How Rookies Are Spending Their Money

Amber Lee@@BlamberrSports Lists Lead WriterJuly 30, 2014

How Rookies Are Spending Their Money

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    When a person who doesn't have a huge pile of money suddenly acquires a huge pile of money, it's understandable when that individual decides to splurge a little.

    Greenbacks, bones, currency or just cold hard cash—no matter what you like to call it, money wouldn't exist if it wasn't meant to be spent. And more often than not, the pro leagues' newest rookies find creative ways to drain their suddenly swollen bank accounts...even if their financial standing is (on occasion) more tenuous than they may realize.

    When you combine young, talented athletes brimming with confidence and a fat rookie contract, no media spotlight or entourage is necessary to inspire them to drop huge sums of cash on fancy cars, fancy homes and other superfluous purchases.

    But those things can turn a good old-fashioned spending spree into a bona fide binge. 

    So, is this year's young crop of first-year pros living up to the reputation of its predecessors? Judge for yourself.

Ryan Shazier, Pittsburgh Steelers

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    Instagram ID: shazier50

    Caption: 0 to 100 real quick. My day starting off great. 

    Pittsburgh Steelers rookie linebacker Ryan Shazier just picked up a new Porsche—black with red interior. It sure looks sweet, but you’ve got to wonder if he has any clue about the realities of a Western Pennsylvania winter and those infamous automobile-eating potholes. 

Weston Richburg, New York Giants

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    Instagram ID: weston_richburg

    Caption: Fulfilling my rookie duties. Candy and of course, the mini fridge. 

    New York Giants rookie center Weston Richburg’s wallet is feeling the pain of some mild rookie hazing at training camp. That’s alright, though, a mini fridge will never go to waste. 

Donn Roach, San Diego Padres

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    Instagram ID: brooklynnnxo 

    Caption: Running errands with this diva #frenchbulldog 

    San Diego Padres pitcher Donn Roach doesn’t have Instagram, but his lovely wife Brooke does. A quick scan of her page is all it took to figure out where he's been dumping the bulk of his rookie earnings—French bulldog clothing and accessories. The two have three precious canine kids. 

C.J. Mosley, Baltimore Ravens

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    Instagram ID: mosley32rtr

    Caption: [No Caption]

    Rookie Baltimore Ravens linebacker C.J. Mosley recently proved that diamonds aren’t just a girl’s best friend. Neither is gold nor really ridiculously expensive time pieces, apparently. Dang, that looks expensive. 

Deone Bucannon, Arizona Cardinals

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    Instagram ID: deonebucannon20

    Caption: By far the most important women in my life you deserve so much more then this words can’t explain how much you mean to me Truly blessed for the opportunities The Lord has given me going to make the absolute most of them.

    Arizona Cardinals rookie safety Deone Bucannon is just the first of a number of very adorable athletes who have recently purchased their mother an extravagant gift.

    A Mercedes SUV—not bad! But we will do better. 

Michael Choice, Texas Rangers

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    Instagram ID: zl1_opihi

    Caption: It’s Time!

    Rookie Texas Rangers outfielder Michael Choice splurged modestly a few months back on a PS4 and an Xbox One. Those are the kinds of reasonable purchases that won’t send you into bankruptcy. 

Jimmie Ward, San Francisco 49ers

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    Instagram ID: neko_suave

    Caption: Had to put my booti in something nice

    San Francisco 49ers rookie safety Jimmie Ward took care of another lady in his life recently—his adorable little daughter. You’ve got to appreciate the sentiment, but you know she’s going to grow out of that mini BMW by tomorrow afternoon. 

Kevin Gausman, Baltimore Orioles

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    Instagram ID: kevingausman12

    Caption: Loving the new ride!! Shoutout to @kingpin_autoports for the great work they did!!! #Benz #MatteBlack #WeWillCallHimCarlton

    Baltimore Orioles rookie pitcher Kevin Gausman dropped some serious cash on one of those crazy Mercedes SUVs. Then he dropped even more cash on a really weird matte paint job. Apparently this is a thing now. 

Bradley Roby, Denver Broncos

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    Instagram ID: broby1

    Caption: Pickin these suits out for NY

    Bradley Roby, a rookie cornerback for the Denver Broncos, attended the NFL draft live in New York, so obviously he needed a head-turning suit. Designers often outfit celebrities free of charge for the exposure, but if Roby did have to pay for that badass ensemble, it surely cost him a pretty penny. 

Julius Randle, Los Angeles Lakers

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    Instagram ID: juliusrandle30

    Caption: Finally got my baby back

    Los Angeles Lakers rookie forward Julius Randle has a very L.A.-looking sports car (probably a Porsche, but I could be wrong). He’ll fit right in with the car-obsessed locals, but that ain’t nothing compared to Kobe Bryant’s helicopter

Eric Ebron, Detroit Lions

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    Instagram ID: ericebron

    Caption: I Love Vacations

    Detroit Lions rookie tight end Eric Ebron already knows what living the high life is all about: vacations! 

Davante Adams, Green Bay Packers

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    Instagram ID: taeadams

    Caption: It was only right…lol go head be mad. @derekcarrqb #panamera #cayman #porschebruvas 

    It looks like Green Bay Packers rookie wide receiver Davante Adams and his former Fresno State teammate Derek Carr bought matching Porsches after being drafted in 2014. Adams also got his mom a BMW, bought an expensive gold watch and got a very terrible tattoo that he probably won’t regret later. 

Brock Holt, Boston Red Sox

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    Instagram ID: brock_holt

    Caption: I miss you too buddy #puppypics4lyf

    Rookie Boston Red Sox third baseman Brock Holt spent a few of his hard-earned dollars on the most adorable chocolate Lab puppy ever. Officially my favorite expenditure of any rookie to date. 

AJ McCarron, Cincinnati Bengals

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    Instagram ID: _katherinewebb

    Caption: Can’t wait to marry my best friend

    Cincinnati Bengals rookie backup quarterback AJ McCarron dropped some serious scratch on an engagement ring for Katherine Webb, who is now his wife. A diamond is forever, unlike their marriage. 

Walter Tavares, Atlanta Hawks

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    Instagram ID: 22edy22

    Caption: C.v. bom

    Atlanta Hawks rookie big man Walter Tavares probably didn’t buy a helicopter, although he might have. More likely is that he either took a ride on one or that he is learning how to fly one. 

Brandin Cooks, New Orleans Saints

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    Instagram ID: bcooks7

    Caption: Always a special moment when your hard work smiles back at you. Anything is possible…. Through Christ(Phil 4:13)! This is only the beginning! For all you kids that think it cannot happen, think again! Then ask yourself, “why not me?” Stay Prayed up #blessed #cls550

    Rookie wide receiver for the New Orleans Saints Brandin Cooks recently purchased himself a really sweet new Mercedes—one that his dog seems to appreciate as much, if not more, than him. 

Johnny Manziel, Cleveland Browns

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    Instagram ID: jmanziel2

    Caption: You call it the hill country I call it home…

    Rookie Cleveland Browns quarterback Johnny Manziel may or may not own this home—obviously, the caption is a little vague. It’s damn near impossible to imagine that property is in Cleveland, though, so if he does own it, it’s safe to say he will not be spending his offseasons on Lake Erie. 

Gregory Polanco, Pittsburgh Pirates

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    Instagram ID: gpolanco25

    Caption: But first ‘Let me take a selfie’ #funny#selfie 

    Pittsburgh Pirates Rookie of the Year candidate Gregory Polanco has obviously been focusing on adding essentials to his wardrobe. 

Teddy Bridgewater, Minnesota Vikings

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    Instagram ID: teddyb_h2o

    Caption: [No Caption]

    Rookie Minnesota Vikings quarterback Teddy Bridgewater officially became the world’s greatest son when he bought his mother the pink Cadillac Escalade she had always dreamed of after being drafted out of Louisville. 

Ra'Shede Hageman, Atlanta Falcons

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    Instagram ID: rashede77

    Caption: That sea salt scrub was on point.

    Atlanta Falcons rookie defensive end Ra’Shede Hageman has been treating his body as his temple since being drafted by Atlanta. He’s also one of about a billion rookies who recently purchased the exact same black Porsche

Morgan Moses, Washington Redskins

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    Instagram ID: morganmoses_76

    Caption: Not just my #WCW but my everyday lifetime partner in crime .. @msjessmarie_

    Washington Redskins rookie offensive tackle Morgan Moses dropped a nice chunk of change on that big ass bauble. Normally, I’m a bit of a cynic with stuff like this, but his adorable caption warmed my cold, black heart. 

Sammy Watkins, Buffalo Bills

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    Instagram ID: sammywatkins

    Caption: [No Caption]

    Buffalo Bills rookie wide receiver Sammy Watkins is among the many athletes to embrace the ridiculously expensive watch as an investment. This photo proves he’s got a lot of company. 

Marcus Stroman, Toronto Blue Jays

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    Instagram ID: mstrooo7

    Caption: Business kicks. Can’t always wear Jordans! Lol #sneakerhead

    Toronto Blue Jays rookie pitcher Marcus Stroman is really into shoes, much like Sex And The City’s Carrie Bradshaw. At least he knows a man needs more than sneakers. 

Marcus Stroman, Toronto Blue Jays

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    Instagram ID: mstrooo7

    Caption: Did some work to my baby! Love my car man. Matte Charcoal wrap on my 2013 Audi S6! #dreamchaser @carswithoutlimits

    Stroman is one of the more visible rookies in MLB when it comes to spending money. He recently posted a photo of his new Audi with a custom matte paint job. Here we go again. That’s an awful lot of money to make your car look like it was spray-painted. 

Marcus Stroman, Toronto Blue Jays

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    Instagram ID: mstrooo7

    Caption: Working on finishing my full sleeve! New additions: Dad’s police badge, Puerto Rican flag, American flag, “My Belief is Stronger than Your Doubt,” Momma’s Boy and Daddy’s Gift! #INK #tattoos #tatted #fullsleeve 

    The only thing more ill-advised than Marcus Stroman’s matte paint job on his Audi is some of his very ridiculous tattoos. Can’t argue with the flags and personal stuff, but the MLB logo? Seriously?

Cody Latimer, Denver Broncos

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    Instagram ID: codylatimer14

    Caption: Can’t wait to get my baby up here to Denver!! Ready to explore the city

    Denver Broncos rookie wide receiver Cody Latimer has got one helluva car in which to cruise around the Mile High City. Because nothing makes more sense in the Rocky Mountains than a sports car with rear-wheel drive. 

Cody Latimer, Denver Broncos

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    Instagram ID: codylatimer14

    Caption: Hello Miami!!!

    Latimer recently took a vacation to Miami...and it looks like it was pretty glorious. 

Cody Latimer, Denver Broncos

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    Instagram ID: codylatimer14

    Caption: Always said I was gne get momma her house!! Headed to c new place now In Tennessee love you momma @trdunson #blessing #yeaispoilher

    And here we have a perfect note to end on! Although Latimer has spent some serious scratch on himself since being drafted by the Broncos, he also bought his mother a nice little spread in Tennessee. Which officially makes her the luckiest mother of any rookie professional athlete of 2014.