WWE Character Analysis: Daniel Bryan's on-Screen Persona Needs Desperate Change

Shalaj Lawania@_Apex_Predator_Senior Analyst IJuly 1, 2014


It’s astounding how horribly misconstrued the foundation of a babyface persona is in today's WWE.

It is at complete variance with the sophistication and dynamics imparted to a heel persona, which is baffling and at times incredibly frustrating.

I can predict some of the comments cynics are dying to launch on me, but trust me, I'm not turning on an underdog the moment he becomes a crowd favourite.

Daniel Bryan, like CM Punk, Dolph Ziggler, Chris Jericho, The Rock, Sheamus, The Miz and many others before him, has fallen prey to the John Cena problem: He has gradually grown into the perfect babyface mould (Cena), as viewed by WWE Creative’s rose-tinted glasses.

Even though Bryan remains one of the best wrestlers in the company, his on-screen persona has been dragged down to the depths of Creative laziness and desperately needs refining.

It’s amazing how so many wrestlers rise up from underdog status by criticising John Cena’s stupid humour and corny jokes (among other flaws) and yet succumb to the same when they reach his level.

In today’s WWE I do not wish to hear Daniel Bryan speak at all. We are far from the incredibly engrossing Beautiful Bryan which further evolved into the demented Anger Management/Prodigal Student Bryan. These were interesting characters.

It brings to light the question of whether we as fans really lap up such characteristics and see them as heroic. Do we prefer heroes who can Photoshop heel faces into cartoons and dish out corny and often vulgar jokes, or do we prefer heroes with actual dynamic personalities?

Sure, it's nice to get a sarcasm-heavy light promo with some humour from time to time, but doing it constantly destroys the credibility and respect we associate with our heroes. I'm sure even the kids would agree.

The Daniel Bryan who speaks in a voice incessantly laced with sarcasm and cracks cheap jokes whilst belittling an upcoming heel (Bo Dallas) needs to go. The Daniel Bryan who sat back with titles he should’ve handed in the moment he knew was out from injury and even let his wife lose her job should really go.

How did the entire title-stripping angle help Bryan anyway? If they had just stripped him for a month, he would get a lot more sympathy and The Authority a lot more hate.

Is it absolutely heart-wrenching that this long-awaited dream run of Bryan's was cut short by an injury? Yes.

Was it necessary to make him look greedy and selfish by not handing in the titles and doing the right thing? No.

Sometimes it just feels like WWE really isn’t in touch with what makes people cheer. Why else do fantastic heels like Bray Wyatt walk through a universe of phone flashlights, while Roman Reigns is backstage playing pranks and spiking drinks on the first day of his solo babyface career?

Thanks for the read, all.


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