Prelude to UFC 100: Greatest Quotes In UFC History

The MMA Daily ScrapCorrespondent IJuly 10, 2009

Continuing with our nostalgia week in honor of UFC 100, the Daily Scrap is proud to present “Top 3 Greatest Quotes in UFC History”.

This was a tough one, folks.

Here are the top three, in reverse order, plus context.

(3) The bronze goes to UFC President, Dana White. In his latest video blog, White is asked by a reporter to explain the UFC’s ascendence. White proceeds to give a Quentin Tarantino-esque monologue. About the nature of humanity, about the origin of fighting, its intrinsic scaffolding in the architecture of man, all capped off with the zinger, “As soon as man was put on this earth, a punch was thrown.”

Awesome line, Dana.

(2) The silver medal goes to Mark, the Hammer, Coleman. At UFC 14, he was interviewed by Joe Rogan about his upcoming fight with Maurice Smith, who at the time was considered the most dangerous striker in MMA. When Rogan pressed him on his ability to trade hands with Smith, Coleman responded with a barrage of expletives unparalleled on live television before or since. I’m paraphrasing here: “Maurice Smith needs to learn how to fucking wrestle. I’m gonna take him to the ground and pound the shit out of him. I’m gonna fucking….prove something to the world about free-style wrestlers. Fuck.” Rogan had to literally bite his lip to quell the giggles.

And the gold medal winner is…..

(1) Ben Perry, announcer of UFC 2 in Denver, Colorado. Perry had a tough job that night. He didn’t just have to call the fights; he had to break down the fighter’s styles (and backgrounds). Remember, the UFC was in its infancy, without an identity, but rather a cacophony of avatars. The concept of an MMA fighter simply did not exist. The early UFC’s were about styles vs. styles. Trap fighters vs Pit fighters, that kind of thing.

Enter Scott Morris.

Apparently, Mr. Morris failed to provide the UFC with an extensive biography, only that he practiced Ninjitsu and preferred to fight in a sleeveless t-shirt. When he came out of the dressing room to make his long walk toward the octagon, announcer Ben Perry was reaching - I mean, really reaching - to tell the pay-per-view audience something, anything, about Morris. This is what he came up with: “We don’t know much about Scott Morris, because he is a Ninja.”

Holy shit that’s funny.

Congratulations, Ben Perry. You were there at the beginning, buddy, and you’re not forgotten.


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