s duels during the regular season, I want to see some offense and there’s not a whole lot going on right now. Hopefully Ibanez and Wright will change that next inning against the Royals’ Zach Greinke.

8:54: Just saw Prince Fielder absolutely destroy some Cubs’ catcher on a commercial for “The Bigs 2″ video game. That pretty much sold me on the game...

9:01: Chase Utley just made the play of the night so far getting Crawford out at second on a groundball from Ichiro. That got me thinking...would Crawford on first and Ichiro batting be the hardest double play to turn on any two guys in the game? Joe Buck just said that 30 players are making their first all-star appearance. Bud Selig should be VERY happy with that number.

9:04: Question: Does anyone go to the opposite field better than Joe Mauer? Answer: No. Tied up at three as Jeter scores for the AL.

9:11: End of five innings and we are all tied up. With both team’s pitching staffs probably deciding the game, my guess is that the AL comes out on top.

9:14: Trevor Hoffman comes in and gets Adam Jones on two pitches. Only Hoffman can make an All Star look silly on a 79 mph pitch. Love him. Check that, five pitches and three outs. GOTTA love him.

9:22: Who was the creepy guy that Fox just showed right before Justin Upton grounded out to shortstop? Either way, we’re done with six and all knotted up. Both teams still have a good amount of pitchers so I doubt Maddon and Manuel will be sweating this one out.

9:34: Carl Crawford makes the absolute play of the game, robbing Rockies’ outfielder Brad Hawpe of a go-ahead home run in left.  Tejada also smacks one to the warning track but just a long out. Home field in the World Series comin’ down to the end...love it.

9:44: Granderson looks so good when he swings the bat. His one-out triple has the American League in good shape. Victor Martinez draws the intentional pass to set up the double play ball for Adam Jones.

9:48: Jones, who has no reason to care which league gets home field advantage in the Fall Classic, breaks the tie with a sacrifice fly to deep right field. It's now 4-3 with Heath Bell on the line for the loss.

9:56: Joe Nathan has nasty stuff.

10:01: Orlando Hudson with an RBI single off of Joe Nathan has Adrian Gonzalez to third with two outs. The St. Louis native Ryan Howard steps to the plate with a chance to tie or take the lead. This time it counts!

10:08: Howard swings and misses at a pitch that went 60 feet, 2 inches and the threat is over. Sandman in half an inning and the drought should be 12 years running. So close NL!

10:12: K-Rod goes 1-2-3 in nice fashion and now the NL has three outs left against Mariano Rivera who has not given up a run or walk in seven All-Star Game innings. He also has three saves. He is also not human.

10:21: Surprise, surprise. The AL wins again. If anyone stayed with me through the three hours and 16 minutes, thanks a lot! Guess game three of the World Series at Miller Park is fine!

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